Letter(s) from Olga Naumova to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1

Fine mine Ken!!! I am very pleased, that you also want our meeting, I, all time think of you Also my love wants to be close to you. I need to feel heat of your hands, your embraces and your passionate kisses, very much I ask to help me to you To arrive and we with you, always we shall be in a place. Tell to me please when we can meet you I am ready to be your wife and always you to like. Fine I for this purpose, that I to you could arrive to me, is necessary Make the visa I, I cannot to receive tickets without the visa of you, very much I ask to help to receive fine mine to me Documents. My grandmother cannot help me as we have no such money, I certainly ask you an apology for mine Inquiry, but I any more would not see output what to be with you my love. I very urgently love you, and I would be Want it We with you were in a place, I think, that when I can see you that for me it will the finest day in My life. I simply do not present the further life without you my love, and I would like it, you trusted me. Fine mine do not think, that I laugh, I cannot be thrown by words, and I want to tell to you the truth. My grandmother to me has told, that we with you on write each other and on it our friendship to stop But then when they saw, that I all time think of you and I speak it they me, you have understood that the person Serious also, that with you you would be good me and that me when will not leave in the insult. She transfers you congratulations and wishes us with you love and a good life. My love I think, that you are not dared above my feelings to you and if I that it not so have told that I of you very much I To ask Forgive to me. To me without you I am very lonely, also do not find to me directly a place all time, I think, when I can you To see, to capture and softly to kiss and us with you, always we shall be in a place my love. On it I shall finish not the big letter to you my love, and with impatience I shall wait from you for the answer. I very much love you, and I want to be close to you. With love and Tenderness yours Olga. I send you a photo from wedding my girlfriend. I as dream to be in the same wedding dress. And you in a black tuxedo. We with you cost together at an altar. And all for us are pleased.

With impatience I wait for our meeting, and my love wants to be always close to you.

Letter 2

Greetings my unique love Ken!!!
How today your affairs? I'm fine, and the mood is simple
Charm. I love you, my love and I do not present a life without you,
And only with you on a life together. You began for me a part of a life
On how many you know as I strongly I love you and I can not live
without you.
Every day and every second I think only of you, is simple at me
In a head one ideas about us with you.
Dear mine, I would like that all over the world at all was same
Love as at us with you and everyone were happy, you so consider?
My girlfriends are simply happy for us with you and experience for our
Attitudes also wish us only good luck and love.
Today I shall call in Moscow in embassy and to learn what documents
It is necessary for this purpose and will cost how many and tomorrow in
the morning I shall write to you the
I am confident that you want to be with me as well as I with you and when
To leave each other up to the end of a life.
And I want to devote to you a fine verse and I think it to you it is pleasant.


I love you in the distant car,
In a yellow room nimbus of fire.
As if dance and as if a pursuit,
You to fly at night through me.

I love you - black from light,
Directly beating in cheekbones and in a forehead.
Not in Moscow - so once and somewhere
All the same it could come true.

I love you in hot bed,
During that devoted seized instant,
When hands were plaited and have decayed
In adoration of my embraces.

I of you shall not forget that
There are on light theatres, rains,
Memory, music, distant mail...
And for all. That else. Ahead.

I think that it is a verse to you very much it is pleasant as well as to me.
It is devoted to two loving which when will not be thawn, and
Only together in before and in before.
My love, on it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall be
To wait from you the answer.

Your love for a century Olga.