Letter(s) from Elena Maksimova to Sergio (Ecuador)

Letter 1

Good day SERGIO!

It is very pleasant to me that you have answered me. I hope we shall not be disappointed with our dialogue and it will bring to us only pleasure. I think I can support conversation on any theme. It will be found out during our dialogue.

I shall tell you a little about myself. My name is Maria. I am from Russia. I live in city Sanchursk. But in this city I live not a long time. I had to move to this city because of family reasons. I have been born on November 25th, 1978 in city Stavropol. My sign of the zodiac is Sagittarius. I never wasn't married and I don't have children. I work as the seller in department store. I sell female and man's footwear. I send you photo. What do you think of it? I would like to receive your photo and how old are you?

If you are really interested and if you will have some questions, don't afraid, ask me them and I with pleasure shall answer them. I have some questions for you too. Tell me about your family SERGIO!? Where do you work and is your work pleasant to you? And why you get acquainted through the Internet?

I never didn't communicate with men from other country. Customs are very interesting to me, traditions, culture of other country and I would like to know about it. I know that now many women get acquainted with men from other countries, then deceive them and receive from them money. I shall wait for your answer to this letter, but if you will not answer me I shall understand your decision. If you will write me, then you will convinced about my serious intentions soon. I would like to communicate very much with you. It is already necessary for me to finish the letter, i have not so a lot of time. I am sorry, if I have not answered all your questions SERGIO. I am glad to our acquaintance!

Yours faithfully Maria, I wait your messages!

Letter 2


Our acquaintance is continue. I hope that it will be long!?

Thanks that you said about your family. It's nice that you didn't ignore that question.

Thank you very much for your photo. Looking at it, I can find you best sides: ambitious, charming, strong, proud, courageous. Waking up every morning, I'll admire your picture.

I want to tell you about my intentions. I wish very much to have second half. Serious relations are necessary for me. If you wish this too, we necessarily shall approach with you each other. I very much hope, that you will not lie to me. Your answers must be sincere! I am vulnerable person and it will be pain to me if you will disregard that I write to you. I am not simply write and I tell to you about the private life. I like very much when of me care, pay to me attention. I the romantic person and am necessary to me love and caress. Certainly, I have friends, but nobody can give me it. I don't have person close to me on which it is possible to rely. Maybe i hurry up, but for me it is very important and necessary.

Now I wish to tell a little about myself. My family consists from three person. Me, my mum and grandfather. We live in a two-room apartment. I shall tell about them another time. Probably you had a question why I have moved from one city to another?! I was born in the city of Stavropol, and have lived there 22 years. After completing school I have entered the institute. Has studied there 5 years, on the economist, and has received higher education. After this I worked some years in one small firm by the trader to receive experience. But there was an awful event because of which I had to move to this city - grandmother has died. Her name is Anastasia. Since my childhood she very often came to us, and we too came to her on a visit, especially it was on summer vacations when I still went to school. But later meetings became all less often and less often. My grandmother was very good and kind person. She cared of me. Gave me many sweets, read fairy tales before a dream. I miss her very much. When I recollect her i want to return back to the childhood. I think, that all people wish to return back to the childhood and to escape from all problems, cares and duties. SERGIO are you agree with me? Than older the person then more responsibility, then more duties. And we with mum had to move to Sanchursk city to care of the grandfather.

SERGIO, I would like to know what are you doing at your free-time?
How passes your day? I very much want, than our correspondence continue. I hope you are interested by me. I shall wait for your letters. Yours Maria

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend.

I very much regret for that that I cannot often write to you as at me it is a lot of work and not enough time. I shall write to you at once as I will have a free time. I think that you will wait and write to me constantly. I shall always answer your letter with the great pleasure. I think that we become good friends and even more in time our correspondence.

With the big love your Maria.

Letter 4

Hello the my dear SERGIO.

I very much wait for your letter and I do not know why you to me do not write. Tell to me please. I very much wish to know it. I shall wait from you for the letter with greater impatience. I have very much become interested in you and I do not wish you to lose.


Letter 5

Good morning!

I am very glad that you have written to me, the my dear friend. I hope that you now will constantly write to me. I very much have become interested in you and I do not wish you to lose. I really very much wish to write to you. I hope that we can trust and be fair each other.

