Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Reshetova to Forrest (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Nelson!!! Thanks that you could respond to my modest message. I would like to begin our dialogue with more detailed information on. As I already informed me 25 years, young European lady. I live in the city of Cheboksary in Russia. Naturally my basic language of dialogue is Russian but as I studied at university that I knows English within the framework of the university program. I work as the teacher of initial classes, I very much like my work and that collective which surrounds me on work. By the nature I am the cheerful and sociable person. During free time from work go in for sports, very much I love rest on the nature. Friends count me too romantic girl, but I as against them do not find it too bad. I like to read, it is especial products of Russian writers of the last century, such as A.Pushkina, M.Bulgakova, also I like creativity of modern writers, especially find fascinating E.Topolja's novels. In the man I appreciate keenness and fidelity, I can not suffer roughness, hypocrisy and treachery. I think that the strongest relations are under construction first of all on mutual understanding and ability to sacrifice for the sake of the close person. On it I finish the first message to you, I would not shall hide to me very much it would be desirable that our dialogue had continuation as it is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, and it is really interesting to me to learn about you in more detail. I with impatience shall wait for your letter very soon.
With wishes all the best Kseniya!!!!
Letter 2
Hello Nelson! I shall not hide that was glad to receive your message. From your letter follows as you have shown a share of interest to my modest person. I hope you not too has upset my insufficient knowledge of the English language, but I do not lose hope that as a result of our dialogue I shall get more full knowledge of language and I learn about your country more. I regret that I have no an opportunity to have at home a computer and as a result absence of a computer to me the Internet - cafe for dialogue with you is necessary to use. I think Nelson that to you I will learn interestingly a little about city in which live. My city is located on picturesque coast of the great Russian river Volga. Especially it is fine in the spring and in the summer when all city as if rolls in shady greens of parks and avenues, in air soars a smell of a lilac and spring freshness. In the streets washed by a rain, the set of solar patches of light is reflected, and you clearly feel, that are present at origin of a new life. Our city puts itself the advanced industrial centre of republic, with well advanced infrastructure and represents a large main railway junction. It as is well-known for the ancient architectural monuments which are peacefully getting on with modern town-planning new sleeping areas. I very much love the city, but to my regret with development of industrialization it gradually and not quickly loses the former appeal. I think, that to me have very much carried, that it was possible to buy an apartment, though and on credit, but in fine area where near to me the picturesque park is located. Hours I can wander on avenues of park in full loneliness, at times it seems to me, that I am not free to be transferred from reality to the world of the imaginations and dreams. I passionately suffer the events which were having place with heroines of my favourite products, is thin feeling them adjust and I try to determine, as though I have arrived on their place in the given situation. As I love our park in the morning as on a regular basis I do jogs. Very much it is pleasant to me, when easy fills fresh morning air. I very seriously approach to the health, I do not smoke and I do not abuse alcoholic drinks, I spend some hours per week on a campaign in sports club for occupations by fitness. Nelson, I shall be glad, if you will more in detail describe the city, especially those places which were most grew fond to you where you feel most cosy and where you can have a rest soul. I hope, you will not keep itself waiting for a long time with the answer. On it I finish the letter, I shall wait for your next message. With wishes of success Kseniya.
Letter 3
Hello, Nelson. How your mood? I hope, perfectly. It is very good, that you were not slow with the answer to my letter, it means, that our dialogue and will proceed henceforth. I want, that from our letters we learned about each other as much as possible, exchanged the opinions, outlooks on life. I really very much would like to find the friend on behalf of whom I would see understanding me the man. Now, Nelson, I want to tell about the family a little. As I already wrote in the previous letter, at present I live separately from my mum. My mum lives in 80 kilometers from city. After happened misfortunes in our family, she lives one and I as it is possible I try to visit her is more often. Put in that, Nelson, that two years ago, as a result of accident on construction, my father was lost. Mum very strongly experienced, considering, that her life has almost ended, at this time she especially required my support, however, as well as now. As I am her unique daughter she, naturally, as well as any mother wishs good luck to the child. I very much love mum and in process of the forces I try to give her encouragement though I understand, anything irreplaceable bitterness of loss. Now, in connection with illness of mum, I spend each days off at her. At times, it happens to buy very difficultly those or other medicines required for my mother, sometimes even it is necessary to order medical products to Moscow or Saint Petersburg. I hope, Nelson, that with health of your relatives everything is all right as I distinctly understand on the experience, that means to lose the person close to you. Please, tell to me more in detail about your family, about your relatives. Write as there are affairs on your work as everything is really interesting to me, as to you. Write, that you would want to learn about me, in fact by means of dialogue we can closer learn each other, I hope, these knowledge of us will not disappoint. On it I finish the letter, with the big interest I shall wait for your message. With wishes of a sound health, Kseniya!
