Scam letter(s) from Olga to Alain (France)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear Alain!
It is great to get the letter from you and your interest! I do really want to communicate with you further and try to find out what commons we have with you. You seemed to be very interesting person and I do really want to make sure in it one more time! Life is good! So now I think that it is my turn to do the same and tell you about myself. First of all I want to tell you that I don’t play games in the Internet and I don’t pull leg with people. I also can tell you that I don’t respect such people who waste their own and other’s people time. I was very glad to hear that you are not like that. And it seemed to me that you also have serious intentions. Am I right? I was born in October the 4th 1983, my height is 165, my weight is 49. I live in the city Lugansk. You know I really would like to find a person whom with I’ll share everything in this life. I want to build a really strong family with a lot of children. Family where everyone will respect and take care of each other. My only wish is to make somebody’s life happy. I want to take care about the person who I’ll love to prepare tasty dishes for him and for children, to spend as much time with my family as possible. I want to wake up and to see the smile on my husband’s face. I really have so many planes for future. So everything I need is loving person by my side. But I also can guarantee that I’ll try to do everything to make the person whom I’ll love happy. I wait for your sincere letters
Truly Olga
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Alain!
I was so happy to receive your letter, you sound like a very honest and sincere person with a lot of love in your heart. I would love to get more of your photos in the next e-mail, OK? I will try to tell you a bit more about myself and what I like to do. As you know I work and study at the same time. During my "normal" days I am working and after that I am coming home and trying to learn something that is needed for my studying. Boring you would probably think? I agree with that but I don't have choice. I need to work for an opportunity to buy food, necessary things and it helps me to pay for my education. Of course, I understand that it is impossible to earn all money, but I am trying to earn a little part of them, but it is not enough for me as the great part of them is for medicines for my mother. I hope someday I will be able to cope with all my problems! I think that there are 2 basic things in the family relations. At first a couple has to be the best friends with each other and the second is that they have to be the most suitable *** partners for each other. I'm looking for a man who value the same things in life as I do. i'm a very sensitive, yet strong young woman, who knows what she wants and at this milestone of her life, intends to get it.:) open communication, respect, loyalty, honesty, faithfulness are qualities which form a motto for my every day and romantic, love life. Tell me please about your life as much as possible. I wait for your soonest reply. With all my best and sincere wishes
Yours passionately Olga
Letter 3
Hello, Alain
Thank you for your letter to me and some information about you. You have brightened my day and now i feel good after getting your letter. How are you doing there? I hope you are fine and everything is all right with you. How is the weather in your country? Do you enjoy it? It is very cold in my city now.
I really feel that we are soul mates. I dream about us. I hope that one day we'll make this dream to come true, i want it more than everything. I hope our paths will come to the one and we'll be together till the rest of our lives. I hope that our relations will develop in a right way and we'll be together soon. I love to create harmony too and understanding around me and dream to create a family, have kids and raise them together with my future lover, best friend and husband. To walk hand in hand true life as a team, couple. Hope you'll share your deepest thoughts with me. Will you be my only man?
I'll wait for your letter with a strong wish. I send you many kisses and hugs
Sincerely yours Olya
Letter 4

Hello, Alain
Thank you for your letter to me!
I was really glad to get your reply. How are you doing there? How is life? I hope everything is fine with you. I'm all right. How did you spend this time? I've missed you very much. all my thoughts were only about you. Honey, I'm afraid that it is my last letter to you. you see I've got some problems and i need to pay for our corresponding. My limit is over. That's why i write you a small massage. I don't want to bag the money, but i have no choice. I've got now some problems with money, i haven't get my wage yet. I don't want to loose you from my life, you are really very dare to me. I promise that next time I'll try to pay for the correspondence and translating by myself. I do really appreciate if you could help me with it. I feel that you are my man, and if you are really interested in our relations you will help me. I'll be waiting for your soonest reply. i send you many kisses and hugs. With all my best wishes
Truly yours Olya
Letter 5
Dear, Sir!
Thank you for your attention to the Lady Olga, with who you correspond. She uses our translation services. We gladly helped her with it. But we are sorry that you can not correspond with the Lady Olga now, as her limit for sending and translating letters is over now. If you want to correspond with her further, we will gladly help you with translations your letters. For this you will need to pay $190 per month (here included prices for the unlimited correspondence, scanning and sending pictures) or $7 per each letter from the both sides. Also you can order the telephone call via our agency. 10 minutes of a talk cost $6. If you want to correspond with Lady Olga, please let us know.
Sincerely “Wishes
Letter 6
Hello, dear!
I am so sorry for my long delay. I was at the hospital all this time. I missed you a lot! I hope that all is well there with you. tell me please if you are still interested in our relations with you
Truly yours Olga
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