Letter(s) from Anastasia Polushina to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my unique Mike!!!

I am glad to receive your letter again.

Dear mine Mike, excuse me certainly, but I do not understand you. I love you and you love me, but I do not know why you have changed the decision and have begun to doubt. As soon as you will make to me translation into tickets I shall arrive to you during one week and we with you shall be very happy I to you I promise you and you should not doubt of me. I called to you also you heard my voice as well as you and I any more do not know as you to prove the love. You ask that I shall do when I shall arrive to you, in you first I I shall like and I hope to be loved and certainly I shall search work and I hope that you will help me. There are no you what not the fool, you are simply in love as well as I and you are a little confused and do not know for what to undertake. You simply should make so we with you would be together and what to us with you who did not prevent to love each other and to not listen that people in a circle speak and I am ready to live with you though in a tent at edge of the ground, but only to be only with you beside.

You would write to me that I have given you month on meditation, certainly I not against, but now I am in Moscow absolutely alone and I cannot be here the whole month one to me very much and very boringly and melancholy and besides term of the visa will be too for one month already less and I am very much upset.

If you really love me and want to be only with me I think and is confident that for love is not present what barrier and we should be together looking on anything.

I love you and I shall wait your letter.

Always only yours Anastasiya.