Scam letter(s) from Ajibo Ejima to Russell (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Sweet Heart , Am Ajibo Blessing ,30 years , am single never married ,i have no kid ,i hail from the eastern part of Nigeria ,i work and school as well ,i work as a sales representative in a local company here ,am in my final year ,am studing mass cominication in the university .
I have a single perent and younger brother ,ageing father , i lost my mother in a fire accident when i was young . Life has not being easy for me and my brother becuase we miss motherly care ,my father only do his best as a father but not as much my mother care for us when she was alive ,but with the help of our granny who is more like a mother to us we are able to move on with the up's and down's of life ,i use my little income to train my self and care for my family too because my ageing father is not active any more .
I have been disappionted and hurt before by a man who i so much love and trust ,he is the first and only man i have in my life ,he cheated on me and tell me lies ,i never knew he was not for real ,i gave him my love ,my heart ,body and soul and he broke my heart ,it took so much time for me to get it over me with the help of my granny who advice me to let by gone be and look ahead of greater things in future ,i swear never to have any thing to do with any man again since they are heart breakers and disappiontment but my granny said i was wrong to conclude and judge all men like that ,she was able to convince me that he his not my soul mate and when i find my soul mate i will be happy as if am in heaven .hope u are for real and not for game and empty promises. I like going out ,out doors activities ,gardening ,swimming ,listening to good music , dancing ,watching tv ,cenimals ,thearter and more.......
I want total love and care ,am ready for pure and true love ,i want to start new life with u if u are my soul mate ,i will try new things with u ,some thing sexualy ,romanticaly ,erocticaly and more ,i will offer u my heart ,body and soul ,u will be the first and only man to lick and eat me some thing no body has done to me before only if u are man enough to be the there for me ,if u are the man my heart echos for come take ur place and cement it in my heart .
Tell me more about ur self ,what u do for living ,what u want from a woman and in this relationship ,if u are ready and serious ,married or not ,have any kid or not ,some of ur pic too .
Looking forward to hear from u soon
Letter 2

Hello Sweet Heart , Thanks for your great and amazing mail , am happy to hear from you thou it has a touching part that touched my soul . oh what a pity ,i feel your heart in i understand the pains when you lost your soul mate ,one you love and share all together with mostly when both of your hearts are melted and become one .am here for you now . Sweetie you are mature and great , i like your confidence and courage ,your understanding to life is uneque and divine .you are man of great wisdom and knowledged ,you are rigth true love only comes from God because God is love and the greatest love of all is Agape love which comes from God alone .Am a good christain and am happy you are and believe in God as i believe in him , he is the creator of the hole world and the author and finisher of our faith . Sweetie i feel bad to hear about your work and am happy and proud of you for geting to make change and work for money again . you are blessed with God blessing i mean your children . My family will not have anyproblem if i move because they know i have to leave them one day and when i got your mail i told them they appreciate our meeting ,they are not going to travel with me when am coming to you ,i will come alone to be with you and make you happy , show you that truely God has a plan for you and me and he said we should give him thanks in all things that happend , you need not to die because you lost your dear wife , am here for you lets fufil God's plan for us . I can not afford the expencies to come to you my love , am not rich i magane with my family and am more like the bread winner . i will cope with any wealther to be with you , the wealther condition will not stop us the love we share is more than what any thing can stop .I will be with you any where , do what you do , eat what you eat ,share in all your up's and down's suffer with you ,enjoy with you . Sweet Heart we still need to know more about each other ,i want know the ages and names of your children ?....if they will accept me when i come to you ? good is your health condition ? u have any sickness or deasesis ? much do you like *** and how often want to have it in a day and week ?......are you sexualy and romanticaly strong in *** and bed ?.......if you hear i did some thing bad from some one will u believe it ? will you react to it ? you go t church ? often do you go to church ?........what kind of movies and music do u like ?.....what turn you on ?... Let me stop here for now and feel free to ask me any thing u want to ask me , i look forward yo hear from you soon .
Letter 3

