Letter(s) from Ludmila Vasilieva to Marty (USA)

Letter 1

Hello! My name is Luda.
I’m young and pretty girl of 22 years old. I was born Lugansk in the city of Ukraine. I have been raised in a good family. I'm studying Luhansk National Pedagogical University. but at the same time i am working, i am working as a courier. but i also have finished designer courses.
I’m well bred. I don’t like to have a tedious time. And I try my life to be full of variety of activities: listening music, reading books (detectives, lyrical novels), sports (swimming), visiting theatres, cinemas, concerts, knitting, I’m fond of traveling. When I’m sad, I like to go to the nature. There I can feel that I’m free. I’m free from the bustle of city. I forget about my problems, troubles and delight of the calmness. But by the other side I’m young and energy that’s why I also like to have a rest, visiting disco clubs. I like to go there with my friends. We have a fun, joke, laugh, admire of life. But frankly speaking my life will be complete only when my beloved man is in it.
I’m real woman and I understand, that there are few princes in the world and for everybody they are not enough. That’s why I’m looking for real man, who I will love with all his advantages and his shortcomings. All I need and what I appreciate most of all is devotion, his ability to hear me, understand and support in difficult minutes. I only want a little happiness. And I want to believe that you’ll be able to give it me. I’m waiting for your answer impatiently.
Please send me your pc/s and any questions you have for me...
Yours Luda.

Letter 2

Thank you for your so nice and interesting letter. It shows me that you're honest and your words are from your heart. It's wonderful that we have a lot in common and we want to have the same to my mind it'll help us to become closer to each other. I know that serious relation needs much time and sometimes people live together for twenty or thirty years and only than they understand that they have nothing in common and they don't want to live together. That's why I want to know my partner better before we'll married and will have children. But I believe that I can't change my life if God doesn't want to change it. But at the same time I'm optimistic person and I believe that everybody will be happy one day. I have my elder sister she is married and she lives with her husband and their little son. I like to visit them and to play with my nephew, I like to present him different presents and to see sparkles in his eyes and at that moment I feel the happiest woman in the world I'm happy because he is happy. And after such visits I always dream about my own family and I know that I'll do my best to make them the happiest people in the world and if they are happy I'll be happy too. There is nothing more important then family, I want to get married only once and I want to be sure that I'll be happy and my husband will be happy too and we'll have a long and happy life (like in the tale). May be I'm too naive but I'm optimist and I'll do my best to make this tale real. But I know that man and woman must want it together and to have one heart for two person, one soul for two person and may be one brain for two person, to live one life for two person. May be it's just a dream but now I look for it and I know that my husband will be happy with me and he'll know that he is loved and cared.
I know that there is no miracles in the world but I'll do a miracle myself.
I hope you're not tired reading my letter, so I look forward for your letter and I wish you a wonderful day and wonderful mood,
with best regards, Luda.

PS. By the way, my full name is Ludmila Vasilieva.