Scam letter(s) from Sandra Alida Wuma to Dennis (Australia)

Letter 1
Hai Dennis,

Thank you very much for your mail messsage.

But please i wish to have your telephone and fax numbers with the banking account information's where this money can be transfered into,To enable me to submit them to the bank so that they will commence the transfer.

However, i want you to promise me really that you will not betray me at last you received the transferred money into your account which you will provide.

I expecting to read from you soonest.

Sandra wuma.
Letter 2
Dear Dennis,

Thank you very much for your mail message,Infact i am so glad to read your information's as you really want to help me without looking back and it is your type i need indeed to suport myself to make sure that this money is being invested wisely because i believe that with your help i will finish my education while you put things in order for our mutual benefit.I also received your banking information's which prompted me to rushed to the bank and declared you official which warranted the bank to empowered me to forward there bank contact to you so that you will open commenication with them to enable them to make the transfer into your provided account.Please kindly contact the bank immediatelyyou received this mail so that whatever they replied you back try to update me to take care of the necessary things.

I appreciated as you introduced yourself and it clared and signified me that you are supose to do something with and i will not waste time to introduce myself to you data's are as follows below.

Country of origine ............... Sierra Lone
Country of nationality ........... Cote D' Ivoire
Father's name .................... Late Mr.Henshaw Wuma
My name .......................... Sandra Alida Wuma
Date of birgth ................... 1986
Place of birgth................... Cocody
Qualification..................... school cert.
Telephone ........................ +225 07564162
Fax............................... non

This is to tell you that i have met with the bank this morning and i have already put letter of application for the transfer and as i reached there in the bank the bank manager told me that my application has being approved that i should forward there bank contacvt to you so that you have to open communicatiion with them,So below is the bank contact try to contact them immediately you received this mail.

Bank email :
Remittance email :
Fax line +225 21277908
Direct line : +225 06187909

Contact person is Dr.Benson Williams.

Please introduce yourself as my late father's foreign business partner when my father was alife because this is what i told the bank then you let them to know that you were aware of the deposited money an amount of $7,000,000.00 Million United States Dollars,You try to mention my late father's name Mr.Henshaw Wuma and my name as the rigthful next of kin Sandra Wuma,get back to me by calling me on phone or you can mail me as usual.

Expecting to hear from you in as much as you have contaxcted the bank ok.

Thanks for your sincere.

Sandra Wuma.
Letter 3
Oh Dennis,

Believe me i don't have much amount i have already told you that i can take care of the money for getting those legal documents,Then to convince you i can send to you the deposit document which proof this money real and you will see my name as the rightful next of kin and i also will send to you my difference photos for you to be very sure of what i am telling you or will you be able to come face to face here so that you can go to the bank and see everything with your eyes and i promised you that after getting those required documents which the bank requested i will send you the copies for you to see it have it as documentaion purpose.

Please this $350 usd is not a big money it is because the money i have will not complete all and to tell you the fact if i should bring all the money for the documents i will not have a single dollar for my feeding,please try to help me so that everything will be con,cluded please instead you can borrow from someone with enough interest all i know is that in as much as you received the money transfered into your account you withdraw the money back with ernough interest and balance whoever you get the money from please try If you can help me for that God almighty shall continue blessing you.

Expecting to read from you very urgent to enable me to proceed ahead for getting those needed documents for the transfer because that is the only thing holding this transfer as for now.

Thanks and God bless you as you did understand my present predicament.

Yours sincere.

Sandra Wuma.
Letter 4

Hai Dennis,

I have hard you but it did not impress me that you can't help to afford that little amount wereby you knows how much they where expecting me to pay,Then what is that help you are rendering to me? Now everybody need to be careful,You have to make an agreement that you will never betray me that you only receive what i promise and i will have every right to make my choice when i come over their in your country.

If you are willing to abide with this my condition you should send your complete data's to the bank as they requested from you because i have to go and take advise from my lawyer before anything.


Sandra Wuma.
Letter 5
Hai Dennis,

Just send what they requested from you i hope they have mentioned what they needed fromyou and you should draft a simple note to them as the authorization letter that you are now authorising them to effect the transfer that any remmaining things needed will come from my side.


Sandra Wuma.
Letter 6
Dear Dennis Allan,

Thank you very much for your information.