My sweet heart............whatever that may take. I will give you the undying, unconditional love that you so deserve, without question, doubt or fear..
No distance can ever be too great, nor will it stop my love for you;
I will love you and keep you in my heart each and every seconds of my life and where ever life may take you, where you are , there i will be with you ....
And if my days shall be no more, my love will still not end, for never will something come between our love , I will love you always, through eternity..
send the fee for my coming ,you can send with debeit or credit card as you want with the name of your church ,wire it to western with the address ,i want to celebrate this xams . Being with you is a happy thought.
Each night I pray and thank God that he brought,
Someone so special like you to my life
Someone so precious to be by my side.
I've always wanted to be with someone like you.
Someone to love me and do all of the things that you do.
I feel so lucky when you are by my side,
I am so grateful to know you're all mine.
If ever you feel that your sky is all blue,
don't ever doubt that I'll be there for you.
And if you ever feel the need to love
I'd like to be the one that you are thinking of.
As each day goes by I wish you could see
How valuable and wonderful you are to me.
I would like to thank you for loving me as i love you .
And thank all of the stars for giving me
The happiness of bring you and me together forever .
I always dreamed of having someone like you,
I just never it imagined that it would find love again and you show me
Letter 4

Hello Love....thanks for your mail , am happy to hear from you , am sorry for not writing you soon , i have little problem with my system ,am ready for you , i belive God who started it for us will have a way for us to meet and fullfil his plan for you and me . i do not change my heart because what we have for each other is true love from God .i love you and will be glad to be in your world forever .
Letter 5

Hello My Love , Thanks for your wonderfull and mature mail you sent to me , am very happy to hear from you , you are my ideal man and i desire to be the only one that make your dreams come true and make you happy all day and nigth ,i want to grow old with you . Sweetie am very ready and serious for you and me to be together forever ,i want you to be there for me , i want you to be my best friend ,lover ,husband,love partner ,soul mate ,companioun ,soul provider ,my all and every thing i need .you can send me the music file and the pictures you want to send i will up load them and see . Sweetie........You hold my soul's serenity in the palm of your hand, so treat it with care and gentleness ,Two hearts that have been merged is marriage; two souls that have been merged is fate that is what brouth us together ,If I could have one wish, it would just be this, I could take you to my soul and show you all the love i have for you alone all the days of my life i will be there for you . Our heart has come together and melted as one .
Letter 6

Hello my love , Thanks for your great mail , am glad to hear from you ,you make me feel happy when i read your mail ,you have the key to my heart and i like how you open your heart for me to feel the love and feelings you have for me am ready to fullfil those dreams together with you .
Sweetie am ready for your love lets make a meaningful future together , am ready to come to you , Sweetie.........i offer you my heart ,body and soul and i will make you happy and be sumisive and humble to you always .I do, cherish you, from the depths of my soul, it's beyond my control, I've waited so long, to say this to you, if you're asking do I love you this much, I do forever .........I've written your name on the pages of my heart, reflected your face on the mirrors of my soul and displayed you in the galleries of my eyes. I love you forever What are your living conditions at your house in Nigeria like? living condition here is hard and thougfh . What do you require for living conditions?.....prayers ,peace ,love and care ,rest of mined ,.. I am not sure that my old house here will be suitable enough for you because there are some hardships.......i will cope with any condition and fellow and share in all you do to be with you , This is a very difficult time of year for you to relocate in terms of weather, as it will be getting very cold soon and it takes time for someone like you to adjust to it, especially since you have never known the cold.......i will cope and suffer to be with you for better for worst as God said it in bible .
What are your thoughts regarding my children?.....i truely like and accept them to be part of my family and i will be glad to meet them . What are your thoughts regarding the orbs in the photos that I sent you earlier?......i like them they are great . What are your thoughts regarding the song that I sent you last?.....i love them all they are touching and meaningful . Is your Internet connection hi-speed or dial-up? hi speed . Where is the closest airport to you and are you able to travel to it?......i live far from the city ,the closest air port is muritala intl' air port . Is "Ajibo Ejima" your real name and are you able to prove it if challenged by airport authorities?.......Ajibo Ejima Ishola ,what do i have to prove my name for ,what air port authorities have to challange my name , Would you rather wait until the summer when it is hot?......i do not have to wait for internity to be with you ,am lonely here i need you to fill me ,am ready for your love and i will eat what you eat ,drink what you drink ,suffer with you ,do all you do ,i will cope and be there for you always . What expectations should I have of you as a wife, if God IS leading you to me? should expect my heart ,body and soul for you forever ,peace of mined ,love and care ,respect ,humble ,sumisive ,obident . Do you agree with the following verses from the Bible?.........yes i totally agree with the bible verses ,you are the head ,you lead me i fellow you and i will be sumisive unto you as the God said "women sumit thy self unto thy husband " . am ready to adore and cheerish you .
Letter 7

