Scam letter(s) from Marina Denisova to Jeroen (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely Jeroen!!!
I so am glad to receive from you the letter. I am simply happy...
My dear, I waited for your letter... And when I have received and have read.... I was so is strongly glad!!!!!
Today I have arrived from the grandmother.... She began to feel itself better.... The grandmother was very glad me to see....
I love the grandmother...
I really understand, that it is our parents and necessary to them to help and respect them!!
You know, I really dream of the children... You would be left by good father... But I am not going to hurry event..
I have really found outoaay was better... And now I only present our meeting with you!
I would be simply happy to see you!
You know, much I heard, that girls deceive men, ask that have sent money....
I think, that it is simply awful!!!
I really want, that you have believed me, that I not such girl... And your money are not necessary for me!!!
I never in the life of whom did not deceive!! I really think, that the deceit and lie is a sin!!!
Really who deceives, that will be punished by the God!!!
If you really want me to meet, I am ready.... I think, that when we shall see each other, you it will be simply wonderful!!! I want really that our first meeting was romantic because I very romantic and sensitive girl..!
When we shall trust on 100 each other, it will be good for us!!
I really trust you completely.... I want to ask, and whether you trust me???
Because I do not want to be deceived.....
You know, I began to think of you frequently... Many my girlfriends on work speak me, that is in love!!! I have understood, that it is valid so! And what you feel?
Present our first appointment!!! Evening, you meet me from the airport, I simply gently Padua to you in hands and strong start to kiss you!!!!
Then we go to have supper at home or at restaurant at candles... In the sky it is a lot of stars..... And the moon simply creates to us the most romantic conditions! We are happy, because we together and we like each other!! Then you have presented me beautiful red roses!!! I have kissed and have admitted to you the true love...
It is my dream!
I think, that if to aspire to the dream you will always receive that you want! I want the favourite husband and children... Creation of happy family!
I really understand, why the God has created such feelings of love..... It piously to like and be loved!
I think, when love the person, you test such feeling that is impossible to tell in words!
If it is valid our destiny we should be together and like each other!!!!
I understand, that for my travel to you many means are necessary.... We shall solve this a problem.... How you think?
The most important for us this trust and sincerity....
I want our meeting...
Today I have arrived from village.... Also it is very tired... I need time to have a rest and gain strength on for tomorrow's day!
Please, write to me at once when you can.. Well??
I shall wait for your letter with the big impatience soon...
On this offer I tell simply.. My lovely, I kiss you!!!
With the best regards, yours Marina.
P.S. My lovely Jeroen, I have sent you copies of the letters because thought, that my mail has not reached you.
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