Scam Letter(s) from Victoria Sandwell to Thomas (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Angel,

I really appreciate your time and concern, my name is Victoria from Platter,OK and i am 32 year old, below is my picture.I am really sorry to have bordered you about my self but have made a promise to my self to die here and not tellanyone about it anymore since they all turn arround and insult me for on reason or the other,if i did have a family to run to i whould i have done but i am a very simpley orphane that beleave in the name of love nd is this love that got my into the present mess which i am in now,here is my story.
I met a very nice looking man online and he did invite to to somewhere in Africa,called Lagos, Nigeria, i have been here for 2 weeks before the urgly morning when i ws called in the hotel which we lodged that the boyfrind which i came visiting was involved in a very gassly accident and i was called to identify him, i got there and it ws him,then the whole issue started, i was called the following morning by the hotel manager where we lodged that the man i was with had an outstanding payment of about #845,657 in there currency here amouthing to about $5,900 how currency and i presently have with me $3,500 and the manager his insisting if i dont pay the remaining $2,900 i whould not leave the hotel,i m not asking for for all this money if you cant provide it all but a little contribution and communication with the manager migth get me out of here, my travelling document have been coolected by the manager and now i have no were to go, i am stranded in the hotel expecting a miracle to lift me up and leave,
Please i dont want this to be a bording unto you but if i can get the help from you i will be glad and i will show you great appreciation by coming directly to your house on my way back, you migth want to talk to the manager your self i will get you his cell number if you wish to, please hear me out as i am fed up of saying this to anyone, if it turns arround to be the same with you i guess i have to kis my self.




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