Scam letter(s) from Daria Pustovalova to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Fekri. I am very happy, that you have written to me the new letter. How you today? How passes your day? I would like to tell about a hobby. In General I the person who adores the moment of achievement of object in sight. I like to reach all which I want, I was possible - also Haughty, but I do not think it a bad character trait. Everything, to what I aimed in existing time, I have reached. But also and and as any normal person, I aspire to new, new, to achievement of the new purposes and tops. Is comparable to study the sea, to put on on the requirement of the skin-diver and to sit in a bath. I very much like to read, I like to read about the modern literature which can be, are useful to me now. But has transferred norm of studying and the Russian classical literature. I love sounds as imagination, but I think, that the person should be perfect. I like to listen to music and to read female magazines, for example Kosmopoliten and Beseda, actually in these magazines speak about women, and a plenty from interesting very much. And from music I like to listen to the Russian executors most of all. And you prefer what music? My work the waiter not so complex if only I do on work, I bring to our visitors the ordered dishes. But at me the salary small I only do not know she can to you will seem very small, but I earn only 105 $ in a month, but this money hundred would suffice me to pay the apartment where I live, and on a feed to me. Has advanced and could support any business and conversation. I very much like to photograph and as one of variants, I research a hobby in the future, it - a photo. Sooner or later the question would sound: whether I am ready to leave the country and to leave for yours? As I think it in your country of a plenty of prospects and opportunities. For me it is not difficult to leave city and work. As I think, that if I could reach very much in your country where I can reach more in your country, and with me, my favourite person was. Even this direct it will be interesting to me to begin all with a zero, but already from a steady degree of a life. With the vital basis on the future. I can tell, which is not ready on the long correspondence to you, I have enough you, that you in me have appeared in eyes in positive light. Besides the best world psychologists testify to it this, very first advanced opinion concerning the person and the most correct and In the future it seldom changes. As the desire to be engaged strengthens you every day. For me Fekri good and confident as the perspective person, which important person as you Fekri. Sincerely yours Dariya.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Fekri. I have received your new mail, it is so happy for me to receive yours necessary care for me, your words, heats my dear Fekri. When I have read your letter to me it seems, that I feel your presence close to me, I feel your breath and is warm your hands. I dream and I want to kiss you, I want to take your hands and to feel your temperature of your hand. I want read love in it, I want to feel your breath and to hear impact of your heart. I want to listen to your voice and to to look your smile, I want to see you when you happy.
I very much want to see. You my dear, will are fast in me a holiday on work. It will go on February, 5, and it to be prolonged the whole month February, you represent as it would be pleasant to conduct this holiday with you my dear Fekri. I do not want to lose this month in empty, I want to bring it in a place with you my dear Fekri. This holiday is given to us only once in one year, therefore if we now shall not exploit this happy chance which we should meet only the next year. Now about travel to you, it is difficult to Receive the visa to lonely Russian women the majority of people Russia is compelled to wait approval of the visa a lot of time, from 6 months approximately one year In some cases, it are to especial girls, refusal, but because of my familiar (she works in embassy of Moscow) it easily. Are necessary to pay registration of necessary documents only If you really seriously concern to what I have visited you, I can settle these formalities, whether I should know, what you are capable, help me with the finance for the visa and air tickets? Inform me the closest international airport, I want to look flights and to cost from air tickets. I have learned for registration of the visa necessary time from 12 - 14 working days. I have learned, how many costs the visa and the foreign passport also. And there have told to it, that it will be better for us if I shall have the multivisa of the tourist. This multivisa, the visa of the visitor will be valid within six months. The price of this visa of 220 American dollars. Besides process of registration of the visa of an expense of 60 American dollars. I also have taken interest about other kinds of the visa also, concerning it have told, that there is a set of kinds of the visa. For example, the visa of the bride. She thought, that the it - best variant for us, but her in Embassy has told, that this visa costs more dearly and registration of the visa costs many money. It approximately about 600 American dollars and registration of the visa will be within seven months, it is very long and expensive! From it, because the tourist visa - the most fierce variant than the visa of the bride now for us mine love Fekri!!! My dear, I want to ask you one thing, I should ask Your help with financial accusations for reception all necessary documents for my arrival to you. As it is probable, there can be you, know an economic situation in our country, it is simply awful. Our government explains it to that is simple they have no money, it - a a difficult financial situation, and they not in references behind the help earnings for any kind of work only. My the most dear, my Fekri, I have the big desire to arrive to you, to see you at last and only references behind the help separate us from everyone another. I do not want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. Certainly, I have asked my friends to help me With this charge under necessary documents for my arrival, but mine friends have no such money though they would like to help us. It - certainly the big money, you probably thought, that is it more than an all-round price of the visa and registration of the visa, but I shall be Should to receive the foreign passport, too certainly which price Shirokov of the American dollars. Also I should pay for medical examinations, it will be 150 dollars. And certainly I should pay for arrival from Moscow to you, I have learned about the price of the ticket of the plane from you - Moscow, it will be 1145 American dollars, I have learned time cost while you have not told to me more exact information, on the airport closest to you. I shall try to find cheaper prices From the air ticket to go to you. She has told me which will try to find cheaper air tickets! I so happy from it so happy news!
