Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Vereschagina to Donald (USA)

Letter 1
My dear, I have received your letter I I could not write to you to be ill, and I do not know that you excitement about me
My dear, I am very much concerned, how your son? I worry as about it.
Yes really I have received money in Kazan, that in that such, I spoke you that we with mine the friend have visited her mother. I do not understand yours anxiety in it?
You can explain to me that such Tartan? I do not understand value of it word Tartan.
For what you wants to know mine ring size?
My dear I still all has not received my cellular telephone as I to think that I should send you yours of money back to you. I would not want that you counted me as if I want to deceive you, it is very offensive for me.
I cannot deceive the man of whom I I love also whom would want that as my husband. Svetlana
Letter 2
Hello my dear Donnie,Many thanks and your letter.
How you my dear? I am very happy to receive your remarkable letter.
I hope, that in you all is perfect, about me always ask you, and your family.
I'm fine, mood my not so good.
Your inspiring and loving words assure me constantly, that I have no anything to be afraid and that you will never leave me!!
You as should trust to my words, trust to me, I definitely to know, the fact, that I am true, that I love you.
How is the weather in your city?
In the days off, we plan to move to the grandmother in village. As there are some works in the house, it is necessary to wash the help windows, and the help to do cleaning at the grandmother and after that, we shall flood Russian Bath, it as is very useful.
You like a hot Bath? I want to tell to you that Russian bath it very well for Health.
I think you would like to try it.
Today I have prepared for very tasty soup .Ou know that such soup? Most of all you prefer to eat what foodstuffs?
I had such dreams, that we would be together and had a good dinner with mine mum and with my native, it was very interesting
You have what plans for the days off?
How your affairs on work? I hope that at you all very well.
You really have pure and kind heart, you have made me the happiest individual in the world today!
The love which we have developed for each other, will never stop
I really admire and I respect you because you will make everything, that speaks, you will be do me the happiest, and
I believe in you, and very much I love you.
What do you think of sports? There are some kinds of sports which I like, for example it is volleyball, tennis, I as love water navigation in an aquapark. And as I have dream to have an entertainment together with you in the big good aquapark, I saw such aquaparks only on the TV, and in Russia does not exist such smart and remarkable an aquapark, it is one of my desires.
Dear mine Donnie, inform me your full data as I can send you back yours 500 dollars the western union as I can send you of money back . Dear I already to become late, and it is necessary for me to go to bed earlier, I want to tell to you that I always with impatience wait your letters,
I allow to you a kiss and the best regards.
Yours Svetlana
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Letter 3
Hello my love Donnie,I am very glad to receive all your letters today.
All this time I was engaged work as the chief to leave in business trip and I to remain in the company as main and for me have been appointed many work.
How you, how do you feel? I hope that at you all well.
Today in my city it is raining, also it is very cloudy weather, at you good weather?
I think of you always much and I very much want to see more likely you, I want to see your smile, I want to see you happy, to look in your eyes. Both to speak you and to tell the dreams, and now at me only one dream to meet you as soon as possible.
I would like to know that most of all does you happy?
I very much want to please you and do you happy, and I as wait from you for reciprocity, understanding, love, Caress, tenderness, respect.
I very much would want to meet once you, to have walk in the big beautiful city.
I want to find out at you, your city very big? Beautiful city?
I would like to receive some photos of your city, for me there would be this great pleasure,
If you have an opportunity, please sent me photos of your city. And others, I shall be very glad to receive them.
Dear mine I long time think of our meeting and I very much want to meet you as soon as possible as there is a chance, and I very much want.
My Dear, I would receive the information on cost what to arrive to you.Cost of the passport is 70 Dollars.Cost a package of Documents is 190 dollars.For that what to receive the visa still it would be necessary make medical examination cost of 87 dollars.
Cost the visa of 340 dollars.Cost of the ticket aboard the plane 920 dollars.