Letter 4

Hello Nelson!!! With the big interest has read your next message. I hope at you really all well on work, and there are no problems with health and health of your relatives. It is glad that we of dialogue proceeds and I want to hope and will proceed further, this implies that my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet was rather successful. Believe Nelson of me really interest those events which occured to you and which to you were most remembered. I want to hope that you will not consider me too much persuasive, but what exactly seems to me by means of the Internet I has found the friend, the person which understands me or even tries to understand. In spite of the fact that the most part of my time is borrowed with work I all the same am glad lives, I try as it is possible to visit is more often theatre, exhibitions, also I am interested in novelties of cinema. By the way Nelson very much is pleasant to me the American cinema, especially the melodramas based on products of the American writers. I shall not hide that I concern with the big sympathy to the American actors, such as Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Mkky Rurk. Please Nelson tell with the following letter on your relation to the Russian cinema, also it would be interesting to me to learn to what Russian actresses you test sympathies. I hope that in the near future my mum will be corrected, and I shall necessarily take her in theatre. I remember as in the childhood the daddy and mum drove me on performances and doll representations. For me the theatrical life seem infinite and very happy fairy tale. Certainly I understand, that the theatre is heavy work, infinite a turn of rehearsals, secret intrigues, constant struggle for a leaging role, but all the same it would be desirable to trust, that the theatre is a particle of that fine that in my opinion is in soul of each person. Know Nelson in the childhood as well as many girls from our court yard I too dreamed to become an actress. In school with pleasure participated directed by theatrical a mug. Certainly my children's dream is very a pity that and has not come true, but believe me really the present trade is pleasant. Even it seems to me, that the dream should be in itself unrealizable as if the dream easily comes true it ceases to be dream, and becomes usual desire which is reached by that or other way. And still I think, that the dream should not be said aloud because it should be any incredibly easy, and hardly tangible, similar to a fine pink cloud, in a background of boundlessly blue sky. Therefore Nelson I do not ask you to be opened my dream before me, me simply interestingly your emotional perception of events occuring in lives and your estimations given by this event. Certainly for me, as well as for any woman a priority is the standard female values, such as a strong marriage, happy family and certainly healthy high-grade children. I very much would want that in a life near to me was the man which always could become the defender to me and a support to our children. On it I finish the letter, hoping on that that we realize each other, also having hope for similarity of our sights and belief. With the big impatience I shall wait for your next message. Your new friend Kseniya!!!
Letter 5
Hello my lovely Nelson ! Is extremely glad to receive your next letter, I hope and henceforth to receive your messages also quickly. Today in the street remarkable weather, and at me fine mood. And how your mood road Nelson, how your affairs? I hope all perfectly. I want to inform you very good news. To my mum it became much better, and yesterday she has arrived to me home to carry out some days at me. Last night coming to me in a bedroom mum has seen on my bedside-table worth at a bed your photo in a framework. I shall not hide lovely Nelson to mum very much you was pleasant foto. Mum has told that at you strong-willed, but during too time the intelligent person and very kind eyes. I ask to excuse me dear Nelson , but I had to tell to mum about our relations. To my happiness my mum has nothing against our dialogue, and in turn she is very glad for me. It can seem to you strange, but we even have cried together with mum, but believe me it there were happy tears. Mum asked on you and as a result ours with her of conversation she had a good impression about you much. The only thing that her frightens it that we have got acquainted with you and we continue to communicate through the Internet. My mum tried to convince me that on the Internet, and in particular outside Russia is a lot of deceivers, addicts and people with the upset mentality. Believe my lovely Nelson to me costed huge efforts to convince my mum, the elderly woman evolved and the most part of a life living in Soviet Union and at the Soviet authority, in that that presently use services of the Internet more and more and more people from all ends of our huge planet. Also she has agreed with me that you really are good the man and such qualities, as honesty, decency and kindness are inherent in you. I too lovely Nelson completely on your party and with the great pleasure agree with opinion of my mum. Really it is very pleasant for me, that my mum counts you the decent person and does not see the reasons which could place to our further with you to dialogue. Whether please write dear Nelson you informed the parents or relatives on our relations. It would be actually very interesting to me to learn opinion of your relatives? As I think that sights and opinions of relatives, and also their parting word have very much great value in the further life, both for the man, and for the woman. As to our dialogue that I think that I can call to you. I very much want to hear your voice. Please write to me the phone and as soon as I shall have money I I shall necessarily call. With impatience and huge interest I shall wait for your letter. On it let to finish my message. Strong, strong whole. Yours Kseniya !!!