But now, in all over again, my angel, I should begin process of registration All necessary documents, all I shall require 400 American dollars. My most dear Fekri, in general, I shall require on 1450 the American dollars. Fekri if you will send to me it so necessary references behind the help for this purpose documents, it will be better to make my most dear through system of the Western Union, the Western Union - the fastest and reliable system of remittances all over the world! Also I have learned, you will require some details from me, you will require my full name, and the address of the closest bank, where located system of the Western Union: Dariya Pustovalova Russia Chuvashiya City Cheboksary Petrov's 21 street, apartment 55 Number of the passport - 8800546803 The receiver should know ten figures to receive money (Transfer of Money Number of the Control (MTCN)), your full name and a full home address. My dear I need in your help, I think, that you will help me. Soon we shall together And it will be wonderful. If we doomed to become the only thing to the whole, me Believe, that it will be. Our hearts - similarly to two big oceans. They Are extensive and very deep, nevertheless calm peace on a surface. Ours The feeling runs very deeply, and they are very strong. Sometimes we reach Being afraid under us will pull a stream. I dream that our two oceans will meet in a powerfull wave that will shake the very earth. And when all will be made one extensive beautiful ocean, Beautiful, powerful and for ever... One heart, one ocean. Fekri has Taking into account me it is much more than you can understand. You - my request, my refuge From hopelessness and despair, only you can hold a spark in my soul Bright burning. Write back as soon as possible. I wait you for yours The letter. And I think of you. Kiss you. Yours for ever Dariya.
Letter 3

Hello my dear Fekri!!! I am very glad that you have answered my letter. My dear, very much without you I miss and I wish to be fast with you. I every day think of you and I wait for your new mail every day. And when I look forward to hearing from you{to your reply}, I each time when come to the Internet of cafe and I read your letters which you to me sent earlier, and to me very much I wish to read your letters when you to me send always. My dear when we we shall meet? My dear I can send you the Russian passport, tomorrow or after tomorrow I shall send you the passport. My dear I wait for that day when we we shall meet and see each other face to face. With love yours Dariya
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Fekri... I am very glad that you have answered my letter. Fekri, I every day think of you and very strongly I wait for an our meeting do not know when it will be, but the our meeting takes place also we we shall be very glad to see each other face to face, and the our meeting will be good when me will see in I live face to face, and we Fekri we shall be very happy together, in fact we so long waited for an our meeting and our dreams were carried out also we shall be very glad to meet with the friend the friend!!! I very much wait for that day when we we shall be together!!! My dear Fekri when you will meet me and whether you are ready to see me face to face each other???? My dear you me asked you to send the passport and when I shall send you a copy of the passport, and you will help me with my documents!!! And now I wait for an our meeting as I have sent you about the copy of the passport. My dear when you will help me with my documents and with my travel to you in your country? I very much wait for an our meeting!!! My dear Fekri, I today went to our travel agency, and to me there have told that they are ready to help me with my documents and tickets in your country. And now it would be necessary to me that you sent me of money for my documents, that I could start to do the documents, but I cannot start to do the documents without you Fekri, I would ask you that you sent me of money for my documents 500 $, on my documents. You will send me 500 $ on documents soon???? My dear Fekri, I wait for an our meeting soon and we shall see each other face to face!!! With love yours Dariya
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