SERGIO, I am glad to receive from you the letter. I wait with impatience each your letter! The only thing, that I need at now is a quiet life with the person who love me. I am very glad, that I can express my ideas.SERGIO when I communicate with you, I'm forgetting about all problems and hardships. Tell me about yourself please. I would like to know more about you.

You still haven't sent me your pictures. I would like to see your face. Please send me your pictures.

I will tell you how I pass the every day. I wake up in 8.00 a.m. then I accept souls sometimes. After that I go on kitchen to have breakfast. I don't need to prepare the meal, because mum usually cook it. I like to prepare very much, but mum does not give an occasion for this purpose! :-) Then I gather for work. I reach up to the place of work for 20 minutes, I go on foot leisurely and when I late I might to run. My working day begins at 9.50 and finish at 20.00. I work every day, except holidays. In the days off the working day is reduced. As I already informed, that I work as the seller in department store. It called "Megacity". This big, spacious two-storeyed building. The department store opens at 10.00, but it is necessary for me to be on the place beforehand. I work on the second floor. I have a small department. I sell man's and female footwear. There're very much buyers frequently come to me, but not frequently buy. I very much glad, when people buy, and it is not pleasant to me when they do not buy!:-) This department does not belong to me, and I work on the mistress. Her name is Tamara. She comes ones in day or two to check as there are affairs. As I have a lunch break. We gather with girls from other departments at someone from us we drink tea and speak. In shop basically works women. But there are men and they are security guards. After work I come to the girlfriend, whence I write to you letters. At my place there is no computer and consequently I go to my friend. Her name is Zoya. She is my best girlfriend. She helps me to write letters to you as I don't understand in computers. After that I remain not for a long time with her, we sit and we chat and then I come back home. So passes my day. There's nothing unusual in it. I need to finish the letter.

SERGIO tell me your phone number please, I want to hear your voice, I haven't the phone, that's why I'm requesting your number. But I promise that I will call you from somewhere. I need your code of country, city's code and time when I'll call than it will be more comfortable for you by the Moscow's time.

I wish you success. I wait. I miss. With love Maria

Letter 6

Hi my far friend SERGIO!

I am glad to see your new letter :) I already start to miss your letters :) Isn't it seems to you SERGIO, that with each new letter we find out about each other more. If we are certainly frank in the letters and we write each other only the truth, and we try to answer each other questions.

Why you didn't give me your phone number? If I have a phone, I'll necessary give you my number, but I haven't it, so I'm asking your. Hope you'll say me your full phone number WITH code of your country and code of the city.

I want to tell about the family as I already spoke more in detail: I live with mum and the grandfather. Mum works in a dining room as the cook. She likes this work, because my mum as a lark: early wakes up and early lay down to sleep, and work in a dining room begins in 7:30 mornings and finishs at 5 p.m, therefore when I come home from work, I am waited already with tasty meal. Mum works in a dining room very much for a long time. Boss even suggested to become managers of a dining room to her, but she has refused, as she likes to cook a meal more, and to chat with people which come in a dining room, basically it is workers and students. She's 56 years, and this work doesn't demand many forces, and it arranges her. My grandfather is 83 years. My grandfather is very strong personality, but time has changed him, earlier he amused me, told stories about Great Domestic War. He was at the front but as he was at war I won't tell, as it's not so interesting. I do not know where he was at war, but all this equally is severe. He has came from front alive and healthy, he has understood the price of a life, he was one step from destruction. But with death of the grandmother he began more silent, he certainly does not have her. In the summer he usually sits on a bench at an entrance with other pensioners of a court yard, and chat, or plays checkers, cards and other games. In the grandfather hurt legs, and every year all is more difficult to move to him, for this reason we have arrived to this city - that the grandfather felt like perfectly and anything did not require. Still, I have younger brother, he has remained in that city with the wife though he and is more younger than me, but he already has person - partner in life. But they while do not have children. Sometimes I envy the brother, it is a pity to me that I do not have husband and I would like to throw all and to engage in searches but then I recollect mum and the grandfather, and stops to think of it. They with the wife live in that apartment in which we lived earlier, he works as the car mechanician and is quite happy, he sometimes calls to us when there is an opportunity, and is interested, than can help, and transfers greetings from my friends who have remained there. I very much miss on them and I write to them letters. I also miss across Stavropol, and I want to visit there sometime. I was not there since that moment we have moved here. Do you live in the city for a long time, whether there is in it something unusual or very interesting? Whether big it? And as it refers to.

