Letter(s) from Anna Korochanskaya to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Ken!

I was so happy to know you were thinking about me. Thank you for writing me. It's a real pleasure for me to receive and read your letters. You are a very wise and clever person and it's very interesting for me to communicate with you. I like to communicate with such person as you are. It's very interesting for me to be with you, even if I do it only in my letters. I'm so interested in everything concerning you.
You know I think that life can be cruel to some people but beautiful to others. The best thing you can do in life is just take it as it is and find the best way out of a bad situation. Most of all I like when I can make close people happy, then I also feel very happy. And I think it's very important for me in this life. I also like being with the one that I love, doing things with him, trying to make sure he is happy. I think that I am patient and I am tender, my friends consider me a good person and I hope that they are right. I like to make good things. I like to help people. And try to use every opportunity to do it. You know it's very difficult to tell good things about yourself. I don't like at all when people don't want to tell the truth, when they try to lie to each other. I think that all relations have to be built on trust. So I don't like at all when people don't trust each other. I also do not like people who try to use me. Sometimes I can be angry at someone and can say not very good things to another person, of course I understand that he/she is not the reason of my anger, but sometimes I can't do anything with me. But I'm very happy when everything is Ok and everybody feels good. I am happy when I think of how it will be with you in my life. I'm thinking of you. I look forward to the time when you keep me warm with your embrace. I do hope all goes to plan and you'll be with me soon. Whenever I read your letters I feel a wonderfully warm glow inside me and I feel ready to take on the world. Sometimes I wonder if I am worthy of all your kind and tender words. However, then I think that perhaps I am not such an average girl after all. The confidence and trust you show in me make me feel a truly happy and special girl. Thank you so much! Hope we will finally have a chance to be together. I am sure that we are waiting for something good and special and our patience will soon be rewarded. Your magic has entered my life and made it so much more complete and special. All I feel I need to make life perfect is to finally be with you. I still find it totally remarkable that we have found each other and that our relationship has developed so well despite the distance and all of the obstacles in our way. Perhaps it is because we have had to work hard to overcome things and also that we have talked through our letters that we have become so close. I think that because we have used the letters to explore our thoughts and feelings that we have had a chance to let our relationship develop and mature in a positive way that any earlier meeting would not have allowed. I hope you think the same way.

I will be waiting for your letter with impatience,
With tender kisses.

Letter 2

Dear Sir,

We want to inform you that your lady Anna is not able to reply to your last e-mail as her paid contract with our firm is over. She has been using the Internet resources and the translations' services of our firm to correspond with you. She wants to let you know that she is very interested in you and your further correspondence. If you have a wish to continue your correspondence with Anna we can send you all the information about our services and prices you need in order to proceed with your future communication. If you are not interested to use our services and continue correspondence with Anna please, inform us about it and do not give out the information given from Anna as it is personal and confidential.

Principal of "Alfa",
Alexander Stepanischev.