Scam letter(s) from Linda Wales to Barry (UK)

Letter 1
thanks for the mail and i would not mind coming over to you in the Uk ,i will let you know about this trip wehn i have my vacation.
hope to hear from you,i really hope i got the right email addy.
have a nice day
kisses and hugs
Letter 2
hi ,
thanks for the early reply dear,i hope you are doing great and fine ,i just came back from work,you said my email addy is not like my name and i want to prove to you.
my name is Damiete jacks.
and my email addy is jax.dammy
so people i work with here call me dammy, i hope you understand this.
looking forward to hearing from you soonest.
have a lovely day
kisses and hugs
Letter 3
hello love,
how are you doing today?i am so sorry i did not attach my pics it has been dificult to do this,i hope this time it attaches, anyway how are you today dearie/i have asked again because your health matters so much to me right now,i feel i have to take good care of you since i am the younger one.
hope to hear from you soon.
have a nice day
kisses and hugs
Letter 4

hello ,
thansk for the mail ,i have seen that we can meet by the way you sound but i have not heard from my boss about my vacation so i think that we have to wait a little.
anyway so glad i had one pic attached and you love it.
my day is moving slowly and it rained heavily this morning dearie.
i will wait for your next mail.
thinking of you daily.
have a nice day
kissses and hugs
Letter 5
hi ,
sorry about that you had to run you make me laugh can you runanyway just kidding i grab,
so hope nothing went wrong,i just returned from and saw your mail so i decided to write you this mail ,quite boring i guess, i will send you the pic here cos i actually came to the cafe to do the scanning again.
looking forward to hearing from you soonest.
have a nice day
kisses and hugs
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