Scam letter(s) from Linda Wales to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Body: Hello sweetie, its pleasure to read Your profile and I found that Interesting and lovely, I would Like to get to know You more better cos i know our heart has a million stories and i would be much more than happy if you can be my last and final story let me start by saying am Cinthia Duane by name ,Im single and looking,,well I'm openminded,decent,so caring,humble and beleieve in Lord Jesus christ as the only personal saviour and i am hoping to find a best friend and may b more,i came across your profile and i would like to get to know u more better and see where this lead us too,i know you will be curious cos of our age difference but i want you to know that when love exist age doesnt count,You can email me on I can email You my pics and get to know each other more better.take good care of urself till i read from you again and stay blessed
i will be looking forward to read from you soon
Letter 2
Hey Steve
Hmm See I think you seem to be some one I will like to be with you but only time will tells thats what i can say for now you know this life is all about getting to know eachother more better,well i believe that is one of those things in life cos life is all about up and down.
my past i meant was mainly my past and last relationship which was nothing to write home about, it all happened that i and my ex boyfriend were both in love for years We met shorthly i got admission to the university
It was during our relationship my parent died in an auto accident which our uncle took over and start taking good care of us I and my sister.
During our courthship i never had any negative things in mind towards our relationship cos am a kind of person that do things openminded with whoever am dealing with to the extent that i had turned down many men's offer who wanted my hand in marriage cos of my so called boyfriend. There was a day i went to his house without informing him and i did so cos of the negative attitude had been noticing in him, getting to his house, his door was locked, i entered with a spare key of his which is always with me,getting to his room i met him on bed with another girl.After all that, i forgave him when he came to apologies cos am kind of person that easily forgive and forget things cos i believe relationship is all about for better and for worse,later after some months he did some thing which brooke the back of our relationship.
He travelled to germany with all the money in our joint account which i had the largest contribution , and you would'nt believe it was all the allowances my brother did remitte to my account monthly I transfered everything to our joint accound which my ex b f travelled with all my share money in the joint account, not that the money was painful to me but the must painful thing was that i so much trusted and loved him that i never believe he could do such a thing cos of money and how i wish he knew how much i loved him but he took all he did to me to be the priority.
Shorthly after he did that i was in need of some money for my final project in school which my Uncle had already paid all the money i would be needing for my project into my account in advance which i later transfered them all to the joint account b4 my ex travelled to germany,so i could'nt go back to him cos he would be wondering what happened to all the money in my account,later he got to know all that was hiding to him how my ex b f betrayed and duped me.He felt embittered and said all sort of words to me that I spend money lavishly cos up till now he never believe my ex b f duped me cos he knew i could never decensed so low to that extent of putting all money in a joint account with my ex,but then i was badly in love that i did everything to make i and my ex b f became one but to no avail i was paid with eveil.
Furthermore you would'nt believe that after all that my ex boyfriend did to me, i never gave chance to be loved and love for good 8 months cos my heart was badly wounded Now I am little shy because I dont want to get hurt again I think Once beaten twice shy alot ..Now Where do we go from where ?????
Until I read from you again
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