Scam letter(s) from Albina Habibullina to Marian (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello loved Marian.
I am very happy to receive your letter today.
I to notice, that our letters are more and more full of love and good mood.
So it is good me that in this world there is a person to which I is not indifferent.
It is very pleasant to me to study, that we is mutual understanding each other is the most important fact in our attitudes .
It is very good me, as I to meet you in my life. I to not be yet never so am happy. I as though to fly in heavens.
Nothing it is necessary to me except for your letter and you. I yesterday to think of our attitudes and about our feelings.
I already to become attached to you.
I think that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart.
You to like me and I think that our attitudes may be deeper.
At present my feelings to YOU are very strong me pulls to! you as if a magnet. Your letters do my mood high.
To me it becomes joyful on soul. I understand that our attitudes everyone become more serious and more serious.
Your words heat my soul and heart. You in my heart each minute. I to speak about us to my mum.
She to ask me you is valid to love it and to want to be with it .
I to tell not thinking, that very much and can not present myself without him .
I to tell to it about you and she to tell, that you very good person and are possible to trust you.
My love, it is very pleasant for me to talk to you through ICQ, but
Now I have no a lot of time that in him to come!
Because I spend the most part of my time on documents which already
Are made out. I shall finish the letter.
I love you!!! I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
I to send to you the most passionate kiss.
Your love Anastasiya.
Letter 2
Hi my favourite and dear person on all white light Marian!!! I am very glad to receive again from you your warm and gentle letter.
I read your letters closely many times and each time I understand
You are more and more and more that that person who is necessary for me for
My further life. Marian , my dear you became for me light.
Without you in my soul darkly and only you are capable to bring bright light in
My life. I love you madly and I want to be with you. Each minute,
Which passes in my life I is devoted to you and only to you
I cannot without you and your warm and gentle letters. Your words
Force my heart to beat more strongly. My breath stops
When I read yours letters and I see that you love me. You force
Me to not sleep at the nights and to think of you and about our further life.
I very strongly dream of our life with you. And you Marian?
I want to arrive to you and to lead with you remarkable time. To learn
Than you is closer, to study your nature and your habits. Your way of life.
But the most important I want to see you in a reality. I saw yours
Photos, but you are necessary for me in 2 steps. When you will stand opposite
Me and I can have a look in your eyes. That only then I can tell
To you that I love you mine honey Marian !!!
I very much want to tell to you these important words when you will be near to
Me the my dear person on light!!! Soon I want to go to my girlfriend who works in tourist
Whether agency and I shall try I can learn to arrive to you on a visit or
No. What do you think of it? I think that we should necessarily
To meet and lead great time together!!!
I want to ask you, you will pay for my trip itself or we
Let's pay fifty-fifty. Simply to tell the truth I do not know how many costs
Trip to your country, but I can imagine, that it costs cheaply.
Well, now I shall finish this letter, but I write to you in hope for yours
Prompt reply.
Passionate kiss to you in lips Marian!!!
I love you Marian !!!!!!!!!! Yours and only yours Anastasiya...........
Letter 3
Hello my love Marian.
How are you???
I'm fine!
I to you want to inform you very important information.
You remember, I spoke you that I was married!?
Then I with it have developed, and all time went with his surname.
But then as I have got acquainted with you, I have understood that, you which that person I searched for all life.
I have grown fond of you on the present.
Also has made so that to me reminded nothing that - the villain with which I before a vein.
I do not want to recollect it more.
And I descended in zax, and have told that to me have changed a surname.
To me have told that whom there will not come the telegram when I can come and change the passport.
Accordingly all this is done through militia. Yesterday to me there has come the telegram, with the notification, that I should change the passport.
I today went in zax, and to me have told that on all this some days are necessary only.
My love, I has taken the maiden name - Biriukova.
My passport will be ready on Thursday.
As all my other data have not changed: Name - Anastasiya
Surname - Biriukova
The country - Russia
City - St. Peterburg
Street - Nevskii prospekt 12 - 37
Post code - 191186 My sweet kitten, I very strongly love you!
Every day I think only of you!
I every day look at your photo, and I dream when our lips to touch, gently and passionately.
As every day I think of were with you always beside, to give you the passionate love, and to enjoy each second lead together.
My lovely, I want to leave for you in marriage and to have from you children!
I very strongly love you!
For ever only yours Anastasiya.
Letter 4

Hi my love Marian! Thanks for your magnificent letter. You
The remarkable person which that person I so for a long time searched.
And now I in the days and nights wait for our meeting. I dream about it, I dream
To see you, I dream to embrace you, I dream to feel taste of your lips.
