Scam letter(s) from Olga Koshkina to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Scott. I'm wait the moment when we will be together, I think I would give back all for being with you. My hear beats faster when I think about this thing I mean our meeting. When it happen I will be very happy. I want to kiss you, I want to take your hand and to feel the heat of your hand, I want to to glance into your eyes and read the love in it, I want to feel your breath and to hear the knock of your heart. I want to listen to your voice and to see your smile, I want to see you when you happy. I think we'll be the very good pair. I want that you show me your country, your city, your house, your soul and you body. I hope you dream about our meeting too and want to hug me when we'll meet. I want that we will be together forever you are that man which I wanted to find all my life. Excuse me for this short letter.But today I have hardly found an opportunity to write even slightly.
Letter 2

I have sent you this letter on the ticket yesterday. But has not received the answer.
You have received it? I wait the answer. Write to me. I send this letter once again. My love Scott!
Today I went to visas firm. I was told that my visa was ready at last, I was most happy the woman at that time. I also reserve tickets. The number of the flight on which I reserve the ticket, it would be on the December,13 :
1:30 pm Depart Moscow (SVO) Tue 13-Dec Aeroflot-Russian Airlines 315
Arrive Columbus (CMH) 9:23 pm Continental 2290 / 2212
I reserve the cheapest ticket to Columbus and cost 850 USD. But I had no this money.
So I went to pawnshop and pawned silver and gold embellishments which I had from my mom. I with tears on eyes, pawned my jewelry which were unique memory of my mom, but all this for the sake of you. I got 175 USD But it is not enough for full cost of the ticket. I have paid in whole 450 USD. It was my last money.
It is very difficult for me to tell you about it. But I have done everything I can.
I paid visa. I have bought the ticket on a train up to Moscow. I paid a part of the ticket. But this money is not enough. I don't want to burden you. I want to reach you with my own money but unfortunately I have failed. Now I have to pay the remaining part.
It is only 400 USD. I must pay this money before November, 24, Otherwise I will lose my money and reserve ticket. If you love me, and if you want to see me soon, please, send the money for the ticket before November, 24, morning.
I understand that it is a difficult decision for you. Of course if you don't want you can not help me. It is bad but not fatal. I will lose my money and our meeting.
I speak so because I am in despair and confusion. Now, when we are divided only with one step, I am afraid. I am afraid that you will not help, and all my diligence will be gone. I love you and I want to be with you. I have not calculated my forces. But together we are much stronger. It is much easier to go through difficulties and barrier together.
I want to present you all my infinite love and fidelity.
I did not want to ask you. I thought, that I can make all itself. The loneliness has made me strong. I have got used to live without the help, and to rely only on myself. I very seldom address to somebody for the help, but now I ask you to help me. I THINK, BOTH OF US WANT THIS MEETING, means also charges we should divide for two. I THINK IT FAIRLY.
I have made a step forward. Make also you a step towards to me. I hope that has not offended you. I love you and I trust. I know, that you will not throw me now when there is only one step. My love is boundless to you. I am confident, your love to me too.
The love is not measured in money, money it only a small problem for us now.
Tell me Scott, can you help me? If you have an opportunity please help me.
If you have really decided to send me of money. I have found out about the western union (It is company the engaged money transfer). Western Union has website, called Probably it will help you with the greater information on it.
the western union to Belgorod city. You can send money to this address:
For Olga Koshkian.
1 your full name
2 your full address
3 exact amount money
4 confidential numbers (Money Transfer Control Number),
which will be given to you, when you send the money.
Without this information, I shall be not capable to receive money.
Forever yours Olga
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