Scam letter(s) from Marina Kushakova to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Favourite Steve. With impatience I dream of day when we shall meet for the first time you. When our eyes meet for the first time, I be able to see love in your eyes. I hope that it can occur in the future. You do me by the happiest person in the huge world. I dream of you every night my love. Feelings in my heart are very strong for you my favourite. My love to you becomes stronger with each new letter which I read from you. And my small heart to belong to you. I love and I grieve without you very much. My most The big desire to nestle on you my lovely and favourite and to present you all My love. To see you and then to feel in your gentle embraces-most sweet my dream. I hope, that we can have a long life together. I would like to make love very much to you mine the beloved, to wish to have passionate love to each other all the night long without a break. It is a few immodesty of dream probably, but I really to want it. I love you my favourite and I shall wait for your following letter of love. The whole it is passionate. I close eyes and see your fine eyes. While. Yours Julia
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