Scam letter(s) from Irina Perova to K. B. (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Kenneth, i am glad you have purchased a translation software so to translate my emails. But there is still a problem; first of all, i use this firm not only to translate my emails, but also to have an access to the Internet, to scan my photos...and besides, they type my letters. all this cost much, but i try to pay it as i have really serious intentions and would like to have long-term relations and hope more. And you know, my Kenneth, no software can translate our feelings as precise and as good, as it makes a translator who understand what i'd like to express and helps me to do it. If i send you my letter in Russian, you will of course translate it in English, but afterwards you will definitely, i am sure, guess: what did she mean??? and won't be able to catch the concept and the idea of the message, to feel what i wanted to express. Do you agree with me? So, here let me stop...You should be bored with my meditations... :)) I wish you are the same, tell me more about you lifestyle. Write me, I am waiting for your reply..and hope everything will work out with us, as we both were hurt and i realize how it is difficult to trust each other... but i trust you! you are so sincere in your letters!! Yours Ira.
Letter 2
We were glad to inform Irina that you decided to continue your correspondence. She has highly appreciated that. Here is the succession of our work: 1) You send your e-mail to Your lady;
2) we translate it into Russian or Ukrainian;
3) She receives the printed letter and answers it;
4) then she brings her letter to our agency,we translate
it into English and type it;
5) we send it to you. These are the prices of our service: -one letter -5 USD: receiving, translating, printing / translating, typing, sending a letter to You. translating -2 USD;
printing -1 USD;
Internet -1 USD;
taxes and other payments -1 USD. Additional services: -scanning a photo -3 USD;
-printing a photo -3 USD If you wish you can use our "unlimited service", which includes the translation of Your and Your lady's correspondence, printing and scanning photos, translation of telethon talks. It costs:
- 220 USD a month;
- 400 USD per 2 months Also our agency provides the services of translating phone calls: 10 minutes cost - 5 USD
every minute costs - 1 USD Your lady will say some sentences first and than an interpreter will translate them.
You will be requested to limit yourself to one or two sentences at a time, to make a conversation easy to translate and understand for both of you. Every time when Your account is over, we will send You a detailed report of your expenses. You may send the money by Western Union: The name of the receiver : Irina Perova
Address - 11, Jakira Residential Area
City - Lugansk
Country - Ukraine
zip code - 91016 For sending the money you may use Your credit card.
If you want to make a payment on-line (only for American and Canadian clients), using the credit card, you can visit the web-sites: We would like to inform You that we cooperate with the Internet shop which can provide you with the service with the help of which you can order the present for your lady. Here is the address of this web site: We hope for the successful cooperation. Yours faithfully, the public relations manager of "EastPublicTranslation",
Elena Korikova
Letter 3
Irina visited our office and required about the reason of Your silence. We could not meet her requirement since You did not let us know about Your decision as for the further communication with Irina. She asked to tell You, missed you and hoped soon she would have an opportunity to resume your correspondence. She is seriously inclined to continue communication. She says, she will be thankful and will appreciate your generosity and your desire to help her. Thank you for understanding and hope for successful cooperation. Yours faithfully, the public relations manager of
Letter 4

Would You be so kind to let us know the reason of Your disappearance.
You lady Irina worries and we cannot provide her with any kind of information. Thank You ahead. Best regards,
Letter 5
You know already, Your lady Irina has no funds to pay our translation service. We have sent You already the phone number, country, city, our prices. If You had a wish, You might make all necessary arrangements as far as we informed You about Irina's situation. Best regards,
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