Name: Merry Joy Lacazza
Age: 25
Name: Jane Brook
Age: 40
Name: Natalia Lishchenko
Age: 33
Name: Zhanna Timofeeva
Age: 29
Name: Christine Craig
Age: 41
Name: Irina
Age: 27
Name: Ludmila Angelic
Age: 26
Name: Mary Williams
Age: 30
Name: Jane Williams
Age: 27
Name: Fatma Ahmad
Age: 32
Name: Emeralda
Age: 33
Name: Nancy Ofori
Age: 35
Name: Jennifer Borgan
Age: 31
Name: Lilia
Age: 28
Name: Mercy Richard
Age: 29

Scam letter(s) from Lilia to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Ken!!! I so am glad to read your letter. To me was so boringly without you. I all time thought of you. And all time I dream of that that soon I shall with you beside, I very strongly did not have you. And I have received from you the letter. It very strongly pleases me. I am happy. How your affairs? At you all is good? Inform me about everything, that to you occured. It seems to me that the whole eternity did not see your letters. Write to me about all. I so am glad about that that we begin to plan an our meeting. I as soon as possible want to be with you beside. I hope that you now will write to me as soon as possible. Because I do not have not enough your attention. My dear Ken!!! I have learned that to arrive to you to me many documents are necessary. And still all these documents can be made for 2 weeks. It means, that in two weeks we already may be together!!! But still it will cost 1300 dollars. It enters the ticket aboard the plane, the visa and the passport for travel abroad. These are very big money. But I think, that it is not important for our happiness. But all the same it is a problem for us. Because I have a maximum of 300-400 dollars. And I any more do not know where to me to take money. I might ask the friends, but they as are not rich. And on this only you my hope for it. You are capable to give me 1000 more dollars that I might do documents? More I do not see what other ways to make an our meeting real. So I hope, on what you are capable to give me such money and then at us with you all will be good. We with you shall be together. I shall wait from you for your letter. Write to me as soon as possible. I miss on you. I very strongly want to be with you. All my embraces and to a kiss for you Ken!!! Kiss you!!! Yours Liliya!!!
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