Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Yablokova to Alan (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, my dear Alan! I'm very glad to hear from you again! It is really great that we have a possibility to communicate, even if we are not near right now, isn't it? I think Internet is very useful and necessary thing in our life. In any case, only thanks to it we have met and have known about the existence of each other. I'm very interested in you and hope it is the same for you. I want to thank your for the letter and for such wonderful compliments, it sounds very pleasing and you made me blush. It's a pity that you have written almost nothing about yourself. Hoping to know more in the next time. Tell me please about your life, your family, your passions and dreams for the future. OK, I'll be the first who will start our communication. I hope you are ready to know me better, because I want to tell you more about myself! I thin it's very important to know each other well for understanding our inner world, our desires and aspirations. I'm mature person and I'm very serious in the search for my second half and I hope with all my heart that you are too. My name is Yulia and I'm 29 years old. I was born in Kharkov and all my life I live here. I like my city, though sometimes I'm thinking to leave it. I have graduated my school with honor and the same year I had entered the teacher's training college on the philological faculty. When I have finished the University I was working as a teacher of primary school during 2 years. I like my profession much, but it is so low paid that I was obligated to change my worker place. It was really difficult to find new work, but thanks my good relationship with the dean of my faculty at the University, she has taken me as her secretary. As for my private life, during seven years I was living with a man, but almost one years ago we have separated from each other , but this is another story, which I will tell you some time later. I don't want to bother you. I want to tell you only one I'm living alone in my own apartment and I feel very lonely. I want also to confess you that I'm not capable to read and write you letters in English, because I know it very bad. That's why I use the service of the translation company. They translate me your letters and mine to you. Also they put at my disposal their computer, as I don't have it at home. Frankly speaking, this situation makes me feel ashamed, but it is the only possibility to communicate with you. I'm looking forward to receive another letter from you. Sincerely Yulia.
Letter 2
It feels lovely to get a message from such an interesting man. I like what you say and think that according to your profile - you are matching the ideal of the person. I would like to communicate with and in future have a relationship. Perhaps you will agree with me that it will be more intimate to communicate by E-mail. Mine is
Letter 3
Good day, my dear Alan! Thank you for your reply and for telling me more about yourself. I think it is wonderful to speak with each other about everything, to share our thought and expectations, to talk about our likes and dislikes, to tell each other about good and bad experiences in our life. It also will help us not only to know each other better, but give us a possibility to understand each other's inner world and what we need be happy with someone and may be with each other... Thanks for your pictures, you are very handsome man! I want to be sincere with you, our correspondence means for me a lot. You know, a lot of people say that we should live taking into consideration our past mistakes and disappointments. As a whole I agree with them, but not in the question concerning feelings. I'm very sociable and opened woman and I don't imagine how we can build happy and stable relationship, if we will not trust and belive each other?! In my past I was hurt much. As I have told you in my last letter, I have had long relationship with a man, we were in a civil marriage. I have met him when I was 21 years old. I was so young and naive that I have fallen in love with him almost from the first sight. I have believed and trusted him and it seemed to me this will last forever. We were living together during 7 years, but we weren't married. All that time he was speaking with me about our future and that sometime soon we will get married. But time was passing and nothing has changed. It has became a great problem for us till the moment I have seen him with another woman in our bed! I was shocked, because I believed him and he has betrayed me and where - in our bed! So we have separated and I have begun my life from the new page. I don't want to speak how much time and efforts I needed to come to myself. I can say only one thin - it was a really terrible time for me. In some moments it seemed to me it will be better to live alone and never fall in love, that not to be hurt in the future any more. But I was deceiving myself. I can't live alone, without a strong shoulder by my side. I don't want to hide myself, as a snail in its shell and live, bearing a grudge against the whole world. I want to be opened, I want to trust my beloved man. I need love and I want it to come in my life! Thank you for writing me and I'm looking forward to hear from you again. With opened heart,
your Yulia.
Letter 4

Hello my sweet Alan! Excuse me, darling, but I have no time to write you just right now. Today I have a lot of work, as it will be a conference in the University and I should prepare many papers for my chief. But I was worrying that you will write me and won't receive my reply, that's why I have come to the agency to check my mail box and to tell you some warm words. You know, I'm full of energy and positive emotions and all this thanks to you, my darling! Yes, you have understood me right! My sweetheart, you have fulfilled my life with happiness and bright colors and I can't do nothing, only thinking about you and our communication! Ok, I should already go, but remember, I'm thinking about, you are always in my mind! Till the soonest meeting,
yours Yulia.