Then this is to let you know that i have pleaded the bank manager to borrow me the $350 dollars because i have gone arround i did not see who to borrowed me the money before i met the bank manager in the office on saturday which he replied to me that he will see what he can do but he is not happy that you who is expecting to receive this deposit money that you did not raise the money and he tried to advised me that i should forget you that you are not serious which i asked no that i want you to withness that i am not a lier thats all and the manager told me that today being monday will be poblic holiday that they will not opreate today so everything will be by tomorrow.

But i am very greatful as you provide there needs.

I will proceed on how the documents will be obtain from the ministries here by tomorrow as today is holiday.

Expecting to hear from you whatever the bank tell you update me ok.


Sandra Wuma.
Letter 7
Dennis Allan,

This is to inform you that i am still waiting for the response of the bank manager based on the promised money because i can not risk the one i am having cash due to there is no where to get if the one i have i misinvest it thats why i must make sure that he really need to borrow me the money for signing of the release bond order.


Sandra Wuma.
Letter 8
Attn.Mr.Dennis, This is to acknowledge your receipt mail with your required data’s to this bank. And we are very sorry that we did not reached you back due to the holiday which was all over the world. However, be inform that your local partner (Miss Sandra Wuma) requested a little financial help from me which is not my duty to do that but as I sensed that she has no money with her whereby she is looking for the documents money ($4,060) United States Dollars to procure the legal documents for the transfer, then I believed and sensed that she has no money that prompted me to promised her to see what I can do. Now, I want you to understand this that you have to convince us that you did not have any bad motive in mind and you are not making a joke with this bank, So you have to commit yourself with a little thing at least $100 United States Dollars to support me so that I can have the charity mind to raise $250 United States Dollars to sign your fund agreement bond release order immediately the documents is being submitted here in our bank.I promise that in as much as you comply with this demands everything will be in order. If agreed you have to get back immediately so that you will be directed how to send the money. Waiting to hearing from you ASAP. Thanks for your co-opreation. Dr.Benson Williams
Foreign Remittance Manager.
Letter 9
Dear Dennis,

Thank you very much for your mail.

It is not easy for me to open an account because it will still need money and here in africa before you can open an account of thuis kind of huge amount there will be actual amount you will use to open the account which i don't have and morover,this money was in suspense account waiting for onward transfer and it is an agreement which my father took with the bank that they should only allowed me when i come for the transfer of this money outside this country to overseas account,this is the reason why i contacted you for the transfer and with out that i will never have access on the money.

However, i have being trying to complete the money for getting the needed documents but the problem that remains is the $350 dollars for signing the release bond order according to the bank and i never know how i can get the money but i wish that you can understand me and help for that,I will be going to the bank today to see the bank manager to know what he can do as he promised and i am here to send you my photos with the deposit certificate which signified this money real and you see my name as the original next of kin as i told you.

I expecting to read from you please try to help me for the money ok.

Thanks for your mail.

Sandra Wuma.
Letter 10
Attn Mr.Dennis,

We did received your receipt mail in this bank and we acknowledged your understanding as you agreed to send $100 united states dollars, though it is not the actual needed amount for signing your fund release bond order agreement, but it was notified to the bank manager he approved that the information of sending the agreeable money should be forwarded to you, proceed immediately to send it.

Here is the information you requested below.

Receiver’s name MR.DOUGLAS OKOYE

Direction send it through western union and send the information you used to put the money like QUESTION TEXT and ANSWER TEX with TRACKING NUMBER .

Additional instruction when you send the money forward the control information here in our bank and try to send it to your local partner so that she will know how much you send let everything be transparent on eyes of every involved person’s and we have told your local partner to send to you the OFFICIAL LODGEMENT RECEIPT,because your officially known here in our bank as the rightful beneficiary then the other documents will be sending to you in as much as the transfer is done.

Anticipating receiving the control number infos.

Thanks for your understanding.

Mrs.Nadesh Coulibaly.
Letter 11
Attn Mr.Dennis Allan,

This is to inform you that your acknowledgement of my little financial assistance to you was welcomed and noted,As you promised we are waiting to receive the money to commence the transfer into your provided account.

Don't faile and don't faile,

Anticipating receiving the info tomorrow.


Mrs.Nadesh Coulibaly.
Letter 12
Attn Mr Dennis,

This is to inform you that we received your mail with the information as you promised being a gentle man, And at the same time we are surprised that your information is not valid why?.

Again you should stated it where it will be understandable and clear, because no question text with the answer you only send the control number and we never knew the name being used to send it and the name to be receiving, So if you are serious you have to try to correct it because the information is false.