Letter 6
Hello my loved Nelson! Yesterday at me very heavy day was, and the death of my favorite cat has left in my soul an indelible print of a pain and melancholy on a close essence. After a strong thunder-storm there were many problems on work. All technics has ceased to work. My working day last almost 10 hours. I am tired to run on floors, and at me foots have ached. I have thought of massage that would be healthy if you have made to me it every evening. And today at me remarkable day was gave out. I have left for work and was quickly exempted, because very much waited for your letter. But to my huge happiness has waited your message. Many thanks lovely Nelson for warm words of sympathy, for your keenness and your understanding. To me the truth is very important your support as you all become closer. You know dear Nelson to me it seems that we are very similar. I too am lonely and many years I live one. I want to wake up in the mornings and to see the person of the man whom I love. I want to see your eyes. When at night you will look at stars, remember, that the same stars I already saw a lot some hours back. It will bring to you my smile. You know loved, one of these days I have shown yours foto to the friends on work. They have told that you very nice. They wish us of good luck! However, it is at times very difficult to be happy when the close person is not present beside. But the life is those, and we should smile even then when to smile it would not be desirable. In a life it is valid, my dear, there are interesting turns of destiny. Today we friends, and tomorrow we can both friends, and the spouse. Certainly to hasten it is impossible, and wisely to be cautious and circumspect but if we shall be very cautious too, we can miss remarkable chance to meet the best the person of the life. Think of it my love. I shall wait for your letter. With love, strong Kiss. Yours Kseniya!!!
Letter 7
I love you !!!
Letter 8
Hi my sweet Prince!
So, I went into the internet cafe to wait your next letter.
Here is the full information you wanted to know.
Country: Russia
Town: Cheboksary
Street: 10Lenina ap5
My full name: Kseniya Reshetova
My lovely prince when I've came into this company called Western Union, the lady explained me everything you need to send me this money is only the country and my full name, if you write my full address: the town and the street, I won't be able to receive your money because of the registration. I's registered in my Mummy's address. But she lives in the small town, which is 80 km far from me and there are no any these companies, called Western Union! And I won't be able to pick up your money. So, you should write only my full name and my country. You shouldn't worry about what to write in your western union, nobody will be able to receive your money except me, because you'll receive the special number and you'll send me in your next letter this special number and full information ( includes your full address and full name) which you'll write yourself in this company, my darling Nelson. So, I hope you'll understand my situation and that I don't have the registration of the town Cheboksary I live in.
Ok, I'll wait your soon answer with great impatience as usual.
Lot's of burning kisses for you, my sweet Nelson. I miss you and wait this moment when we'll be able to meet each other with great impatience.
Yours and only yours sweet Kseniya.
Letter 9
Hi my sweet prince!
I was so shocked by your information, I can't understand what is the problem? may be you can't send me this money to my name??? I really can't understand why it's a great problem!
I cannot still understand what's happened. I can offer you other form of trunsfer your money. I know, that it will be reliable. I have a bank account, I on this account receive my salary. I can send you my information of my account. This information is
Account With Institution: S.W.I.F.T.-code: SABRRUMMNA1
MARI EL BRANCH 8614 Beneficiary Customer:
account: 42307978937020325794/48
name: Reshetova Kseniya This variant will be reliable and very good for both of us. My darling, I love you, and I wish to be with you, I dream of you and about us with you. But I still am in a shock from that information which have written to me. I do not know, why they wished to speak you to these ****** things. I'm so upset because of everything. How can they be assured I'm that one and how they can tell so bad words about me? Because I don't feel assured I'm right at all! I'm sure in it! They don't have such ability to talk so bad things about me! My eyes are so wet! But, they are so only because of the Injustice only! I do not want that our meeting will be later, I was dreaming about this date so lot's time! as for me I'd like to begin all my documents as soon as it's possible. My darling, you can come to your bank and send money to me to my bank account, it will be very reliable. I can receive your money very soon. So, there is one other variant, to send me this money. As you've already offered me before, it's suitable by my friend we're working with together at school. Her name is Dariya. She is very reliable person. And I can trust her this information. You should only use the same way you've done before for me. You need only to write my country:Russia, her full name is Dariya Shabalina. I ask you not to worry about it more, because everything was a great mistake which I can't understand by this company. So , as for my dear friend, Dariya is really a very reliable friend and you'll give me your full information, and we'll go together to receive this money, which you'll send me, my lovely Nelson. So, I've written you two ways to decide this great problem, I don't agree with the own opinion of that person. So, you can use one of them, and you shouldn't listen to their opinion and their envy! It's my own opinion, my darling Prince! So now you can send me this money, and now I hope everything will be ok, and you'll send me it again so you'll be lucky in it. as for me I'd like to touch you and tell you so warm and gently words and of course be with you together, my lovely Nelson! I'll wait for your next letter with lot's of impatience, my sweet prince.