For all time of correspondence you became me dear person. I
Has grown fond of you, I love you!!! I never thought that I can find
Such kind, sincere person as you. I am confident you, I
It is confident that that you that who is necessary for me In that what exactly you
You will make me the happy person, that person with which
I shall feel like confidently with which I shall be myself and
That with which I want to be together. Not so it was simple to make the decision
To leave for other country, but my feelings are stronger than fear and I want to be
Near to you, I am confident that that you the good person and I want to lead
The life with you. You would like it? If it is possible, I not
Would like to postpone trip to you. I very strongly love you and I am afraid
To lose you.
I in 10 days shall have holiday and I want to lead him with you. Today
In a breakfast I addressed in
Travel agency. And all has learned about my possible trip to you and
What package of documents is necessary for me. On the one hand I am madly glad, to that
That all appeared not so difficultly as I assumed. With another
The parties I am a little upset. On all my charges it is necessary for me
1050 euros. 570 euros are necessary on the ticket for you and
480 euros it it is necessary on the visa and the foreign passport. I have counted it
On exchange by the Central Bank of Russia. Also
Has passed to euro. I certainly, understood that all expenses
Dearly but that so it is expensive! And I even have been upset
It is a little. And now I shall send you this letter, and I shall wait the answer. If
My charges for you it will be dear , I certainly shall understand all, not
Doubt. In fact sometimes, that is necessary to refuse
From itself in many respects. As though we would not like it. In anyone
Case we shall be Good friends. I shall have now
Supper also I shall lay to sleep. And in everything, that I do not know, that
I would like more, it tomorrow. I wait for your answer. I love you
From the bottom of the heart. Yours love Anastasiya. I love you, I love you, I love you............
Letter 5
Hi my most dear love on light Marian !!!
I am very glad that you have answered me.
My lovely it is again interesting to me how are you doing????
I hope that all well.
I want to inform you that that at me as all normally.
But I very strongly do not have you.
My love you would know as I very strongly I miss on you.
I test to you most probably improbable sensations.
I test those sensations which to me it was not necessary to test still
When for all time of the life.
I for the first time have grown fond so madly of the person such as you.
My love really to you is mad also she will be such up to the end of mine
I when cannot stop loving you lovely.
Because you have proved to me as you me very strongly like.
I understand that as I now am strongly necessary for you and as you are necessary for me.
But it is not necessary to worry.
As at us with you all will be necessary well.
We with you shall be the happiest pair on light. I promise you it.
We when with you shall not quarrel and swear. I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE EVERY DAY!!!!! My love, you want to speak by with me to phone, I it very much
As I am interested with a question - when you will help me with arrival to
To you???
You know, that as soon as you will help me, I shall come to you in 4 days! My love Marian I hope that you see what sensations I
I test to you. Certainly such sensations very difficultly to transfer
Words, but I try to make it.
My love I hope that you very much love this letter. REMEMBER MY LOVE THAT IN THIS WORLD THERE IS A GIRL WHICH VERY MUCH LOVES YOU AND SHE YOU WHEN WILL NOT STOP!!!! Marian I shall expect again from you the answer. Your love on always Anastasiya..........................
Letter 6
Hello my love Marian.
Greetings my angel!!!!!!!!!
I have received your letter and I understand, that I only begin to live.
At us with you still only begins.
Now I see sense in life.
I do not present more life without you my angel.
I very much love you and is ready to repeat these words again and again.
Please do not think of me poorly. Simply it falls outside the limits my feelings.
Today I spoke with grandmother about us. She is very happy she prays for us.
There may be it sounds silly, but today I have presented our meeting.
I saw very many interesting pictures.
In the street fine weather and you cost at the airport and wait my arrival.
You approach to the plane and we search each other eyes in crowd. We find each other our heart knocks also we give each other sweet embraces.
We cost having embraced and everyone look at us. And for us as whether it be nobody exists.
Only you and I. It was the big day when I have received the first letter from you. I thank the god. And I know I have found you. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!! Your future wife Anastasiya.
Letter 7
Hi my love Marian.
thank for the perfect letter.
When I close my eyes, I see you near to me - two hearts bound in a circle by love.
Two bodies pressed closely to each other.
I to kiss your lips and I embrace you is intense.
I steadfastly look in your eyes, and our souls are united.
I feel your connection of passion with mine, and we are engaged love with strong passion. I know, that I can be all man, which you will require ever in this life.
I can be your best friend and your fan beloved.
I shall give you all freedom to make regardless of the fact that you to want.
I shall wait for your letter.
My prince.
My love.
My husband.
My love, I hope that at me will be very fast probably to you
To call! Yours Anastasiya.
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