Scam letter(s) from Lisa Edwin to Tom (USA)

Letter 1

My name is Lisa i'm 25years old single with no kids.Little more about me.I'm 5'4ft tall 132lbs.I'm white i have blue eyes and Blond brown hair.I was born in Germany (Humburg) but i grew up and raised up in the US.My dad was German while my mom is Native of american.I have been staying in america for about 16years now..I went to Spring Valley High School .After i graduated i went to Huntington Junior College.I'm studying Medicine.I am new to this internet dating things.I'm just trying this to know what Develops and Where God will lead this to..We all knows God work in mysterious way.I don't know may be this is the way he wants to use in mylife.I am looking for a serious man whom will make me happy till the end of my life.I have been heart broken before which has made me so worried till this moment that i am writting you.You could'nt believe that am not in good condition right now.I really need someone who will help me and will also promise to make me happy till the end of mylife.I really need someone that i can start a newlife with.Someone who can cherish me with love and care.Someone honest and caring and that i could talk about anything with at anytime.I will be so happy if you can make me happy because at the moment that am writting you this letter..I am not happy at all and am needing a little help because am in a bad situation now.I will tell you about it if you wanna know about it.But i want you to know that am really looking for Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with love and care,Someone who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows with me. Someone who's willing to spoil, pamper and love me unconditionally, whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal, sense of humor, loving and wants a lifetime of passion..I promise to do so to the one that want me and love me...But i really wish to explain all that had made me sad to you..I dont know may be you can be help to me...I want you to tell me little more about you.I want you to e-mail me here because am not use to this dating site.Here is my m.Hope to hear back from you soon.
Thanks for your interest. Lisa
Letter 2

Hello Honey,I am so Glad to hear from you.I want you to remember in the first message that i sent you.I said in it that am not in good condition right now.I really need your help baby.I'm sorry to tell you that really you sound so nice and caring in ur profile.Actually i was in school when i met this first guy in mylife.We have been together for long time living happily life.He knew all about me and all about how i loss my mom and dad.He promised to be there for me and gonna take care of me not knowing that he's pretending.He used me and dump me here that i am right now.This basterd graduated this year and he explained everything about how is going back to is country to visit is parents and families.He told me to go with him just for a day visit.I don't have choice because he already promised to be there for my care.Actually is dad and mom was Nigerian.But he came to the US for study.Thats was how we met each other not knwoing that is gonna get me in mess here in his country in nigeria right now.This guy and his family planned to get all that i came with.He took me a to a hotel we have been staying at the hotel for 3day not knowing that is gonna stole my things and have been here for 2weeks now.He stole my money and jewelries and till now i could'nt found him.I reported to the hotel management, immidiately they help me call to the police to look up for him but unfurtunately the police could not found him.This has got me down here seeking for some little help back to the state.And now the hotel has siezed down my return documents becos am unable to settled the hotel bill for the weeks i spent.I have realised my mistake and i know is my last time.I need you to be there for me back to the state if you really can.I promise to pay you back with anything you want from me when i make it back home.I believe in me that you really need someone in ur life.I can promise to be there for you if you never mind.Let me know if you still gonna need me as soon as i get back to the state.I need you to help me contact the hotel management and help me outta here.E-mail: Phone:+234-8032419800.Thats the hotel email and phone number honey..I will be so happy if you really can help me outta here.Thanks hope to hear back.
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