Hello My Love , Thanks for your great mail ,i feel happy when i read your mail because we are going to be together very soon , i can't wait for the day , am counting on the day we are going to meet for the first time how great the day will be for you and me together .Hope you have a nice weekend ,i really miss you and i pray for you always soon we are going to spend weekends together till internity . My love am happy that your children accepted me and you want me to have your child too ,it will be a blessing to our union .like i said in my last mail i will do all you do ,endure ,surffer ,share with you ,be with you in bad and good because the bible said it is "for better for worst ",we are good christians we will do that ,i will be there for you and make you happy and put smile on your face all the time ,the snow can not be of any problem or hindrance to God's plan for you and me to be together as one ,nothing can stop us because is a union of divine love from above and it last beyound forever . my love we do not need to wait till we have a better place to train up our children before we be together ,am lonely here and i need you to be close to me ,it will make our love grow stronger each passing day till when we have our child .i have seen hardship and hard time here .we will stand and challange any obstacle that come our way and over come any problem together forever .am yours ,you have no reglect for me being into your life because am made for you ,faith has brought us together ,am sorry to say this my love can't you see that God has plan it for you and me to be together that is why he allow the death of your wife ,that is why he said "we should give him thanks in good and bad " he knows the best for us and all things happends for good ,he also sad " he will not allow any bad thing to happend to us " you are blessed with me ,i will not hurt you because i do not want the anger and wrath of God to be on me ,i live by the golden rule which says " do to others as you want them to do to you " i can not hurt you because i don't want you to hurt me too .i love you . My love i went to make the enquiry , it will cost $800 to get marrage visa , passport ,marrage certisficate ,and other necessary documents need for it ,the visa will be out in three weeks time .Your full contact address and name will be needed for the processing of the documents because it will be use to get a aproval pappar from police and get the cerfisficate from court which will show we are ligally married before the visa can be issue to me and prove am traveling to be with you my husband .Am yours alone forever i will not depart from your world till internity and beyound i will remain humble in domain and grow old with you my love . Love you will wire the fee for me to get my passport and aply for my visa to come to you ,i need your body next to mine and our souls and bodies melt together to become one forever ,you wire the fee via western union money transfer . Love is two souls intertwined in such a way you cannot find their meeting place, nor can you tear it apart. It is one embodiment of pure pleasure and care , joy ,happiness ,romance ,*** ,passions .love is one soul in two bodies and Laughter is the nourishment of our soul . Am forever your's .
Letter 8

Hello my love,
thanks for your mail ,.am happy to read your mail ,you know how to touch my heart with your sweet and romantical words you write to me .
Hope you are doing well ,i miss you ,i dream of you and me together last nigth .your full name and contact house address is what is i need .
You have the key to my heart ,i love you ,you are the pills to my illness ,i long to feel your body next to mine and be in your arms .We will not have any problem ,i will not have any home sick ,i will be happy with you ,be a man and understand the feelings i have for you from the depth of my heart .you do not have to come as i can come to you ,wire some part of the money for quick processing of the neccessary doccuments so i can get my visa to come .am not eager to come .i do not want to die loneliness while my half is there .
Am read for your love ,i want to explore your world romanticaly and we share those dreams and desires of love and passion .
My Love Russell....Take my hand Let us walk the world together .Let everyone see It's you and me Within you lies the sun, the breeze .You are my inner peace .
Needing you always by my side ,You are my whole life .Warmed by a fire within .Your love sets me free .Loving you from the depths of my soul .
My heart is now whole with your love Russell .
Letter 9

