Scam letter(s) from Kimberly James to Terry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Terrence.
How are you doing today.Where have you been i have not heard from you a while.please mailed me let me know what is going on with you their.

Letter 2
Hello terrence,
I am sorry about my last email, you know like I told you, there is no food or anything in the house, no cash at all, I have fallen sick myself and haven't been fine at all, even when I emailed you last. terrence, I assume you would want to help me, so do you know any western union office around you, it would be the easiest and fastest means for me to get the money down here, you can send it to my neighbour, my mum trusts her and she knows the area around you very well, her info is...
Name: Kuti Oluwatobi
Address: 2, Association Avenue
City: Ikeja
State: LagosZipcode: 23401
Country: Nigeria

You can use that to send the money to me via western union, please send me whatevr info they give you over there for me to get the money down here. Thanks for concern. I appreciate it and will be eternally gratefull to you. Will be looking for your mail. Take care.

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