Scam Letter(s) from Anna Mitrofanova to Gerald (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hi my lovely man Gerald!!!! I want to you to tell that I you very strongly I love, I want to tell you it in your beautiful eyes, that then, after that you have told me same and has kissed me in my lips! I am ready to speak that I you very strongly I love one thousand time, how many you want!!!!! I so am strong you I love! I am very glad to write to you today and I hope that my letter will be good for you because tomorrow again week-end and I again cannot write to you. Time passes very quickly and have not time to notice as new week and new events I begins think that is necessary to try to live every day as as if this day last in a life and then you will not experience for that that has lived a life not interestingly. I think that my life already interesting because acquaintance to you this very good event in my life and I am very grateful to you for it. Today in our country the first day summer and Day of protection of children today many children walk on streets of our city and participate in various competitions I think that it is a good holiday for children because children are very glad to such holidays. I also am very glad to summer because in the autumn and in the winter very much get tired from colds, and I always with impatience wait for bad weather summer, solar beams and heat. I hope that your week-end will be good and that you receive good days, I also very much hope that you will not overlook to write to me because I very much wait for your new letters and I hope that you will find few time in week-end to write to me and to tell something interesting. I yet do not know than I shall be engaged in week-end but I very much would want to have a rest and a lot of time to be on fresh air. I also want that you did not overlook that I very much love you and I shall miss on you very much, sweat to that that every day your letters this test for me. I wish you good week-end and I with impatience shall wait for your new letters. Certainly I dream of a meeting with you and I very much want it, I love you and I think that a meeting it very important for us and I hope that it happen with us. I am ready to begin registration of my documents, but I cannot pay for it and it is a problem for me. It is very pleasant for me that you want to send me, certainly very inconveniently for me that you will spend the money for me because I understand that at you small Kerry. But I very much wait for our meeting and if you really will help me that I I can receive the documents already soon and it will be the good beginning for our meeting I very much I hope for it. I think that if you really want to help me that you can use the western union to send money and I think that it will be very convenient and safe for us. You can go in the western union and send money for my name Sergeeva Svetlana, for my city of Cheboksary and for my country Russia. I think that you do not need to know the exact address of the western union because in my city it is a lot of branches of the western union and I can receive money in any of it. I shall require also from you the information from the western union if you will send money I should know Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), your full name which you used to send money and your address, I also should know the exact sum of money which you send. I will be easily confident that it for you because I sent money to the brother when the brother studied in the other city. Thanks for your imaginations and I very much hope that already soon we can make it with you in a real life. Excuse that I at once began to write about the love to you, simply I not can without it already, you the integral part of my life! I love you, my favourite Gerald! Excuse once again, so, how your businesses? How you there without me live? I on you very much miss, my love Gerald! Live without you I can not!!!! So! So strongly I love you! You you see know it. I on you very strongly miss! You an irreplaceable part of my life! I can not without you live of any day! I want constantly to repeat to you that I only yours, that I live only for you, that I love you more life!!!! How your work? How your successes? Than you there without me are engaged? when I write you the letter at me inflow of forces and consequently I can to you write very many more. That you were delighted to my attention to you, that you have felt closer to me. That you even in my and dreams were with me, my love Gerald! I you see know that you too it want! As well as I! You are my destiny! I know it! I am very strong you I love, my love Gerald! Whether and frequently you think of me? As far as frequently? I would like it to know completely to be sure that you want to be with me. I know that you it precisely want, but please, my love Gerald, write to me it once again! It is pleasant to me it to read, to know that you about me care. It is very pleasant, believe me, please!!!! My favourite, my best man in the world, I you love! Please, allow me to be with you! It is very necessary for me! I as the small girl which have fallen in love for the first time in the life! I am overflowed with emotions and feeling! I in each letter so want much to you to write but at me there are no words that all this to describe. It is very difficult! But I feel myself such happy when I receive your letters! It is wonderful! I till now can not believe that such remarkable man is my!!!!! It so is wonderful for feeling necessary to you! You the very good man! I know it also you it know! Be always mine, be always with me, feel me, love me. I sincerely with you when write you that I only yours and that always I shall be only yours, I shall love you always!!!! I am your woman and you are my man, my life and my destiny! I want it to be forever!!! I love you very much!!!! Only yours and forever yours, Kisses and hugs. Svetlana.



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