Hello love
thanks for your mail , am happy to hear from you ,i like your believe in God plan .
Hope life is treating you well , i think of you always my love .am ready for you ,i want the two of us to fullfil the plan from above for us .
let me answer your questions thou i have answered some of them before .... 1) Do you have any diseases? i do not have any diseases .
2) How is your health? health condition is excellent ,am 100 % healthy and strong .
3) Are you with child? am not with a child ,am single never married no child .
4) What are your financial needs? .....i don't have any ,the only one i have is to find a way to come to you my love .
5) What problem will you have when I will likely precede you in death?......missing you ,not seeing you by my side is the worst thing that can happend to me, if you die i will not have any reason to live ,i will die with you ,we will meet in heaven my love ,you nor i will not die any way we shall live and fullfil our dreams and heart desires .
6) How will you deal with homesickness when it comes? will not be of any problem to me when i come ,you are the pills of my illness ,not being with you is the like am living with sars ,i need you ,with you i will be complete and nothing will be a problem to me because you are my life .
7) I have asked before but you have not described to me yet your life there and its hardships and problems. ......i live a hard life here ,we manage to live with the grace of God ,the hardship and problem here is terrible which we make me to survive and with stand any hardship and problem with you ,it has expose and have given me a real sence and meaning of life .
i will not have any problem when am with you because our love will over shadow any situation and we will over come and conquer any trouble and problems of life there .
When I Feel Down
And Need Someone To Talk To,
I Thank My STARS
That I Have U. You Were There In My heart .
In My Chocolate And Creams,
You Were There In My Adolescence,
Hidden In My Dreams. I Speak to GOD
And Thank him a TON
Coz He Knew That U & I,
Were Meant To Be One. Bells Of The Season,
Came With A Reason, A Reason To Sing Songs,
Telling Me what My Heart Longs. It Longs For Your Feels,
It Longs For Your Touch, It Longs To Tell U.....
"I Love You Soooooo Much Russell .
Letter 10

Thanks for your mail ,hope life is treating you well . I like what i saw ,your picture captivated me and touch me ,make me long to be in your arms immedately ,yes i love you and i decied to spend the rest of my life with you alone .i wish am with you already .
My day can never be complete with out you completing it ,i go no seconds and minite with thinking about you during the day and at nigth i dream of you and me together .
My Love am ready for you and our love to be sealed ,am ready for you and me to take this relationship to the next level and cement it forever .Our love is and unioun will permenently be forever because is based on true love and care for each other .
We live many miles apart
Feeling you in my dreams
Unto you I give my heart
Hearing your love words to me
Our hearts bound by love
Never again to be alone
Our souls joined from above
Our love a sight to behold
You are my guiding light
God has blessed us
Our hearts soaring as in flight
Our undying love
My heart shows no fear
Finding in you my destiny
I cry no more tears
Our love always meant to be
A deep love only we share
Forever your heart will be mine
Our love will grow because we care
I will love only you till the end of time
Letter 11

Sweet One...... You’re my one and only and always will be.
Now I want to show you how much you mean to me.
All the stars in the sky in the midnight hour,
Could never be as real as our loves power. The rarest gems are so precious to find,
But more precious and true are our hearts combined.
Every tear that falls or every smile you bare,
I promise I will be there to hold you and share. Each night in your dreams as you are asleep,
I wish to be there and have you to keep.
To never let go of your hand or heart,
To spend each second with you so we never part. I wish to prove my love somehow,
Maybe you would join me in a solemn vow.
To stand with me before heaven and earth,
And show every soul what our love is worth. Then forever to hold, to care for, and love,
We have one another by the powers above.
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