I shall be glad to see your messages in the letter box, I wait for your letters Maria

Letter 7

Hello the my dear friend SERGIO.

I wish to tell to you that at us tomorrow in my opinion the greatest holiday. Tomorrow we mark Day of the Victory of Soviet people in Great Domestic war of 1941-1945. One of days of military glory of Russia. I think to you a sign this holiday. Though I know that at you do not mark it, but I wish to share with you this pleasure and pride of the country, of the veterans which every year becomes very little and our duty to care of them, in fact they in the time have taken care of us and about our future. Also it would be desirable them to devote a small poem. I hope also to you too it to like.

We understand, that once Other dates will come
absolutely. There will be no more veterans. They
does not remain in alive. Neither private
soldiers, nor officers, Neither crippled, nor the
whole, Noble generals, Former convicts a mouth

Who then will come of them in the stead? Who
should be called on a stage To surround with the
care When anniversary will appear suddenly?
Successively veterans leave. It blows in a wind
of a wound, Their awards lay are forgotten, And
names burn more strongly.

I shall finish this letter now, but I shall write to you shortly. All most good to you, my lovely friend also send the regards to your friends and relatives.


Letter 8

Greetings, my far but the close friend SERGIO!

Thanks that you pay attention to me and you find time to write me the letter.

Thanks, that you told me about your city, because it more bigger than Sanchursk, it was interesting to me to read about it.

In a lunch break I have told to the girlfriends that has got acquainted with you and have a little told about you, they were very glad for me because only I am single, all others have children, some of them are glad to husbands, and other are not. City is small and I have a lot of known, almost all people of our city I know well. By the way, it is a little about my city.

My city is called Sanchursk. This city is absolutely small, and it has received the status of city a little tens years ago. There is an administration in the center of it, however like in any other city. There are not enough lanterns on streets of city and when darkens it's immersed in a gloom. What I like in this city, is that here small movement of transport, not like in the big cities and that's why Sanchursk is so silent and quiet. There're a lot of woods around the city, and air is very pure. Like in other cities, we have cinemas, clubs. I like this city because it's small and people here "know each other", and "help", and " we live as one big family ". :)

My girlfriend Zoja is now preparing the tea, and now we'll drink tea with pies which today my mother have been cooked at this morning. She sends 'Hi!' to you!

I usually ask you questions, and today I have still couple for you : What do you appreciate in woman? And what should be the ideal woman in your understanding?

Now I need to go home, good night SERGIO

Letter 9

Hi, dear SERGIO!

I already so have got used to you. And it is good! You could light a sparkle in me. It seems to me that spiritually we become more close to each other. You understand me more and more SERGIO, I hope, that our relations will proceed. If you have frivolous intentions to me and if you want to have a good time only with me, we should not communicate more. If it so inform me about it I already spoke that I do not love lie.

Tell me what you want to achieve in a life? What do you want in the future? I want than I have met the person about which dreamed all life. I think that I can meet such the man in the near future, and it will be the happiest day in my life. We shall be the happiest pair on the world, we will have charming children and we'll like them. We shall bring up them worthy people. But whether to happen such, whether I shall be happy, I yet do not know. My heart prompts that my further destiny is connected to you! But all can be...

What your most treasured dream? I dream about ideal life without bad things on this Earth. I dream about peace in the world and I want than there were no wars, on war many people perish. At one of wars my father was lost, I didn't tell you about it. After that I'm afraid the war and I wish very much that there'll be no wars in the future. I think that sometime people can live together not clashing among themselves, and on the contrary in every possible way will help each other. If it will take place, will be much less useless death.

Now you know that I want in the future what I myself see, gradually I am opened to you, and it is pleasant to me, it is pleasant to me that you understand me...

I shall wait for your letter, Maria

Letter 10

Hi, my SERGIO. I am very glad that you continue to be interested in me!

