Scam letter(s) from Olga Dolgireva to Dana (Australia)

Letter 1
my darling Dana! I understand your anxiety on your finance...
But I am upset also, that you suspect me.
It really upsets me.
I love you and I do not want, that the suspicion stood between us. Dana! These are the cheapest air tickets. no more cheaply. And they there and back.
Under the tourist visa I should reserve air tickets there and back. And one more unpleasant moment:
On conditions of the contract I can use only their service.
I cannot take advantage of your tickets. :-(
It is really a pity to me Here the contact information of my travel agent,
That you could contact him and discuss a question with air tickets.
yahoo ID: andrey_polushin
phone number: +79047255089
his name is Andrey I hope, that you will find common language
Vacation, vacation, vacation Dana
what magic words.
The whole 2.5 months with you, I think only of it.
Probably and more than ... :)
If you do not turn out me. ;-)
Things fall from my hands
What is it?
LOVE? or absent-mindedness? :))
My colleagues joke at me.
gossip behind a back.
lummy! Our Olechka has fallen in love
what's it to me, what do I care? I up to them do not have affairs.
Soon, very soon I shall be with you, my darling
It is a pity that you do not hear me.
I whisper it each time I think of you at night when I fall asleep also
You know that today I had a very interesting case at work.. To me on reception have come good looking old man about 70 and his granddaughter. While I was engaged in his granddaughter (examined her and prescribed treatment)... he observed for me.
But when they left, he has told
Lady, you are so beautiful also have nice looking harmonous body.
And still... You have loving eyes
I envy to whom these eyes are devoted...
A coincidence?! or Future..? What do you think..?
ok! I have been surprised a little by his words...
But at the same time his words have warmed my soul
I assume, that the age does not matter.
whether we are 15 20 30 40 50...90
When I am in good relations, I have loving eyes...
as this has told old man oh! I type and type. :) I should go already
ok! I send my letter to you
kisses I love you!!! very, very You Olga
Letter 2
Dear Dana First off I'm sorry for this delayed answer and let me introduce myself. My name is Andrey Polushin, the senior manager of the travel agency "Odisseya"  and I'm  in charge of Olga Dolgireva issue. Miss Olga gave you the right number and once again sorry if you couldn't call me at once. My personal line is very busy at times. here is the information you required:
1) the dates of Olga are defined by now. I've attached the booking reference of her flights and you can see it for your self
Miss Dolgireva's department is appointed for the 15th of June 2007 18:40 and arrival to Melbourne on the 16th of June 20:00. Airlines - Siberia airlines and Thai airlines. Total cost including the airport refund - 64 295 RUB ( 2,480.07 USD ) It's a two way airticket because all tourists entering Australia are required to have the warranty of their return 2) Miss Dolgireva's visa is approved and we expect to receive it on Monday 11th of June 3) Due to the high rates of credit card fraud we gave up the experience to deal with credit or debit cards. We accept payments from our cliental  in the way of bank transfers only. I hope you would kindly understand our position. I can freely give you the bank requisites of our agency Vneshtorgbank Retail Financial Services
account number: 47422840400090000009
beneficiary: elena fedorova
payment details: card visa 4483 4333 4354 5951 4) Miss Dolgireva's travel expenses:
1. the consulate fee - 70 AUD
2. medical insurance for Miss Dolgireva's whole stay in Australia - 350 AUD
3. the air tickets - 2,943.69 AUD
4. our agency refund 78 AUD
The total cost - 3441.69 AUD
Miss Olga has already made a part of payment and taking in regards that the international transfer will come within 3-4 days we expect you to make the rest of the payment not later than the 11th of June.. 5) The travel agency "Odisseya" 
166 Volkova str., Yoshkar-Ola, 424030, Russia
Phone/fax # 8(362)22-31-32 Andrey Polushin
Senior  manager
166 Volkova str., Yoshkar-Ola, 424030, Russia
Cell: +7(904)725-50-89
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