Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear Ken!!!
How are you? how is everything in your life?
thank you so much for trying to help me and thank you so much for that care and kindness you show me, I'm really grateful for that, I just want you to know that I would never take your money if not that situation, but I got in that situation that's why I need your help and support, so please my dear, tell me how are you going to send me that money? I just don't know how you can do that. Well, my dear, thank you again for your help and for your understanding, and I hope to hear from you soon. Bye. Vika.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Ken!!!
How are you doing? Thank you so much for trying to help me, and thank you that you are caring about me, because noone else care. I promise that someday I will tell you about my world and I will show you my world, but not now.
I always dreamt to go to Italy, how do you think? Will you be there with me/ please tell me how do you want to help me with my problems.
My dear, thank you one more time for everything that you are doing to me. I really appreciate that, i really hope to hear from you soon.
your Vika.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Ken!!!
Thank you so much for your wonderful letter, it is always really pleasant for me to read your letter because I like to get to know you better, an i like that you are becoming a part of my life. I really enjoy to communicate with you because you are really interesting person and we have a lot of things in common, but there is a lot of thing we haven't discussed yet, for example i don't know anything about your plans for future, or your desires or wishes. Well, my dear, i want to tell you about my one greatest desire because you are the main character there. Yesterday I couldn't sleep well, because i was thinking about you all night, and i thought that it would be wonderful to see you someday, to touch you, to talk to you, and just to see into your beautiful eyes, and i started to imagine our first meeting, and that is what i got. I imagined that I'm coming to visit you in your beautiful and romantic country, and I take of the plane and go inside the airport building, everything is so strange around me, and i don't know anything there, and I start to search you among the crowd of people and then i feel that someone is looking at me, i turn around and see your beautiful and kind eyes, I come up to you and hug you really tight, because I was waiting for that moment for a long time, you take me to your house and show me my room and where i can take a shower. After taking a shower I take on the most beautiful dress i have and come into the most wonderful room in your house, and you are standing there wearing suit, and you look really handsome. In the middle of the room there is a table with two candles on it one rose and bottle of red wine. Everything is just so romantic, and I feel myself really happy that i have you by my side. So that is what I imagined, and what about you? how do you imagine our first meeting? My, dear, i want to tell you one more thing, because I want to be absolutely honest with you, my English is really bad and sometimes i have to ask interpreters to help me, because I really want to correspond with you and my English knowledge isn't enough for that, but don't worry i can afford myself to pay for in and for the using of the Internet, I hope that you are ok with that and that you will continue to communicate with me. Well, my darling, I will wait for your letter. Tons of kisses. Bye. Vika
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