I told you in the last letter about the father, that he was lost. Also I want to tell to you about it more. I think that it'll be interesting to you.

My father was the militarian. His rank was the Captain. When we lived in Stavropol he served in a military part. I very much was proud of the father. It is very a pity to me that here's no him near me. He would help me with a life.

I studied in 7 class when in 90-s' years war began, in the Chechen republic The most fierce city was Terrible (Groznyi). I think that you heard about this city!? This war began because local population have entered struggle for the independence. They wanted to be free from Russia. But our state did not want to give him independence and consequently they wanted to win liberty by force. Started to kill peace inhabitants and the state had to resist to them and because of it many people were lost.

When war began we're afraid very much, that my father too will take away there. And our fears were justified. The order has been given to him, and he has been sent there. We very strongly worried for him because knew, that there perished many soldier. His letters came each 2 weeks. Father wrote a little, but wrote that he is Ok, and that he loves us very strongly. After a while for a long time there were no letters from him. And through some weeks my mum was informed, that father was lost. I could not believe that. During that moment I could not live as a vein before, with me there was something, I for a long time could not believe that it is the truth, and waited the daddy long time, only then I have understood that such war and that it creates with people. Then I have understood that such to lose the favourite person. I understood that more when him I'll not see. And since then I hate war, therefore when in news speak about war, I empathize these people. It is very interesting to me to know, how you concern to war?

Good luck, SERGIO, I'll be wait for your letters.

Letter 11

Hi my dear SERGIO! After work I have run to the girlfriend thinking about that that SERGIO have written to me. My hope was justified. When I have read your letter, I have written the answer and have left on street and it's seemed to me that weather in the street sharply has changed in the best side. The sun shines, cool freshening breeze. Birdies sing, all weariness was gone at once.

Enough about bad. Let's change the subject. Today I reflect on you and about me. Every day I try to imagine that occurs in your heart, you worry whether or not, that think of me. I can ask some questions?! If you do not want, can not answer them, is simple to me very interestingly to know about you more. Do you love a life? Do you remember the first kiss? Tell to me about your first love, please!?

I remember the first guy. I was then 16 years and I still was in Stavropol. In the beginning all was simply wonderful, we together walked, he gave me flowers and paid compliments. But after a while his relation has sharply changed to me, he started to vanish somewhere. Later I have have found out that he has found other girl and I have understood that for him - I was the TOY, ENTERTAINMENT. It was my first unsuccessful experience in dialogue with an opposite floor. Another time I the same way was mistaken in the person several years ago. Our mutual dialogue was prolonged half-year. Then I have have found out that he cheated on, that girl have a child. I was simply in a shock when have have found out about it because we did not have children. After that I was disappointed in men. I very much hope that you in it dissuade me and further our dialogue will turn in something the greater!?

On it I finish the letter, I hope you will be frank and fair with me.

Letter 12

Hi SERGIO, I am very happy to see your letter in my mailbox. I want to tell you that I like your letters, I like to read them that's why I do not want than our correspondence has ended. We tell each other different things, we becoming to know each other better.

I do not have unfortunately phone number and on it I did not send it to you. I call from my girlfriend.

Today I had interesting situation on work. I know that I don't speak about the work a lot but it's really not so interesting. But sometimes buyers which want to talk with seller comes to me but through some time they're leaving me. There were almost 6 P.M. and I have seen that girls from neighbors departments have gathered in a corridor and discussed something. I have came to them and have asked what the reason they're discussing. And the reason is that on a ground floor was a theft. I have asked familiar to stand in a department and have gone to know it. When I have gone down that have seen two children 12-14 years wearing shabby and fragmentary clothes and security guard took them by the collar. They have stolen a few meal from shop. But they have been caught and the security guard has told that the cops already goes to take away these guys. At that time I was so pity, looking in them tearful eyes I have seen grief. But in fact the truth, these children aren't guilty in something, they're not guilty that parents have left them and now that children live in children's home. I have wanted to help them and have asked for what sum they have stolen the goods. They have named the sum of 200 roubles (about 7$). I have given money to the security guard and I've told I want than they were released. The security guard has told me that I should not do that because these children wont be changed, and they will be thieves like they're. But, SERGIO, I believe that they can change their life. Kids told to me thanks, and have runaway. I hope that they wont steal no more.

