Scam Letter(s) from Denice Navarro to Claude (Canada)

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Letter 1

hi hon how are you doing today?ive been here in the city where there is western union office and i try to get it but they are offline i will get it tommorow and after i wil be online here.....hon i will send you pictures after i bought the dress ok in the mall...i will send you lots of pics..send me yours also hon...i miss you and i want you to here beside me kissing me and hugging wtih me.............i love you and i cant wait to meet you there in manila...i wish that i can get my transcript here in my school so that as of july i was already in manila to find work there and i can rent a boarding house so that when you were here you wil stay at my boarding house......i am hoping i will get it....i am here for you hon seriously i did not playing games here...i am not looking for money here but i am looking for someone who can be with me forever and be my husband,....i know you scared to scam again but i assure you that i am not a scammer i am here for real hon....mwahhhhhhh
take care and god bless you my darling....

love and care



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