Scam letter(s) from Elena Suslowa to Lee (USA)

Letter 1
Good Day, Lee! Wow! I have a reply from you! Do you know that you made me feel excited from it? I think that it is great when your letters, your words, your thoughts make another person feel excited! Do you agree with me? Sorry for the delay with my reply, it was impossible for me to send you my letter during the week-end, because everything was closed for the rest! Hope you are still waiting for my letter there. So, my dear Lee, today I got both your letters, and there was a very nice photo in the one of them. Thank you very much for this pleasant gift. You look so great there! But who is this woman next to you? She is a real Queen. You are both so happy on the photo. Lee, I understand that you want to call me by phone, of course I'd like you to do it. But at first we should make an agreement when it will be possible for us both. Look I can't speak English and only one way we have to communicate via the phone if you will phone to the office of translation service and then we will have a conversation and by the way, we will have the help of interpreter. I am sure that it would-be great. I want to ask you if it will be possible for you to call me at 18:30 on Wednesday this week, but I ask you about it in order to be sure that I should come after my job and then I will have a call. Then if it is so I will tell to the manager here and they will tell me the number of the line which will be free for our call. Then I will write it to you. What do you think? Hope that you will agree with it!!! I hope now you understand that it was not very good to test me. I am serious girl and I have no any reasons to prove this to you. So, if you are serious man you will keep your promise and you will not hurt me any more with such silly suspicions. So, I suggest you to forget about all our misunderstandings in the past and to be more attentive to each other. Thank you for telling me more about yourself. It's very interesting for me to know more about your job also. Just you are very wise man to have such a goo job and to be a leader there. My dear Lee, i am so sorry that your mom has some problems with her health. Hope everything is not so serious and she will recover very soon. I will pray for her here. Take care about her and help her there! She needs you more then anybody else now! By the way, i still have a great wish to know more about those funny cats on the photo. Don't forget to tell me about them next time. My can Senya send them his "hello"... myau... myau ...;) Just today I went to have the letter from you and to write the respond to you with a strange feeling of some kind of omission. So I think that I have something to tell you and then again you will have to decide what to do then. I start from a year ago when I met one man here. As for to my job I am party maker and I always help people to organize some parties, weddings, funerals, birthdays and a lot of other. So once I met a man and he was rather sympathetic to me. We acquainted and we became a couple. I thought that it was the best relations, we went to the parties together, he showed me to his friends and everything was so perfect. But as usual I got to know some strange facts. I was used. And I knew that story from his real girl friend. Once he drank too much with his friends and they had a bet that I would be seduced, for that time he was only my client. So he made that plan to become true. But the saddest thing is that I felt something to him and I opened my heart to him. It was awful! It was rather awful, I am sure that such a man like you will understand me. I was shocked when I knew it and I told him that I knew about it. He smiled indifferently only. And he agreed. He won that bet and only, but my heart was broken. After that disappointment I asked for the vacation and I closed all the windows, doors and my soul for everyone. I stayed at home and I tried to recover. Once I read the newspaper about the couple where man was from abroad and woman was from Ukraine. There I saw their photo. They looked really happy. I wanted to have that happiness for so much. I read that article and I decided to use that way. I went and put my profile with the photos that I have. I decided that I would not hide anything from my man and I would tell him everything and I want him to understand me and I would like to understand my man as well. I have one weak point and it is my language, may be it is better to say our language. You do not know Russian and the worst thing is that I do not know English! Sad, I know. But I pray for your understanding. It is not my fault and from the other side I think that even in spite of not knowing English I think that I worth to be happy and especially with such a man like you are! So I hope that you will understand me and my position and you will try to overcome this problem together with me. For this time I use the help of the translators. But then I hope that I will be able to start English classes and in some months to be able to talk to you directly and to tell you my special words for you in English! I am sure that even in English I will sound gently. With great hope for love,
Letter 2
VISTA COMPANY High Quality Russian-English Translation of Personal/Business
Letters and Correspondence! Mr. Lee! Thank you that you paid attention to this informational letter. We are the translation bureau as VISTA COMPANY. This letter was written on behalf of the request of your lady Miss Helena (Elena). She is very interested in being with you. The fact is she has no any possibility for making payment for the translation of the further correspondence and for this time the account is closed. In order to pen the account and to go on communication with Miss Helena the account should be full filled. If you have any intentions to go on correspondence you can contact us using the same e-mail address and we will gladly provide you with the information for doing it. We hope for our future cooperation. About us: Effectiveness: The main priorities of the Translation Bureau Vista Company are effective work with clients and particular specialization. We have learnt that such work enables us to improve quality and to cut the cost of translation. Experience: It is experience in managing project of various levels of sophistication.
- quick selection of translators in the required field;
- translation quality control system;
- solution to extraordinary tasks;
- consultation of clients; Low prices: Low prices for translation are due to large investments in up-to-date technologies and systematized work experience of the Bureau-s employees. Since the Bureau establishment we have been mastering formalization of all order management operations, and at present the Translation Bureau Vista Company is an effective and open company with a unique offer of translation price and quality. Best regards,
manager of the Translation Bureau
"Vista Company"
Eugenia Volochkova.
Letter 3
Dear Mr. Lee Eckroth, As you showed your interest in the further communication with your lady Helena, we would like to provide you with the information according payment of the service. In this price list, we have tried to include typical services that we offer on a regular basis at standard prices. We also offer a variety of individualized services. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you would like further information regarding the continuation of communication with your lady Elena you can write us your message and contact us. We'd be more than happy to help! Services that we propose: 1. Typing, translation and sending a letter from your lady to you in English, per 1 letter -----5 USD 2. Typing, translation of a letter from you to your lady in Russian, per one letter -----5 USD 3. Photo scanning / sending/ , picture printing / receiving/ -----3 USD 4. Scanned letter of a lady, per 1 page -----3 USD 5. Conversation with your lady on the phone with an interpreter (per call/ conversation)-----0.50 USD per minute 6. Conversation with your lady on the phone with an interpreter at your girlfriend's home-----0.60 USD per minute 7. Showing your INTERNET greeting or personal WEB-page to lady on screen-----2 USD If you are interested in monthly plans, you may not use the services for translation of separate letters. The price list for this type of services is here: 1. per month-----220 USD 2. per two month -----380 USD The payment can be done via:
- Western Union,
- Money Gram. After making payment, contact us and provide with full information and all the details of transfer! It should be: - your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number. Information you need for making payment: the name of receiver Elena Suslowa
the TOWN Beloe
the address Odesskaja str, 12/89
zip code 94000
country Ukraine We hope for our future cooperation. Thank you for using our service. Faithfully Yours,
manager of the Translation Bureau
"Vista Company"
Eugenia Volochkova.
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