Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Keith (England)

Letter 1
Good day Keith!!!!
I am very glad that you have answered my letter.
I think that we'll not disappoint each other and we will enjoy our contact. I know about you something. And I'd like to tell you about myself.
My name is Katya. I work as a barman in a local cafe in our town. Perhaps it is a strange situation in your city when a girl stands for rack of the bar, but this profession is very popular in our town. But this is not my real profession. I graduated from a college and I have a diploma in according with which my real profession is a teacher in elementary classes.
I think that I will able to support any talk. I guess it will clear during our contact.
I am so excited at the moment. I had been getting relations with men for a long time. But I couldn’t. It was like as with a gift. There was beautiful and miraculous cover, but there was stale gingerbread inside. I decided to begin with internal contents.
Can You tell about your family? Do You have a hobby? Could You send me your photo?
We have an internet class in our school now. It was opened at the beginning of September. And teacher of the informatics offered me to try to get the acquaintance by means of Internet.
And I am packed with an optimism now.
I think that is enough for this day and I have not so much time. Forgive me if I have answered not all your questions. Respectfully Yours Katya
Letter 2
Hello Keith !!!!!
Our acquaintance still lasts. I hope that it will be a long-lasting one. It’s a wonderful day today, but frankly speaking I have wonderful days every time. Why? Because I begin a day with a morning run.
I get up at 5:30 a.m. and I always come vigorous and fresh to work. My clients wait for me there.
My workday begins with a cup of the good coffee "Cappuccino". And new visitors begin to appear nearer to a dinner.
Basically they are constant people. And I remember even what they usually order in a dinner. I know this because I work at this job not first year.
Do you have your own favorite place where you prefer to rest or to spend your free time?
Thank you that you answered my questions Keith It is very interesting for me…
And my family consists of 4 members. They are my mom, grandmother, of course me and my cat Vasili.
And we all friendly live in one-room apartment. Certainly it is close, but everything is fine.
But there is dampness. Wallpapers don’t hold a long time, it comes unstuck. :-) Keith
Of course you are interested in a "man of my dream". I’ll tell you about this in my next letter.
I’m so sorry but I have to go. Please write me what you like in a girl, I will be very glad to know your point of view. And send me your photo, please. Good bye, Katya
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