Letter 5
Hello, my darling, my the most wonderful man in the world! How are you, my dear? I hope you are fine and everything is going well in your life! You know, I was thinking a lot about you and our correspondence. Every time when I go to the agency I feel myself like a teenager who is going on her first rendezvous! I hope you don't laugh when you read my words, but this is true. I thought that I will never have theses feelings again. But you have done that and now I want to tell you this words for the first time:" I love you, my sweet Alan!" You have brought me back to life, have made me to sense all charm of life again! I want to be yours forever and what about you, do you want to be mine?:-) Honey, there were many different events in my life, sometimes bad, sometimes good, there were some moments when I was happy and was sad, but any way I was always an optimist and I believe in the bright future. Now there is no place for sadness in my life and you know, even it seems to me, it was never in my life. After our meeting in the net, it is like I have begun my life from the new page and all, what has happened with me before, looks now like a bad dream! I don't want to think and remember about the past, because I have met you and my life pulsates with new power! You have helped me to feel again all charm of life, to understand there is always a ray of sun in the end of "dark heading"! Now I have finally understood that taste of life is sweet like honey and I'm really happy! Now I believe in Destiny like never, because it has gave me you. Thank you, my sweetheart, for all this warmth, caress and love! It's my luck to meet such wonderful and caring man, like you, my dear Alan! You know, I'm writing you this letter and I feel that my heart just about to jump form my breast, because feelings and emotions are overwhelming me so much, I want everyone to be as happy as I'm with you! My darling, I'm sure that our relationship will be the happiest in this world. It seems to me also that we have known each other all the life! And I want to be with my beloved man, with you, my sweet. And I want to know all your dreams about us and our life together! All my heart and my soul reach out for you. I know that I was talking to you about that before, but every time I fall asleep and wake up only with one thought about you. I know well I need you, I want to be with you all my life. I don't afraid to start a new life , our common life! You are the better what I had ever have in my life and I don't want to lose you. Fallen in love,
yours Yulia.
Letter 6
Dear Sir. We want to inform you that your lady is not able to reply to your last e-mail, as her paid contract with firm is over. She has been using the internet resources and the translators of our firm to correspond with you. If you are interested in future correspondence with this lady we can offer you another contract for this purpose. If you are able to help your lady with correspondence fees we will be glad to assists you and are ready to offer you our service. Feel free to contact me or other stuff members if you will have any questions. Sincerely yours,
Kira Voropaeva. P.S. Our office current e-mail have been changed to
Letter 7
Dear Sir. Thank you for choosing our company. We can offer you several payment plans for correspondence:
a. word by word translation:
1 word – 0.05 $
Ordinary letter of 200 – 300 words will cost you – 10-15$
note: this method is commonly used in most of the international companies, but it is
more expensive then the rest as you will see further.
b. complex letter translation:
1 letter – 5-10$:
* letter of 1-150 words – 5$
* letter of 150-300 words – 7$
* letter of 300 and over words – 10$
* scanning of one picture - 2$
* printing of one picture - 3$
c. monthly rate (fee) (including the service of scanning and printing pictures):
* one month of unlimited translation – 200$
* two months of unlimited correspondence – 350$
* three months of unlimited correspondence – 500$
d. monthly rate (fee) ( NOT including the service of scanning and printing pictures):
* one month of unlimited translation – 150$
* two months of unlimited correspondence – 300$
* three months of unlimited correspondence – 450$
note: all of the payments are given in USD
You can also choose the way of making the payments:
• you can forward the payment on the name of the lady you are corresponding with, then you should write in Western Union documentary:
name of receiver: Yulia Khitruk
address: Krasnodarskaya str., 177/26 , Kharkov, 61000, Ukraine.
Payments can be forwarded:
• through the Western Union Departments ;
• or through the Money Gram;
For future information feel free to contact us at :+38(067)9738623. Sincerely yours,
Kira Voropaeva. The e-mail address of our company currently is:
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