Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Krasnova to Forrest (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Michael :)!!!
I have passed, did not sleep well as I thought of you at night and About me very much. As I very much worried what to study your answer Concerning my arrival in you. I very much the announcement of a glossary which you would like That I to you have arrived. In the future all of us shall discuss still the some people Details concerning my arrival in you. As our firm for the first time It's busy than is similar. And therefore all questions with Documents should be most probably solved to me, or I shall address in Travel agency. As I should tell, that I to have the big feeling to you It there - love. I very much to put on it you to have to me The same big feelings, whether it - is valid Michael? I so am happy, that I have Found by you in this huge world. You the unique person to whom I can tell All ideas and dreams. When I write to you the letter, I in soul have Such, that it is impossible to explain something, it is necessary for Feeling. In some days I simply sit a computer, and on several times I re-read your letters as it brings to me great pleasure. I never Knew such beautiful soul as yours. You have opened it once for me and Were never closed. Now I open my soul for you. I allow you my heart And my offer. Now I completely to trust you, and you of the beginnings for Me to relatives and the native person to which I can open heart. I Speak you all this sincerely, I am not going to deceive you and to Game with your feelings, and I hope, that you also will be fair on The attitude to me. I like to read letters from you. My heart always Passage when I see when I see the message from you in my box The letter. I as am very happy, that I can to see you in real a life!!! It Is it is very healthy. I worry now a little as I am afraid it probably You to consider me for the silly woman the girl. But I think it Feelings it not nonsense. I to wait your answer, please tell to me What you think now of us with you and about our future relations?

P.S. Today in me very intensive day will be dear. Dear I want to be with You hardly earlier than July, 5. Today I shall enter road travel agency what to study the information. That I should have it, I could to arrive to you. Dear as in The letter please don't miss to write as on during long time of you you Would like it, I to you have arrived? I should define it in Creation of my documents. The justification to me it has come time to go for work and As I today should enter travel agency. I wait with impatience yours The answer.
Your Svetlana and kisses!!! :)

Letter 2

Hello my dear Michael!
Fine day today at us in Russia, the cool wind, goes a fine rain. I like such weather not so coldly and not hot, only I do not like dampness and pools. My dear, I want to tell to you that I went to agency, And all has learned, it is necessary to make many documents, The passport for travel abroad, the visa, medical documents, Still many different documents, the characteristic. Well in general it is a lot of everything, to me have told that on all documents It is necessary 350 $ usd. Therefore my loved, I have drawn such conclusions, Time this our common cause, both of us want to meet with each other. Though so it is accepted, that the man pays for lady, But this our common cause I have decided that half of money I and pay half you. I think it will be on fair. I want to start to do documents, since tomorrow's day. Means, you know the western union? It is very simple and convenient, I think, you know about it better me. So I shall wait half of sum from you. My love if you tomorrow will be free and at you will be time to go in bank, send me of money on western union on my data.
My full name - Svetlana Krasnova
country - Russia
city - Cheboksary
street - Komsomolskaya
H. - 12 App. - 25
index - 428003.
My dear, all it will be necessary to try and wait for the little, And documents will be ready. And we can be a line with each other, and learn each other much better. Also mine Michael I want to ask you to write to me the full data, The address and full name. It too to be necessary at registration of the visa, And still phone probably, agency if will consider necessary that they will call to you, and whether I shall ask to you to arrive, well it with a view of safety, Actually simply formality. Well, my dear Michael, I shall look forward to hearing. Svetlana.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Michael!
Today fine weather, shines the sun and there is no hint on a rain, It does my mood good. In so much fine day, I am glad to receive from you the letter. My dear, I want to tell to you that I dream of our meeting, I and you, we should understand and find out, that waits for us in the future. We can find out it only at a meeting, and I with impatience wait our first meeting. When I can hear your voice looking you in the face, To feel your smell, and to feel your breath, touches, to hold you for a hand when we walk, together to be pleased and do that - or together, Even without a difference that, the main thing together. While it is my dreams, but they soon will real. Today, with girlfriends, we are going to go at cinema or we shall sit at home and to look DVD. then everyone will go on houses, and I shall take a shower, Also I shall try to fall asleep, representing us with you together. I shall wait for your letters. Svetlana