Children are ours future. All hopes are assigned to them. But it's necessary to have a strong character than don't start to steal like in this case. They're children but with adult problems. I always think, that when I will have children I'll try to give them everything than they have grown good people. Than I could be proud of them. Than they could differ from others only good acts. What do you think about homeless children SERGIO? There're many which children are thrown by parents in Russia and they're becoming not necessary for anybody and they are embittered for the whole world. Most of them then become criminals. Are there many homeless children in your country?

Today I've a sad letter but when I'll see your letter I'll be cheerful again. Kisses, bye, Maria..

Letter 13

Hi, SERGIO! Today I want to tell to you about my day. Morning was like usual. Mum has prepared breakfast and I eat that with the big appetite and went to the work.

And one surprise waited me on the work. There was appointed check for fire safety. This procedure is very often event in Russia. These checks are frequently unplanned. And usually such checks reveal gross blunders in fire system of safety. If the building doesn't pass this check it should remove these problems within a month, decide in their any way, if within this month mistakes are not liquidated the building admits emergency. For example, if our shop will not pass check we cannot work. But the owner of a building has convinced us, that we should not worry, everything is all right. Is it true or not , I'll find out only tomorrow.

Now I sit at girlfriend Zoya and today we are going to disco.I did not go on a disco for a long time because I did not have free time, but today I have time, and I am going to have fun.

I have gone to gather, soon I shall write to you as all has passed. By the way, SERGIO, I have some questions for you. Whether you go to have a rest with friends to clubs or discos? And how frequently you have a rest with friends? I shall wait yours for letters Maria

Letter 14


I'm pleased to see that you answer the questions I ask you, but if you wouldn't to answer them you can to not answer them. I'm interesting to know where you go with your friends and how often, because every people must to have a private life... And everybody must to rest and entertain.

I promised to tell to you as I had a rest with the girlfriend. We have gone to club at the evening. It called " the Night life ". We were there some times but it was so long ago and we're always remained pleased. Fashionable music and a cheerful atmosphere plays there. There're a lot of young guys that's why here is so difficult to find people for 40. We have sat down at the table, and began to wait Zoya's friends. Through 10 minutes they're come. I knew them and saw before but they for me simply familiar. And Zoya for me the best girlfriend!:-) I have ordered natural juice to myself and other girls have ordered wine. I don't like to drink alcoholic drinks, but sometimes I drink a little on the big holidays such as New Year or Birthdays of my close people. We chattered with girls then conversation has gone about men. One of girls, Nastya, was married, and is already divorsed, and she has a child. I have asked why you have left the child and have gone to have a rest, and she has answered, that she should have a private life. I have presented the child who sits at home with the grandmother or with the aunt to that moment, instead of be with mum. And I have thought, that it is not so good to act with the child. When I will have child, I shall give him the free time than he knew that mum always with him. One more girl only gathers in marriage and they are friends from her boy-friend about 3 months. I think, that it is too early lines for serious relations. Conversations have ended, and we have gone to dance. There there was too much person. And after several songs I have gone and have sat down. I had to sit in loneliness not for a long. The young man has approached to me and has suggested to dance. I have thought of you that you now are at yourself and at once have understood that I do not want to communicate with other person and I've refused. All the evening I thought about you. I would like than you were with me and than we danced with each other. I can be hasty in the decision, there can be you dom't want to dance with me or that I was close to you but anyway I wanted it. Somewhere deep in my heart I think about you. I hope, that you wont offend at me for that...

I didn't waited the end of a disco, we have remained pleased.

I should go home, I with impatience shall wait for your answer,

Letter 15

Hello my dear SERGIO!

I waited for your letter as a "nightingale of summer". It is pleasant to me that we're becoming more close to each other and we're opening more and more every day of our dialogue. Every day I wait for evening, I wait while my working day will finish. After work I hasten to Zoya to look is there has come the letter from you and when I see it it becomes very pleasant for me, that SERGIO has not overlooked about me, when I don't see letters in my mail-box, I'm becoming sad, and I begin to worry, maybe something happened with you...

