Scam letter(s) from Irina Bashkova to Dave (UK)

Letter 1

My name is Irina. I am glad to get your replay.
I want very much to get acquainted with you closer and, probably, to be your friend. My dreams, wants and desires for the future would be to find a nice loving Good man who could love me for me and together we could have a loving and forever lasting love life and marriage. I would treat he with respect and love and he would never have to question my love or devotion to he and hopefully I would receive the same from he. I want a man who would not cheat on me but would take each day as it comes, and work with me to create a loving and cosy home. you for some reason seem to me such, therefore I have decided to write to you. I would like a family, which I could provide love I could for and show the love, care and support.It is would of course depend on the two of us whether we have children or not. And if you already had children I would treat them as my own and give them my love, care and support that they need. I hope, you are also looking for serious relations and appreciate sincerity and honesty? Tell to me please something about you. I shall be very glad. Where do you live?
Than you are engaged? All will be interesting to me.
I was in the UK on work and have arrived from there 1.5 months ago. I liked your country. That is why I have decided to find the love in your country. Now I live in Russia...
But I will not think that it is a handicap for us... To find out each other is very good..
Your friend, Irina.
I wait you my prince...
Letter 2

Hello my honey Dave!!!
I so am glad to read your fine letters. I apologize that I can not write you so frequently as I want, a lot of work and time enough only to go to a house and to go to sleep because of weariness, I very much get tired. But when I reach up to a computer and start to read your fine letters, I feel my soul lighter, that you are long-awaited falling star in the clean night sky which brings to me pleasure and freedom of dialogue.
Excuse that did not write to you quickly back. I prepared for travel in The UK. My conversation with Olga and Alex was positive. He can make for me the visa for very short term approximately 1 weeks. Alex has told that we shall can do the business visa (B1/B2) on 360 days.
Now I know how many money to me it is necessary on my flight and all documents in the UK... Approximately $ 3100 USD. When I have found out how many to me it will be necessary to pay for my travel and my documents, I very strongly was frightened that we cannot meet. It is a lot of for me. For me is necessary your moneyed assistance. You can render her to me? It is very unpleasant to me to ask You about money. I hate this repugnant, smelly word of "Money". I not want so as money have prevented you & me to meet. I very much hope that you could understand my my difficult situation. I want to be fast soon With you. Now speed of our real meeting in our hands. I not want to miss such chance.
You... You Know, I do not want rather to think , as well as about what I shall write. It as in a dream. I am completely given sensation of twilight, music and slow movement of own fingers on the keyboard. They will write everything, that I feel, and that I want to tell you. So interesting... I simply type... myself, that will come in a head... In a ****** such warm fluffy feeling, because, that somewhere beside, nearby quiet close, favorite and native person. Sometimes I almost physically feel your presence... Today, when I went home, it seemed to me, that now I'd come, and you are at my home... This idea became such pleasant, that I did not begin to dissuade myself, and on moreover, began to present, that I would make, if you really appear at my home (I have presented, that you sit on a sofa and smile). Your charming, lovely smile, such, that I think of it, from which in my ****** always intercepts breath, and then the feeling of completely inexpressible happiness fullfills me all... I would throw the arms round you neck from a threshold, and have embraced you strong, strong, and then kiss all your smiling face... It probably, sadly, but today I do not want to trust in a prediction. I do not want to trust in that any force against my will can make me to leave the only person on this planet. I do not want, it is not necessary... Even for one moment I can not present myself, that I would gonna do, if I'll lost you. You are more for me, than all my life, you are my half of my essence, my soul, would having lost which, another will not be simple to know what to do... And when we shall be together, that our bodies can simply merge during one fine instant in common one. Sometimes I feel, because up to a meeting with you I did not think at all, that The person can feel SUCH... So fine feeling, that It sometimes ceases to seem a reality. And, nevertheless, it is reality. Your and my. To tell the truth, our human world is so severe, that cannot allow existence of fine independently, without contrasts and then I find myself as if in a sticky dense fog, out of which at times cannot get out... But you, you so magnanimous and self-denying, that over and over again you give me the madly fine love, such, about which write books and shoot a film, such of which people should be proud, and, again and again you open me eyes. My God, I am so grateful to you for it! None person in this life has given me and has made for me even a small share that you give me. And I understand, that I can do nothing for you to thank...
Therefore I have decided to present simply to you my life. It so simple, understand, and do not push away this gift - it is for you...
And though I cannot sometimes understand much, and have not yet learned to accept you such what you are actually, I shall learn it. And it doesn't metter what I'll endow for it. And though sometimes I feel a strong pain, insult, disappointment, there is no difference, it is nothing, in comparison with that there is you. I hope, you will take all tenderness and all love, which I can give you, everything, without the rest too... You only My man...
Now I will tell: how can you transfer the necessary sum to Russia safely?
I asked my mother how -Natalia- our family friend got cash it from her man from Australia. She used an international system of money transfer "Western Union" Mother says it's safest and fastest way to to transfer money. You can go to any bank where they practise such transfers and send a sum. I can get the money in 15 minutes. I will need a 10-digit control number (MTCN). As well mum has told to me that you filled the form of sending money very accurately and did not suppose errors In my name and a surname, then only I can receive your money.
As well I should know your full name and the full address. My full info:
Surname: Bashkova
Name: Irina
Building Number: 41
Street Name: Kirova
Room Number: 7
Country: Russia
Province: Bashkiria
City: Ufa
Zip Code: 450005 !!! Write the full information about you in such form: First name:
Surname/Last name:
Building number:
Street name:
Apt/Room number:
Zip Code: I hope that all is well with you. I'll be waiting for your reply. Kisses,
Your future wife,
Irina Bashkova (very soon Irina your surname) I very much wait this moment.
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