Anticipating your urgent response.


Mrs.Nadesh Coulibaly.
Letter 13
Dearest Dennis,

I confirmed your photos so handsome thank you very much for that.

Please this is to tell you that i have tried all my possible best to raise the money for obtaining those documents but finally i did not be able to get all the amount,What i only raised cash with me now is $3,800 usd,and it still remain the balance of ($260)usd,Please and please try to send the $260 usd immediately you received this mail so that they will finished of obtaining those legal documents,Because i have submitted the money like to the bank lawyer who is in position of obtaining the documents on our behalf hence i can't be able to do it myself.

They told me that if you can send the remaining balance of $260 usd that they will obtain the complete needed documents today deffinitely the transfer will be effected must tomorrow,And i don't have any money with me here because i put all the money i have even my feeding money to make sure that this transaction is being concluded,Please and please consider this because i have nobody here exccept you which i am counting on please try tohelp with this balance of $260 usd only and nothing left again to transfer this money because i have declared you official in the bank and signed my legal gaps with the bank to show that you are the full beneficiary.

Send the money with the name you used to send today's money to the bank because that is the attached bank attorney who will obtain those documents Mr.Douglas Okoye with usual address.

I expecting to read your mail as you complied by sending the money to them.

Thanks with love.

Sandra Wuma.
Letter 14
Dearest Dennis,

Thank you very much for your mail.

Well, this is to tell you that i thank you for every of your effort by sending what you promised and the reason why i told you to help for this remaining balance is because i did not have all the money complete and to fasten this transaction please try and try to assist with the little money because there will be no required money again to pay only this amount which i told you to help me with please.

Even,i am owing in my hotel where i am hidden myself and i did not let the hotel management that i have this money based on this transaction,please help me for and there will be no more money to pay please.Try to do it immediately so that they will conclude the transaction.

Expecting to read from you that you help me please.

Sandra Wuma.
Letter 15
Dearest Dennis,

Thank you for your mail.

I have seen your car fine and conguratulation,Now listen i have explained myself to you as my person now because the reason i gave you that deposit document is for be sure of what i am saying if not you never supose to have that document by now untill this transaction is being conluded but i trust you because if something happen against me tomorrow now with that deposit documlent you can apply for the money to be transfer because you did not steal the document so for you to know that i really know what i did by ging you that document.

Now i have told you remember that the amount for obtaining the leagl docvuments before this money will be transfered is $4,060 usd,and i tried to raise ($3,800)usd then it remains the balance of $260 usd which i pleaded you to suport me with,is this a bad information or demand?because the bank manager only promised that he will help to complete the money for signing the release bond order which is ($350)usd while you brought $150 AUD equivalent to $100 usd which you promised is that not all?.Then this balance is for completing the money for getting the documents and doing the change of ownership in your name before they can transfer the money and this morning as i went there in the bank they told me that they have gotten the approvval letter certificate and swear the affidivats of oath and claim then it remains to do the change of ownership which they need the money to complete it and you know that without completing the money they will not do the change of ownership and there will be no way they can transfer the money to your account because it is the change of ownership will signified that you are the real beneficiary as i presented you to be,Please and please try to send the $260 usd only so that they will do this change of ownership ok,I knew that you bought a car but it will not prevent you not to send the money please try so that they will get the complete documents to avoid this money having problem please and you know that today is saturday the bank here work halfday deffinitely if you can co-opreate with all this my explanation and send the money the transfer must proceed as from monday or tuesday next week.

I expecting your reply with good understanding.
Yours Sincere.
Sandra Wuma.
Letter 16
Attn Mr.Dennis Allan,

This is to inform you that the bank manager” Dr.Benson Williams” said that what he can be able to do if you really need this transfer to be effected by next week that you should send the sum of $160 United States Dollars that he will assist for the balance of the $100 United States Dollars to show you that he did not ignore your request,That you should make sure you send the money very early Monday morning so that the bank attorney will finish the process of procuring the legal documents for the smooth transfer immediately.

Anticipating receiving your positive response ASAP.


Mrs.Nadesh Coulibaly.
Letter 17
Attn :Mr.Dennis Allan Saunders,

This is to inform you according to the bank manager, he said that he have spoken with you based on the $160 United States Dollars which you suppose to send to enable him to complete the remaining balance of $100 United States Dollars to procuring the change of ownership certificate on your name,So he said that as you have agreed with him to send the money that you shouldn’t fail not to send it immediately so that everything will be concluded by transferring your fund latest tomorrow as he told you on phone conversation with you this afternoon.

