Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Cherepanova to Colin (Ireland)

Letter 1
Very very welcome! What are your doing. Thanks to you for your mails!
Give me answer pleasure, if it is possible that we can really meet.
What do you think about it. To my mind it is rather possible. I want we will spend summer vacations together I will have them not earlier August or the middle of the July. When will you have your summer vacations?
I know sometime it is difficult planning and will do the plans, but we should aspire to our purpose! You know I think that life can be cruel to some people but beautiful to others. The best thing you can do in life is just take it as it is and find the best way out of a bad situation. What do you do us usual in unhappiness situation? Life is life. And we should be ready for different situations!
I also dream to be with my love person, doing things with him, trying to make sure he is happy. I think that I am patient and I am tender, my friends consider me a good person and I hope that they are right. I like to make good things. I like to help people. And try to use every opportunity to do it. You know it's very difficult to tell good things about yourself. I don't like at all when people don't want to tell the truth. I hate and dislike when people don't trust each other. I also do not like people who try to use me. Some men think that every girl should be his and that he is the most wonderful man of the world and other his desire should be do and they do not understand that the girls are not the dolls and that they have inside world!
I am sure that every person waiting for something good and special and our patience will soon be rewarded. All I feel I need to make life perfect is to finally be with my future husband. I still find it totally remarkable that we have found each other and that our correspondence has developed so well despite the distance and all of the obstacles in our way. Perhaps it is because we have had to work hard to overcome things and also that we have talked through our letters that we have become so close. I think that because we have used the letters to explore our thoughts and feelings that we have had a chance to let our relationship develop and mature in a positive way that any earlier meeting would not have allowed.
We should try I think! We have a chance !!! Buy-Buy! Write me back!
Letter 2
Hello! I decided to write you myself this mail, I do not receive your letter long time and that is why I dare and write you myself. I can not understand why you stop writing to me, is everything all right with you or you found another girl and you are just afraid to confess me ...I do not know but my life principle is to know bad truth than sweet lie! Ok, i think it is just mistakes of Internet mail or something not essential and you will back to me!
Well, I do not want mind about bad things, let`s talk about more pleasure moments!
Yesterday I went for a walk with my friend and we discuss abut our plans for future and if they will come true and our hopes too. Even in school we planed with her our future, we dreamed how we will enter in Institute and how we will study and know every day news important for us things and how we will use our knowledges in our future work! Our dreams are performed , we entered in Institute and now we finished it and it is only practice remain to us and we can start new life on new work. Yesterday we dreamed what we want now...My friend dream about successful career and she do not mind about family husband and kids. Our wishes not to coincides now. I put the family on the first place and then I can think about work. I want to care about my love person and I am tire to live alone and this oppressing feeling to be alone..return at home after difficult and tense day , I want to get in my own calm and romantic world with my partner and do not eat alone and do not go to bed alone..Earlier my alone make me all right , I spend many time with my books and study now, I understand how it is heard to be alone...
I am waiting your mail and I hope you will answer me as soon as you can! Yana.
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