Scam letter(s) from Valentina to Gianluca (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello Sweet! How are you?
I want to tell you more about my inside world.. I do not like people with big mouths that love themselves to talk a lot but not saying actually something or keep on talking without taking any actual action
- I do not like people that drink too much and become very irritating to others
- I do not like people that smoke a lot, especially in small surroundings for example in a car!!!
- I do not like people that are jealous on somebody else for example in a relationship. I think a little bit of jealously is okay in a relationship as
that shows that you really love each other, but you must trust each other totally.
- I do not like people that think that they are more important than other persons
- I like to have dinner in a fine restaurant and drink something afterwards in a caffe with my love
- I like sitting on the coach with my love and watch TV
- I like going to the cinema’s and theatre to watch (romantic) comedies
- I like traveling and see a lot of the world
- I like walking / cycling in the nature and smell it
- I like being romantic and share our feelings and emotions
- I like visiting my friends
- I like doing sport, especially cycling, spinning and fitness
- I like going to me bed on a rainy Sunday afternoon
- I like going to the beach for a long walk
- I like going to the forest for a long walk
- There are many other things I like to share and do with you. I think I told you know really a lot about me, I hope you will do the same.
I really want this relationship via e-mail turn into an actual relationship and we can meet each other in real life very soon. What is your opinion, your idea? How do you see our future? Awaiting for your sweetest reply and I hope to receive another letter from you very soon. Valya.
Letter 2
My darling !

I wrote you a poem, I hope you like it.

There's a sea between us, love, and I wish that it weren't true,
for every day when I awake, I yearn to be with you.
There are many miles between us, love, though you're always here in my heart,
and every night, beneath the silver starlight, I pray for the day we'll never part.
Only two hearts can sing with all the joy life brings,
inspiring hope in the soul's depths,
scaling mountains never climbed yet,
flying beyond the star's reach
and discovering beauty in the light of each,
seeking rainbows beyond the clouds.
Only two hearts in love, have it all--two hearts like ours.
I'm waiting for you in a dreamy little paradise just for two.
I want to kiss you and hold you and make you mine,
wrap you up in a warmth that's divine.
I promise that you'll savor the bliss
you find in every well-placed kiss.
Please reply and let me know if you
would like to catch the sun in a paradise for two.

I miss you so much and I am falling in love with you
I want you now and forever

Love always your Valya
Letter 3
Hello! I hope you miss me, cause I am miss your letters and photos too. You can not believe ? Yes. It is true. I even can`t believe myself in this. I have never thought that I can do this, to decide to find my second half by Internet and then I find you and we start our correspondence, my friends said me that I am crazy, for some moment I thought that it is really true, but now I ask myself if I am really serious in my decision and I believe me and I try to believe you cause it is important for our communication maybe in future we will really understand what we need and what about our plans for the future. I had serious talk with my mum as to my plans to married with foreign man. She asked me if I am ready for my own family. If I have strong to leave her and father my friends , my work..I told that I am really ready and I would like to leave my native country and my town for my love and I want to present my heart and myself to my future husband. I want you know it. And I want to ask some questions to you, dear if you decided do not answer I will understand but it will be well if you will answer me . It helps me understand you more than now. What are you looking for in Internet? Are you really serious in your desires? Do you keep your word? Talking of that I keep my word. Do you want have family and kids? Are you ready for these? I asked myself about this and I decided to ask you too these questions cause to my mind it is very important questions and if we ready to answer on them yes, I am ready and be honest with myself in first point and will be honest with each others I think we can try to build serious relations and then family.
It it my point. I wait for yours. Valentina.
Letter 4

Hi my dear friend! Thank you for your attention and thank you for your wonderful letter!
There is the weather is good, very hot but sometimes it is ruining! I like summer weather but I think every season has it is own pleasure moments! In summer I like the sunshine and I like to lay under sun and become sunburn! It is nice, do you think so? I like the health resorts city, special Odessa. There are many historical places and that is way there are spatial atmosphere! Many foreign people visit Odessa. Unfortunately I have no any photos from Odessa i was there one time with my parents when I study at school. I want to come there again and make many photos near historical monuments. It is one of the Europeans cities, many people like this city.
I like Yalta. It is not big city but very nice! The beaches in Yalta not so clear but there are many interesting places in Yalta, different cafes and restaurants where we can spend very nice our free time! I was in Yalta three years ago, we went with my cousin there , our parents bought travel pass for us, it were very spatial presents cause we had good time there! We went to the disco it called Matrix. Very cool disco but extremely expansive, the enter to disco coasted about 20 dollars, the table without any drinks and eat only for stay at the table coasted about 40 dollars. For our country it is rather expansive. My dream to go to this disco again! With you if you want! In my country many tourists towns where we can have good time and wonderful rest! The nature is very beautiful and even you want anything only to look at the nature and to go to excursions around historical places! The Black Sea is very clear and water is warm ins summer as usual about 23-24 degrees. In Crimea grows different delicious fruits and they does not very expansive.
Yes, the summer is very spatial time, romantic and healthful!
I wait for your answer my dear! Valya.
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