However, we are waiting to receive the information and don’t forget to the add QUESTION TEXT with ANSWER TEXT to avoid contacting you back for second correction.

Anticipating receiving the information for the money.


Mrs.Nadesh Coulibaly.
Letter 18
Attn :Dennis Allan,

Listen, this is to inform you that I am not happy with you the way you understood things, Being a Bank Manager doesn’t mean that I’m the owner of the Bank do you know this?. Now initially I told you that you should pay the sum of $350 United States Dollars for signing your agreement fund bond release order which you did not agreed to pay before I told you that let me help you to pay sum of $250 United States Dollars that you should the balance of $100 United States Dollars which you paid with good faith and understanding good knowing too well that your going to benefit it not me.

Now, Your local partner “Miss Sandra Wuma” was informed by this bank that she have to obtain some legal documents which will cost her the sum of $4,060 United States Dollars,which you promised to provide the amount to enable our bank attorney to procure the documents on her behalf and suddenly it happened that she did not come-up with the actual amount rather she brought ($3,800) United States Dollars and have balance of ($260) United States Dollars which she complained that she has no money again and with the way she pretended I have pity on her which I called you as her foreign partner hoping that you shall understand this with good manner asked you to send the remaining ($260) United States Dollars to complete the money for obtaining the legal documents before the transfer and you were trying to let me know that it was an agreement between I and you that if you send the $100 United States Dollars for completing of signing your fund bond release order that there will be no money again to send that’s the truth which I did not ask you to send another money but you have seen it that this money which I am talking about was the same money for completing the documents money and without doing the change of ownership in your name that means you are not the right beneficiary based your name did not signify out in the change of ownership as the rightful beneficiary this is what I am trying to clear you so that you have to understand it.

However, as you are bringing the idea of opening a new account don’t you know that the new account must be open with money? and you knew how much that is involved and we can not use because her late father has huge amount of fund here in our bank for that we can not follow the bank procedure no because this funds now is in dormant account and again the original depositor is late and whomever that came-up to put a claim of the fund must go the normal legal bank procedure this is what you should understand you can ask your banker over their in your country I don’t want you to have a suspicious mind on me because you have to understand that my duty here is to help people financial rather whomever that need my financial help we shall discuss that based on business level and you have to consider all this my explanation’s to you then you send the money and be inform my word is my word I have told you out of ($260) United States Dollars that remains you should send $160 United States Dollars let me help for the balance($100)for the sake of the little lady your local partner (Miss Sandra Wuma) otherwise that’s not my duty only if you like, you comply with the bank demands if you don’t like you forget it so understand these as I explain in this mail.Take my word again that this is the last payment you shall make till we transfer this said fund into your account, because nothing left only to do the change of ownership in your name as the rightful beneficiary.

I thank you and will be very happy if you did understand this mail and complete the assignment in good faith and leave the rest for me, If you send the money today the transfer
will be effected later in the day today. Remember I am not gaining anything from this fund all I did is to satisfy you as a foreign customer.

Waiting your urgent positive response.

Yours Sincerely.
Dr.Benson Williams.
Letter 19
Attention Mr Dennis Allan,

Iam inreceipt of your mail dated 6th june 2007 to this desk inrespect of the said transaction. Based on that be informed that the tableted documents required by you is very much intact in my desk but due to one reason or the other we cannot release the said any how because of the laid down rules and regulations that protects all banks and insurance *** all allied and other related financial institutions in our sub -region and as such we can not change it because of a particular client hence it is against our ethics of operation as far as this our sub-region is concerened.

Therefore for the interest of both parties involved in the said transaction,I hereby advised that you should endeavour to reach your local partner and at the same time arrange for her the money for sending the said to you through the appropriate quarters hence the said documents cannot be send to you through the post office for security reason.
Note this is because we dont want situatioin whereby our apex bank will be held liable of misplacement of the said documents based on the magnitude of the said fund.
Finally i repeat to eshew any hitch along the line, the aforementioned documents by you will not be send to you by post office for security reason rather if really you need it you better arrange the money for the postage through any of the speed post preferable DHL Fine.
Once again thank you for your understanding and your continual co-operation.