I send you lot's of warm and burning kisses, my love! yours and only yours sweet Kseniya!
Letter 10
Hello my love sweet prince Nelson, I was so is happy to receive your letter. My darling, I very strongly miss on you, I love you. I wish to tell to you that I am in a full shock from that information which you spoke me. I cannot understand, why all this so. I shall send you a photo of my friend Dariya, I hope that it will help you, and you can send me of money that I could arrive to you. So it is pleasant to me to know that you wish to do ours with you I shall meet as soon as possible. I wait for ours with you of a meeting with impatience. Certainly, if you can help me with money at once very quickly, and certainly next week we with you can already be together.
I love you, I dream of us with you happy.
You my sweet prince.
I shall wait for your information!
I shall wait your letter very soon. I send you lot's of warm and burning kisses, my love! yours and only yours sweet Kseniya!

Letter 11
Hi my sweet prince!
I'm waiting your letter for some minutes, and check it, so I was really very happy to receive it so soon, I wanted to thank you very much for your offer to wear me as sweet. Of course I'll buy something special from clothes to be liked by you, my love! As for my friend Dariya, she was waiting your letter with because she is very interested your offer too, because she'd like to write your friend also, but she we don't know how to create new inbox, so I can help her with the connection from my inbox, if you agree with me, of course, because as for me I trust her in everything! Your friend can only notice that it's letter for Dariya, and that is all. So, what do you think about it? :) And as for her full name I've written you before that's Dariya Shabalina and her adddress is city:Cheboksary, street 12Lenina 53. So, I hope very soon we'll be able to see eaach other, my love.
So, hope to see your letter soon.
Million kisses for you my love!
Yours and only yours sweet princess.
Letter 12
Hi my sweet Nelson! My lovely prince!
Thank you so much for your warm words! I was so exciting reading your last letter. My love I asked you about your full information which you've written in your office called Western Union, last time I went to that office the lady explained me I need the full information you've written there yourself ( your full name, your full address: your town, street, the number of your flat and house zip, as I've already told you too). Please can you send me the copy I'll be able to print it too, and go tomorrow to the internet cafe and see it, before our visit to the western union with Dariya, please. I asked you so, because the lady explained me I have to have it, and I won't make any mistakes. Also as for us, we both as Dariya as me, never received money by this company. So, my sweet, we'll go now home, I'll sleep at my Dariya's home, to be able to wake up early in the morning. Ok, my darling I hope you'll do my ask and tomorrow hope see your next letter. It's too late now and we'll go home. Dariya tells you and your friend a big hi and good night. It's a great pity we have so lot of difference in time, my love. But I hope soon we'll be able to have the same time;) Good night my lovely prince! Yours and only yours sweet Princess.;)
Letter 13
Hello my love sweet prince Nelson, I was so is happy to receive your letter. With each your letter, I receive a plenty of love and tenderness. I love you, I wish to appear as soon as possible with you. My darling, I could not receive money which you to me sent. It because you have not sent me the full information. Send me please the information which will allow me to receive money. And as specify number MTCN, to me have told that there there should be 10 figures, and you have written me 11 figures. I wish to tell to you that I love you. I wish to appear as soon as possible with you. I wish to caress you and to speak you the most gentle words. I love you. My sweet write to me the information with which you filled in the Western Union. Then I can receive money which you have sent. That I could receive money, I should know your full address, and right figures MTCN. We with Dariya went to the Western Union, and to us did not give money, I did not have not enough information, and I was spoken, that I specified number MTCN. Write to me the information, write to me your full address, number MTCN. Or send me a copy of a paper which you filled. I love you my prince, I wish to appear as soon as possible with you. I wish to give you big love and tenderness. You my sweet, you my gentle prince. I love you. I shall wait your letter very soon.
