Letter(s) from Anna Korochanskaya to Jeremias (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello Jerry!

From the beginning I want to thank you for your attention and the letter. It would be very interesting for me to know a little more about yourself and I hope you have more to tell me.
Let's go on our acquaintance and let me tell you more about me. As your remember from my profile I'm 26 years old, my birthday is November, the 21st, 1980. My full name is Anna Korochanskaya. You may call me Anya, it's a short variant. I was born in Belorussia, and lived there with my parents till the 1995. Then we moved with my parents to Donetsk, Ukraine. Now I live in Donetsk alone, my parents had to come back to Belorussia as my father's mom, my granny is very old and needs of taking care. Donetsk is rather big city, the population is more than a million. Here I graduated from our local College, taking the profession of seamstress. But I didn't find a well paid job concerning this profession and now I work as a secretary at the military services. I like pets but I don't have them because of the lack of time.
Of course as any other girl I would like to have my own house, where I would live with my beloved husband and our children. Some more things about me: I'm a brown-haired, hazel eyed lady with a slender figure. My height is 168 cm, weight is 51 kg. I'm rather pretty and curious. I am fond of sports and try to keep my body fit. I do morning exercises every day. I like it very much. I am very calm and equable person. There are plenty of things I'd like to tell you about myself if you feel interest. I like travelling very much. I have never been abroad. I dream to visit all continents since childhood. I guess person who travel a lot knows a lot about life. As to the music, I like pop and classical music(Vivaldi "Four seasons") I like to read detective stories in my spare time. It would be my great pleasure to know you better as well. Will you give me a chance?
I have some questions for you, if don't mind. Have you ever been in Ukraine? What do you know about my country? I wonder, why do you use the Internet to look for the second half of your life. To speak frankly, I want to tell you that Ukrainian men don't appreciate us, I mean Ukrainian women. So that's why I use the Internet. I'm just obsessed with the idea that one day our communication with you will overgrow into some bright, strong and wonderful feeling. So I hope our communication won't end. It's seems to me I didn't miss anything, you can ask me about everything you want to know. I'll be looking forward your next letter.

Best wishes,