Best Regards
Dr Benson Williams
Letter 20
Dear Dennis,

To be very sincere with you i couldn't believe it that you can not help me for this little amount while you knew how much i have spent in this transaction and your the one that told me and scanned your new car which is not a small car here in africa,Then you are trying to tell me that you don't have the money to send,Now if i may ask you both of us who is telling each other lie? As you can not help me for this little money no wonder the bank manager was asking me whealther i my sure of you whereby you can not afford this little money but i knew what i told him by defending you that your not like that kind of person that dosen't care person.

I have explained to you that even this money that i gave to obtain those documents i borrowed some from esle where hoping that in as much as this money is being transfered i tell you how much you will send to me to pay up the accomulated bills,but i don't know how you can not understand me please try to help me if i have somewhere to get the money i could have raise it since because i am not happy that it is because of a little money that this transfer have not effected uptil now try to consider that i am alone and i am not confidence by walking openly i'm on hidden because of the evil men that killed my father it is a rev father in my church that helps me for my feeding and the little amount which i borrowed to complete the one i paid cames from the father,so help me for that little amount and i promised that before you take out your persentage you will first remove any expenses from the total sum before your share.

I will stop here and expecting to read your mail as you have understand my point.

Thanks for your mail.
Yours Sincere.
Sandra Wuma.
Letter 21
Dear Dennis,

Thank you for your mail today.

However, all your explanation’s I understand it all, But before I proceed,I hereby to tell you that never one day I think of betraying you because in every indication of your mail this morning it signified that you are not sure of what we are doing again. As you sent some of your infos to me like wise I did the same.

1) I sent you my difference photos
2) I sent you the official lodgement receipt which confirmed this money genuine.
3) I tried my best to raise the sum of $3,800 USD for obtaining legal documents.

Of which you suppose to know that if you really provide yourself out to assist me in this transaction you should have help for the money but I did not let you know about this money only that I was unable to raise the complete amount ( $4,060) USD which the balance still remain $260USD and it is what had you to assist me with.

Have I change stories before TO YOU? Imagine that words indirectly where are you trying put me into?

Listen, I will be very happy with you if you can open your mind to me,because you knew what you carried in mind, why do you said that you sent money through western union to a bank what dose that statement look like? Are how much you sent through western union to a bank here did? SO EVEN IF THEY ASKED YOU TO SEND THE MONEY THROUGHT ACCOUNT YOU WILL NOT LET THEM TO KNOW THAT THE AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL TO SEND THROUGH ACCOUNT?

Don’t you have the contact of the bank or direct line of the manager Dr.Benson Williams? Infact all this point your making I fear my head for that,Now in every of your indication I can understand that your not satisfied with me even the bank as well,But let me ask you one thing,If I may struggle to raise the said amount what about paperwork you needed are the person who is going to pay for the DHL OR FADEX currier service? Tell me because I am ready to send you all the hard copies.

Finally I want to let you know encase I did not understand your mail please try to let me know what you exactly needed so that I can fight for it to satisfy you.

My sincere always.
Sandra Wuma.
Letter 22
Dear Dennis,

Thank you very much for your mail.

To be honest, your puting things where it is not supose to be,because i wonder why all this question's and investigation,Now if i may ask you this question,Are you trying to tell me that you were not convinced before you involved money?again are you telling me that all my photos i sent to you can be another persons photos?.

However do you want me to believe you whereby you did not believe me which means all the information's you sent to me did not belong to you is that what your leting me to know?

To be sincere with you,Your puting fear on me and with all these things i can not have trust on you because we have being in correspondence before you send the little amount you sent and now you are trying to tell me that what you saw before you did not see it again,Is it because of that little amount you where asked to pay? you were using all these words try to understand that i am not an animal rather i am a human bean and to tell you the fact i can not be repeating words everyday by day.

If you feel that you have some question to ask to know just get intouch with the bank based you have being in a correspondence for long just feel free confirm whatever you need to know about them,Because i can not answer you any thing based on you have being talking with the bank manager on phone and exchanging mail to each other you never ask them all this question,then why do you like to put all the question's on me?

Finally,what is your opinion or suggestion towards this transaction?,just let me know because i don't want any delay again and you knew that you are the cause of all this delaying if not this money could have being transfered since into your account so confirm your position immediately you receive this mail and try to get in touch with the bank as soon as you receive this mail.

Expecting hearing from you soonest.
Sincere always.
Sandra Wuma.
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