My darling now you see as it very much expensive cost for me, I very much wish to meet you.
Dear mine and if we can pay money soon then I can reserve the ticket
aboard the plane for June, 19 th .
I have the big dreams, and I very romantic girl.
Dear mine I shall stop the letter, and with impatience to wait for your answer.
With love only yours Svetlana
Letter 4

Hello my Dear Donnie,Thanks, I have received your remarkable letter, I am very glad.
How are you doing? I hope that at you all well.
I with impatience waited when I shall receive your letter.
Weather in my city improves, and I am very glad, as when I see the sun, in my soul to become warmly, I am very glad when much the sun, and good weather.
Yesterday I went to shop and the familiar girl from whom I went to school has casually met.
We spoke with her much and it has very much brought to me good mood.
Dear mine, how your affairs? How your mood?
I would like find out as you spent the days off? You had much an entertainment?
I hope that weather in your city good?
Lovely mine I very much love you and I miss.
As at me really heavy day today was.
Dear mine I want to tell that very much I worry about you, how your health?
I think of it and I would ask you that you protected the health.
Today I was at home, and I thought of you much.
I very much wait our meeting with you, I want to see you,
I want to see yours pleasure and divide her with you.
My dear tell to me yours ideas about ours a meeting. My love let's meet as soon as possible ?!
Remember that there is a person which loves you.
My dear, the size of mine of rings 17.My dear, the size of mine of rings 17.
My dear, I shall soon go to Moscow as I in Moscow shall prepare my travel. Also I shall write to you the letter from Moscow.
Dear, I shall stop and with impatience to wait for your answer.
Lovely mine write to me I with impatience I wait for your letter.
Yuor Svetlana
Letter 5
Hello My dear Donnie,I was very happy to receive your letter.
When I check a mail and I see your letter in my soul to become very joyfully, I am really happy when I see your letter. How are you doing? I'm fine. I would want that at you all was very good. Thanks you for to give me it is so much happiness. At thinking all the mood my very good because when I receive your letters is good, I am very glad.
My dear I as want to tell to you that yesterday I spoke with mum, and she have told to you greetings and the best regards.
How are you doing? I shall hope for that that at you all well.
Dear mine I for a long time think of you when I lie down to sleep, I present as we with you together we spend time, as we together to go to bed and together we wake up.
Yes I admit to me very pleasantly that you are the sincere and open person.
I am very happy that we have got acquainted at that time. And I think that the happiness can be, when people loving each other together, and I want to tell to you that I am very happy that we with you like each other.
I as love a life, I have dreams and I would shall try that they have turned to the validity.
I think, that the person should have a life, which he itself in the right to build and plan.
But I think that to one person it to make more difficultly.
When the person not one also is beside the person loving and trusting, to go contain much more easy.
My dear if you only knew as I strongly I want all that each woman wants.
I have hopes, actually it is pleasant for me to divide with you the ideas.
I you very much ask to protect please the health, lovely mine I ask you be not tired on work.
I very strongly suffer for your health. How your mood? I hope that you feel well.
I very much miss on you, to me from that that I cannot sadly see you now.
I would would like that you to write to me more about the interests, and the work.
Today in my city very good weather in the street the strong sun and it lifts good mood.
How is the weather in your city???
And I as live in hope, that our meeting will be fast, and I very strongly want it.
Now in my life there is I the most favourite, dear people are my mum,
It - you, it is my grandmother.
And I very much love you. You frequently dream of us??? I want to know all your ideas. My dear and I would like to speak more about our meeting, what you think of it?
I very much frequently present that time when we with you shall live together.
I shall make all that I can for that what make that happy the man on light.
My dear, I do not understand that occurs, I tried to receive money but me have told that it is blocked you a joke for me??? Well, I shall finish this now and I shall look forward to hearing from you impatiently,
The hope to receive it is fast... Only a wish to you the big day...
The big Kisses. With sincere respect yours Svetlana
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