Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Zheludkova to Jarda (Czech Republic)

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Letter 1

Hello the my dear friend Jarda!!!

Today I have opened my letter box and have found there your letter. I Has received huge pleasure of that you have answered me. Fairly Speaking, I am glad, that you have answered me. I would like to learn you closer. I at once want to tell to you, that I search now for the good friend, but if Our friendship and correspondence can become something big, than simply Dialogue I shall be simply glad because of it. Now I think, you can To understand the purpose of my use of acquaintance through the Internet.

I think, that we should learn well each other to begin Friends. It will need some time. I think, that is necessary To start right now. As you already know my full name Anna. Mine Birthday is 9.09.1972. On a sign on the zodiac I Deva. And when you You celebrate your birthday??? Write to me please. I live in Russia in city Novotroick. It is big and very beautiful city, which Is in a southern part of Russia. My growth - 172 sm and weight about 54 Kg. I have no any harmful habits as in my opinion to spoil The health it is simply silly!!! At present I work The insurance agent in one of the companies of our city. I like mine Work and as whom you work??? It would be interesting to me to learn more about To your work!!!

I have parents and the sister, but unfortunately they live in the other city. I I live one in an apartment which I remove temporarily. I have houses the Internet, But unfortunately I have no opportunity to use it very much frequently.

Unfortunately, I was never married, as till now could not To find that unique and unique the man which could To begin for me to with whom I could connect my destiny. Also I not I have children, but very much would like to have the son. It is my dream...

I think, that for the first letter of it will be enough. If you have What or questions, please to set to me them. I shall be glad to answer On them, and also it will be interesting to me to learn some basic The information on you. I shall wait for your answer and also photos. I want To know with whom I correspond!!! For me it would be Huge pleasure!!!

I hope for your prompt reply!!!

Sincerely your new friend from Russia Anna.

Letter 2

Hello my lovely friend Jarda!!!

For me the huge pleasure again to receive your letter. I have read it Closely also I start to understand, that you are interested in correspondence with Me. This moment very much pleases me and it becomes very good me, When I see your letter in my letter box. I would like better To learn you as you like me as the interlocutor. I hope, that You understand me correctly.

Today at me pleasure. I have received the letter from the sister who lives and Italy. She has moved there to live to the husband. They have got acquainted on The international seminar on economy when she studied at university. She is more younger than me, now to it of 25 years. She sometimes writes me letters, which Bring to me huge pleasure. She tells to me about the much Lives. The life in Europe strongly differs from a life in Russia. They have Various habits, traditions, holidays and many other things.

Please tell to me about a life in your country. Tell to me about most Known holidays. It is very interesting to me to learn something. She has written To me as New Year in Italy is carried out. She has written to me the letter in The beginning of January, but it has come only today. It is not pleasant to me, that Mail works so poorly. But unfortunately, it is a unique way Dialogue. It is very a pity...

My ICQ number 434-186-244

Well, I want to finish now the letter as I shall write the answer of mine To the sister!!! I hope, that you do not take offence at me for such small The message. I shall wait for your letter with huge impatience!!!
Also if you have any questions, you can set to me them.
I with pleasure on them shall answer.

Sincerely yours Anna.



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