Kissing gently gently my sweet prince Nelson, your princess Kseniya!
Letter 14
Hello my love sweet prince Nelson! I very much experience that I do not receive your letters. I very much experience from it. I love you my sweet prince! Why you do not write to me, what with you happen? My darling, I love you, I wish to appear as soon as possible with you, I wish to caress you, to speak you words of tenderness and love. I wish to give you a plenty of happiness. Nelson, you my sweet prince, and I cannot understand the reason of that you do not write two days to me and do not answer me my letters. My sweet, I love you, I wish to caress you and to give you my love and tenderness. Write to me as soon as possible, my heart suffers that we with you are at a great distance. I shall wait your letter very soon. Kissing gently gently my sweet prince Nelson, your sweet Kseniya!
Letter 15
Hello my love sweet prince Nelson, I was so is happy to receive your letter. I was in such shock to learn that you all these days had bad state of health. I these days experienced all for you, I as as felt, that at you some problems. But I so am happy that at you there was is better, and now you at home. I very strongly experience for your health. My darling, allow to do ours with you a meeting. I in the last letters wrote to you that I could not receive money which you have sent me. There are some problems with reception in the western union. To me have told, that number MTCN should consist of 10 figures and as I should know your full address. You could send me the information with which you filled in the Western Union, your information and then I can receive money which you to me is necessary to me sent. Or you could copy this paper which you a distance in the Western Union, and to send me this copy with your letter. My darling, you could give me this information as soon as possible and then I can receive money and then start to do the visa and all necessary documents. My beloved Nelson, I so strongly miss on you, I wish to be with you as soon as possible. I wish to caress you, to speak you words of tenderness and love. I dream of ours with you a unforgettable supper, I dream of that as you caress me as you do to me pleasantly. I love you, I dream of us with you. I love you, and I wish to give you my love and me. I only your princess. I shall wait your letter very soon. I wish you good health. My love will treat your health! Kissing gently gently my sweet prince Nelson, your princess Kseniya!
Letter 16
Hello my love sweet prince Nelson! I was happy to see your letter. I have been shocked by your letter. You unless did not receive my second letter? I do not understand why you speak about me so badly, but I sent you two letters. I sent you the letter, I do not know why you did not receive it. Believe to me! I send you it anew:
_______________________________________ Hello my love sweet prince Nelson, I was so is happy to receive your letter the letter. You did not write me so long time and I very much worried about you. And now I very much worry about you. You speak that you had very bad health of heart. It is so awful illness. I very much experience about you. I did not teach your letters so long time, and my heart was in full experience about you. I love you my lovely prince, I would like to protect you. My darling, I wish to divide with you pleasure and mountain. I wish to care of you, I wish to give you my love. I would like my love to you to treat you. Nelson, I have been shocked by news, about your illness. I so wish to embrace you, to kiss you and to make so that you was healthy. I love you, I wish to protect you. My favourite, I ask you to look up well the health. And when I shall arrive to you we with you shall have healthy food and a healthy way of life. And then to us with you illnesses will not be terrible. I love you my darling. You could give me your phone number, I would try to call to you. I wish to hear your voice to speak you about my love to you. My lovely prince, write to me as soon as possible, about that as you feel today, as your mood.
Kissing gently gently my sweet prince Nelson, your princess Kseniya!
________________________________________ My favourite, unless you did not receive this letter last time? I love you my darling. For me was so is insulting to read that you so badly think of me. For me the most important your health and that to you it was good. I dream of us you, I love you. To me so it is bad that you became so badly you think of me. I love you, I dream of you, I dream of us with you.
I shall wait your letter very soon.
Kissing gently gently my sweet prince Nelson, your princess Kseniya!
Letter 17
Hi my love Nelson!