I went for work today. Girls on the next departments informed me that check of fire safety has passed successfully so our shop works in a usual mode. You know, sometimes even it is a pity to me that there is no nothing usual on work. Every day one and too, every day faces of buyers. At us on TV is show " Around the World ". It is very interesting show, and I try to not miss series, I'm like to discover cultures of the different countries, and presenter very ridiculous person, he tries national dishes on taste, tries to make native stuff. Sometimes I too would like to all and to go somewhere to test something new, but I recollect about the family, and I reject all ideas connected to it.

By the way about you. I talked about you to the family yesterday. My mum is very kind person, and she has understood all, because she wishes only kind and happiness. And she has added that she knows for a long time that there's person in my life, because she observes of me and my mood has appeared. Nothing can be concealed from my mum. It became interesting to her that I communicate with the person from other country and she again was glad for me. Grandfather is the person of old years and he has not absolutely understood why I'm communicating with the foreigner, and I love him. In fact during his time there were no such things. Mum was entered and she has told, that Maria is adult person and I should solve such things itself. The grandfather still has slightly talked and has calmed down.

I want to ask you, did you tell somebody about us? And if you asked somebody, what they have answered? Please, answer this question, it's very important for me.

I'll be waiting for your answer with impatience. I send 100 kisses by high-speed mail I hope you'll receive all of that... Maria

Letter 16


You know that I thought of you and about my feelings much. I have understood that you are very dear to me and I have got used to you. I draws to you with each your new letter, we're becoming closer to each other. That time which we're communicating you became very dear to me! I want than you know it and didn't hide the feelings, and I want than you told to me about your feelings. I want than you understood that I need you and if you want to tell something to me you can trust in me completely.

I am very glad, that you have told about our dialogue, it means that you really appreciate me and our relations.

We communicate for a long time with you, we know well each other and I trust you! I think, that we need more serious relations which I hadn't for a long time. I look at the loving pairs and I envy them, they look happy. I too want to feel happy and to have the favourite person near myself. To give him love, caress, tenderness and care, to support him at a difficult minute and than we could rely each other. It will be very good for both of us if we can spend some days together. It will strengthen our relations and will help us to know better each other. I would want to stay with you alone very much, to see you in your eyes and to touch your body, to embrace you, to tell some kind words and to kiss. Do you want it? How do you concern to this, can you make same for me? Do you want our meeting? Do you ready to more serious relations with me than correspondence?

I with impatience shall wait for your letter, and each minute will seem infinity to me... Bye! Maria

Letter 17


I apologize that did not write you some these days. The matter is that native at Zoe have asked us to them to help in a garden. In fact now at us a summer season and all in target leave for city to potter with a kitchen garden. As I have arrived I at once have run to write to you the letter as there I could not make it because there was no Internet. But now I can write to you though every day. I hope you have not forgotten still me :-)

I waited for your letter, it seemed to me that I waited eternity, but you have written, and I'm happy! I spoke many times that your letters are not an empty place for me, probably you're tired to listen to it, but I can repeat it again and again...

I have read your letter and haven't believed the eyes, I have re-read it once again. You want to meet!:-) I am very glad to this! It means that I am necessary for you, that you feel affection to me! Probably I exaggerate but I feel it to you... I never was outside Russia. And consequently, SERGIO, I would like to arrange to myself small travel and itself to arrive to you. I could see as you live also what country at you. It so is romantic! Do you think so ? :-) Zoya has advised to address to me in travel agency. I'll soon go in this agency and I'll find out as we can meet you and how much it'll cost for me. I wasn't in holiday about 2 years and I think that it's good time to do the first travel and to meet my prince! SERGIO, I can't invite you to myself yet. I live with the family and for the present I know you not well enough. There were only our messages between us. I hope you'll understand! I'm very glad that we'll meet with you, and it's necessary me conversation with family about my future trip, I hope it'll pass smoothly and I'll tell to you about it.

