Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina to J. B. (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello honey!
I'm glad to read your message and learn that i can really on your help in paying in the agency. But, dear, i feel myself a little uncomfortable because i had to ask you for help. Always i considered myself to be an independent person who can solve all the problems himself. But this time i was wrong that could pay for the journey myself. When i traveled earlier, it was cheaper.
But now i am happy that i have you - a man who can help me in all my problems. You know, after our acquaintance i have changed the opinion about myself. Earlier i consider myself to be a strong and independent person, and it was pleasant that i could care of myself. And now i feel myself a woman who needs support. It is very pleasant to know that there is a man, a strong man, who can protect me from all the troubles.
I said the place of meeting to the agent, and he told me that will tell me exactly cost mt trip after i pay all sum for visa. he told that can't tell me it right now because can't be sure when i will pay for my visa full and it influnce when i receive it.
if you can't help me with all sum pay for tickets later - i will try ask some money from y friends or parents. but don't think that i can recive all sum. Now i need in 8-9 days about 500$ to pay the agency the second part. I hope, honey, it won't be very difficult for you, and you will help me during 8-9 days. I will learn in agency how you can send it.
Honey, i hope, i didn't made you problems with my hurry. probably this waste of money is not planned for you. If so, please. don't be angry with me!
I miss you very much, and waiting for our meeting. Write me soon.
Kisses and hugs,



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