How are you now? How is your health and what about your heart? Did you go to any special treatment or procedure after your sad case, my love? I'm really surprised you didn't understand my last letters, which I've sent you before, I suppose it's so , because of my bad knowledge of your native language, my darling prince. And also I don't understand why do you use so bad words in your last letters, I thought if two person really fell in love to each other, they can't be angry to each other. They always believe each other and of course love, but in your last letters I didn't read any of these warm words, and it makes me too upset, and sometimes my tears become to my face, because of your too rude words, my prince. But as for me I'm not angry for you, because I think you can't love and be angry at the same time. I only don't understand what do you want to say by your last words? May be you don't want to meet me yet, and think I'm not so important now for you and you are not sure that you need me? If it's so, tell me please, it's too important for me to listen only honest words from you, and I'm sure the love can't exist without honest. So, I suppose it's really so, because some days ago you told me about soon meeting, that you'd like to see me as soon as it's possible, but now I can consider I'm right now, because I explained you I've sent you two letters before the last one? I've sent you my new letter again and included that letter you told me you didn't receive to my last one, but now you tell me so bad and ununderstandable words to my heart, it really doesn't want believe your last words, because you're still in it, in my heart, but you didn't even want to talk to me, and I asked you lot's of times to give me your phone numbers, your cell phone and home phone, because I tried to find this ability to call you, to hear your voice, especially I asked you about it in my last letters, when I've introduced you're ill, because it's really too important for me to hear your voice to ask you about your health, to ask you about your doctors advices and about their wishes to your health, and you don't read or may be don't want to answer to these my questions and don't answer to them. It's a great pity for me, that's why my tears become to my face too often, because, I consider you only don't want to understand my words, or only forget them always! It's a great pity my love, I don't know how to explain you it once again I tried it very much, but you even didn't write me the full information, and everything I asked you about, I can't tell my friend Dariya every time I want it to go to that office called Western Union, I can't make her do it lot's of times, I don't want to get her so lot's of difficulties. So ,that's why I asked you about it also, that's why I've written you about it again and again! But now I can think only you're not still sure you really need me and love me and miss me and think about me every time and imaging our future meeting, like I do every time, my love. I don't know what to think about it now, because I really can't understand your feelings, my darling Nelson!
I wait for your new letter, my love.
Yours Kseniya!
Letter 18
Hello Nelson! It was pleasant to Me to see your letter. I read your letter, and I all time thought of ours with you of a situation. To me it seems that you simply play with me and with my feelings. You deceive me, you the deceiver! I have fallen in love with you and I wish to give you me. But you are simply indifferent concern to me. It is very sick for me and for my heart. I love you and I wish to be with you, I wish to be your unique, but you have spat on me, you have simply deceived me. Why you so have acted with me? I shall wait your letter very soon. With the big love! Yours Kseniya!
Letter 19
Hello mine Nelson!!! I very much regret also to me it is very a shame with that that such people live in our country. I know many such cases but I know and many other cases, and I when get acquainted with you the right in the beginning I was afraid of it, that you can so that to think of me. I despise such people which play feelings, These people prevent not only to men, but also and real girls to acquaint and together happiness. I want to tell to you that, that when real girls find true love on the Internet, Find half which happens very awful for the girl. Its name the deceiver And this girl so urgently to be disappointed with relations. It is very unpleasant for me. I do not love a deceit. My fine , recently on TV has shown, as deceive not only Americans, But also and girls from Russia. When the girl got acquainted with very decent person And when she has arrived to him it, the man takes this girl in slavery, and the man uses her not as true. It very much frightens the Russian girls, and they are afraid to search for love through the Internet, I was not afraid and have found such remarkable person. I wanted to tell, that not only deceive girls, But also also deceive also men. I trusted you and have opened to you heart, I everything to belong to you. I want to tell to you a history that, that I saw on TV. The girl has acquainted with the man from America and has arrived to him, he to her has helped to arrive, But when they have started to live, he of her started to beat and compulsory to work very strictly in a nursery for mad dogs. She all have been bitten by these dogs, dogs, all was mad, and he at all did not feed her as the person, It - such awful history, also is any case. It - many similar histories, Even achieved, that which has caused, girls and have killed. Awfully!Many have warned me concerning it And on TV about it very much frequently showed. But I speak you that I trust you and you too should trust me. Not all girls from Russia deceive. And those who deceive is in each country. That on the account of that that your friends speak you on the account of that that you I am old for me think that it not so. If you would be old for me I did not start the correspondence from you. I think that a difference between us in the age of even better because every year the person becomes wise and I think that you already wise. And then for me it is more important that at you inside instead of what you outside. You can not worry in this occasion. Also do not listen to the friends they speak you nonsense and count you the old man and I so would not tell. On it I shall finish this letter and about impatience I shall wait for your answer my lovely. Your Kseniya!
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Name: Christine
Age: 35