Your letter has forced me to feel, that I have wings. Last time I felt like so when it was employed. I shall remember this day for ever, this hard conversation with my boss. But nevertheless she isn't such severe as it seems at first sight. That day I have been very much excited, my mum prayed for me, and I have justified her hopes, I was employed. For me the period after the device for work is represented with a new life: new city, work, I a little that knew in this city, the truth and now I know each corner or the house. Sometimes, when I receive the salary, it seems to me, that at me small wings, but now I feel the big wings, as at an angel...

How do you think, am I similar to an angel?:-)

Thanks for the letter, SERGIO, I shall wait for your letters!


Letter 18

Have good day! I'm glad that my messages are pleasant for you. How do you feel yourself dear? I'm ok. I'm a little excited and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was grasped with an idea on our meeting. This is joyful event for me and I have from it many emotions. Such as excitement both the big impatience and expectation of this day. You have brought during my life hugely it is a lot of emotions SERGIO, and it's difficult for me to struggle with it, but I can tell that it pleasantly and allowed to me a new push and the purpose for a life. Lovely SERGIO, I think that we need to arrange our meeting such way then there were no difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs. The faster pass days the faster we'll meet! Do you agree with me, my sweet!?

SERGIO I have some news concerning preparation of my travel to you. Yesterday we with Zoya went to travel agency. There works her familiar woman. Her name is Irina. Irina has told that it's necessary for me to receive the visa to arrive to your country. The embassy of your country very exactingly concerns to each client. It's hard to receive the visa. It will be necessary for me to pass the commission. It's a compulsory procedure and it's necessary that representative people from embassy of your country could be convinced that I really go to you as the tourist and as the immigrant. Many people leave to other countries and remain there for long time, and also forever. And these people should be convinced that I'm not one of such people. Irina has suggested to conclude to me the contract on reception of services. These services include the visa, the passport for travel abroad, the airplane tickets. I.e. this agency will deliver me to you, directly. I need only to pay them AND ALL!:-) I have paid some part - 350$. This sum goes on registration and the application of the visa. Irina has told that money from this part go to people from the commission, it will be as 'The BRIBE'!:-) It's necessary that consideration of my visa has passed successfully! I'll hope that all will be good and we can meet together! I need your data: 1- Full Name 2- Country 2- State 3- City 4- Street And on these data to me will develop a route.

SERGIO, I have talked to family about my future trip. I guessed their answers. Mum and grandfather talked about my intentions for a long time and why I have decided so. I was frank and have explained all to them but grandfather was against my idea but it's good that mum always wishs me happiness but also she hasn't given me full freedom. Mum has told that I can't go for a long time because it'll be hard for her to look after the grandfather of one. I was very happy even with such restriction, but it means I can go to you! It means for me much!

What ideas do you have and imaginations about that day when you'll meet me? Inform me please on it!

My kisses and embraces. Yours Maria.

P.S. Don't forget to write me your data. It's necessary!!!!!

Letter 19

Hello dear SERGIO!

Recently I have a very good mood. The future trip considerably cheers me up, and uncertainty forthcoming excites me very much. Therefore I feel strange myself sometimes I very cheerful and sometimes I very excited. And these feelings alternate each other. I wasn't outside Russia, you certainly already know it. I think that the first days will be very hard for me in your country. But I know that you are the most remarkable person on the ground :-) and you can help me and manage with forthcoming difficulties. By the way, about your help...

I am very grateful to you for the given information. You help me, and it means this meeting is important to you too!

When I'll see you, I'll embrace you and then I'll tell " Hi, SERGIO, we have met! ". All what I passed will disappear in moment because he - one of which I have made all of it. I can imagine for a long time different versions of a meeting, but the most important among it all will be only you.

By the way, I have news about trip. In agency to me have told that the commission will be within a week. I'll go to commition. I'll worry. Now I'm still collecting documents, and it's necessary for me to take the information at boss. Tamara didn't want to release me in holiday. She has told that there's no worker who will work instead of me in my absence. But I have very much asked her and have told that I wont be some weeks so, SERGIO, I can remain with you not so for a long time. And she should work itself, but it's for a short time and not so difficult. Bosses too should perform simple work!:-)

I'm so waiting for our meeting with you! I'm dreaming of our meeting!
I'm waiting for our meeting with you! I want our meeting with you!
I'll go to prepare to tomorrow and I'm finishing the letter with thoughts of you!!!