Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Koshkina to Tom (USA)
Letter 1

Hi my unforgettable love Tom.
I miss you so much that my patience is on a limit! I'm dreaming of our meeting when sleep! Yesterday I had so wonderful dream as you and I walking at the field full of blossoming camomiles! We pick them together and made the great a bouquet of them. I'm so happy to find you my only love!!! I found that all my thoughts are of you and no more else. I have a nice mood when recalling your in my mind. The mere thought of you sends such a warm feeling through my body, soul and heart and the thought of meetings with you is so fantastic. I have always dreamed of finding someone really special who would come into my life and love me wholly and uniquely, someone who understands me, someone to share my thoughts and dreams. I have finally found that person. I love you for loving me just the way I dreamed it would be. You are a wild flower and I want to smell it, nurture it, take care of it and watch it grow. I hope the words I say so gently find their way to your heart, because your words have touched mine forever. You have made my heart skip a beat once again. It is so overwhelming the effect of your presence on my soul.
I am constantly bombarded with such forceful emotions for you. You are like no other.
Your heart is connected to mine and no one can change that. I love that feeling you give me, but it scares me at the same time the power you have even though we have not met in person yet. I might implode when we finally meet. I might erupt like a violent volcano or melt like butter on a hot skillet. I am afraid I will not meet your expectations of me. I'll tell you though, I didn't think it possible for me to want you more than I already did, but after your last letter I thought wrongly. You write of mutual respect, kindness, tenderness, trust, love. How can I have these feelings of love for someone I haven't met? I do. How do you love me without setting eyes on me? Without kissing me (I might kiss like a mackeral)(smile) I don't have practice for a long time.
I need alot of practice. Can you help me? I want to know the scent of your hair, your body. I want to touch you and be touched by you. I want to see you first thing in the morning and as I close my eyes for sleep.I can't wait for the time of our meeting in reality. that's will be the most wonderful and happiest moment of my life at this world!!! I can notice at me to be always in good mood when thinking of you even if something wrong around. My soul singing the song of love in expectation of our meeting. I'm dreaming it so: as I running down the a gangway and begin kissing you as insatiable. The first our night will the most romantic night in my short life!!! We'll walk and speak as much as we can. We'll kiss as yongest lovers under the calm shining of Moon. The stars will shine only for us!!!! They will smile looking as two people can't find a word to describe such a great feeling arisen between us! You know I'm crying sometimes with tears of love in to my a pillow by nights!!! Is it a love as great Shakespire describe?!!!I believe in this love and do you my love? I think you know about it. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I give you many kisses for good day for you. I want to see your email as soon as it is possible. I must go now because I must work for our future.
Write to me as it is possible more in detail about the closest airport.
What code has your airport?
Possible I shall need for big international airport. Forever loving you Olga!
Letter 2

Hi my dear Tom. I'm wait the moment when we will be together, I think I would give back all for being with you. My hear beats faster when I think about this thing I mean our meeting. When it happen I will be very happy. I want to kiss you, I want to take your hand and to feel the heat of your hand, I want to to glance into your eyes and read the love in it, I want to feel your breath and to hear the knock of your heart. I want to listen to your voice and to see your smile, I want to see you when you happy. I think we'll be the very good pair. I want that you show me your country, your city, your house, your soul and you body. I hope you dream about our meeting too and want to hug me when we'll meet. I want that we will be together forever you are that man which I wanted to find all my life. Excuse me for this short letter.But today I have hardly found an opportunity to write even slightly.
Letter 3

Hi my Tom!
Today I have drawn the big calendar on a paper and have hung up this calendar on a wall in my room. Now I will cross out cells with numbers every day. I will look at this calendar and I will pleased that less and less days remains up to our meeting.
I want to close eyes and to appear near to you, to feel and outlive all, about than you and i dream. I want to feel heat and tenderness of your hands and taste of your lips. I am ready to go with you though on edge of the Earth. I am ready to spend with you all days and night even in a tent, and for me it will be paradise.
I want to finish my letter by words:
I do not know what will farther. But now you have made me happy lady.
I for the first time have felt desired and necessary.
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