Letter 4

Hello my love Michael!
I am glad to receive from you the letter, Today to me already it is much better. I accepted a medicine and it has helped me to become healthy so quickly, When I laid in a bed yesterday, to me there has come the girlfriend to care of me, I very much am grateful to her, she looked after me, in fact there can be everyone. But when I laid, I imagined not the girlfriend and you, I would like that you looked after me, brought hot tea with honey to me in a bed. It would be so is healthy. When I simply dreamed, only from it it was very pleasant for me. It is a pity to me that at present we not beside, and still on distance. What do you think in this occasion, as though you looked after me if to me it is bad? By the way, today fine day, also shines the sun, Weather here at us so quickly varies. And how there at you? Now I shall go to dental, it hurt in me "groans" a tooth, On a kind it healthy, the stomatologist speaks, that it can be just connected to weather changing, such it happens sometimes, anyhow it is better to be checked up, Than then torture with a toothache, my loved tell to me please at you sometime a bit too teeth very strongly, and whether you are afraid of dentists? I shall wait for your letter. Svetlana

Letter 5

Hello my love Michael!
All is simple super, I wonderfully feel myself. I for one year became more senior, I am very healthy have lead the birthday. I regret, that I have left you for such long term without my letters. But now I have again returned to you. It was very a pity that you not near to me. I very much want to sleep, I need to sleep, Then I shall be in a tone, and I can answer your letter. Now at me very positive mood. Please, wait my answer. Svetlana

Letter 6

hello my love Michael!
Fine weather, at us here. At last it is felt, that there comes summer, Summer this fine season when it would be desirable something new, It would be desirable to do something and to sit on a place. Because weather has, you do not have such feeling. I want to tell that I love you, that you my beam of the sun, And when the beam of the sun gets to me in eyes, I close eyes, but thus I smile, and at once I recollect you, and I start to represent us together, At me such sensation that you go somewhere near to me, We talk and we are dared, but when I leave from this condition, I understand, that you are not present near to me, and I hardly sigh, But I am not upset because I know, that soon we shall together. I do not know, whether you test such feelings? Tell to me. My loved I want to tell to you, we are going to meet you? If yes, it is necessary to start to do documents. You know that I need in your help. Please answer me this question. Have gone to me of money through Money Gramm, and I shall start to do the visa the passport, medical documents, and all that is necessary. By the way, at us on the TV show advertising of films, at us since May, 3 show " Spiderman 3 ", third, And since May, 24 " pirates of Caribbean 3 " I not so like spiderman, It is children's film, but to look it is possible because it is very beautifully film, But " pirates of Caribbean 3 ", I simply adore this film, There such interesting history, I looked 2 parts, it is interesting, that will be in the third part, certainly besides as they will rescue Jack because it is clear. Tell you you love such films? I shall wait from you the answer. I love you. Svetlana.

Letter 7

Hello my love Michael!
Today fine day, shines the sun and a wind inflates hair. At me fine mood, above all, I would like that now you were a line. That we now went together at cinema, then in park of attractions, I very much would want to go with you in an aquapark, it so is cheerful, You sometime were in an aquapark? I cannot restrain any more, I dream to touch your lips, I love you! My loved, I for a long time think of us with you, and I reflect, what at us will be family as we shall concern to each other in 2 years, Probably the passion will leave, as it happens with everything, but the love should remain. But I understand, that we still have never met, and to think of joint family early. I sometimes in impasse, I do not know as to think. I know precisely that to us is necessary to meet, because if we shall continue also our correspondence, it eventually will ruin our relations, Because it would be desirable real feelings, to feel a smell, taste, to hear, and to touch to each other. I think, that we already for a long time went on this level, But to make all this to us the distance prevents. Therefore as soon as possible it is necessary to meet. This my opinion as I feel. My loved, there was to me 175$usd on the visa a passport and medical documents. I shall do the tourist visa, it will not busy a lot of time, from 10 till 14 days. Have gone to me of money through Moneygramm, you know such system? My data, I shall write to you once again.
First name - Svetlana,
Last name - Krasnova,
country - Russia
City - Cheboksary
street - Komsomolskaya
H. - 12, Apt. - 25
index - 428003
Have gone to me of money today or tomorrow.
Well, my loved, I shall wait from you the answer. Svetlana



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