Scam letter(s) from Irina Zarybina to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1
hello baby, today is an extremely hot day but I cope with all difficulties and anyway go to the Internet-cafe to write you a letter. Thanks God there is a conditioner here, but can't spend here lots of time unfortunately because it costs lots of money. Honey, my heart is jumping out when i am thinking about us. frankly speaking I have never been so happy. dear, you said that you will be using Western Union. I want to tell you one story, because we are lucky even here, because I know how to use it!!! a year ago my father was working in Russia in summer because he wanted to earn extra money, our family was really feeling lack of money. so he decided to go there. we were missing him so much and he wanted to send us money every month. first he didn't know how to do it, but afterwards he learned about this system Western Union. first he was so afraid to use it, he didn't trust this system and was sending us only small amounts of money. but then it appeared to be that this system is so safe and comfortable. he spent in Russia 3 months and then finally came back. i was very happy when he came back. I and my Mom were missing him so much that we told that let it be we do not have much money, but we love each other and we don't want to part any more. But this is how I know how to use western union, because i was receiving money with Mom. Honey, as far as I remember you need not only my full name, but you also need my address. So, darling, my full name is Zarybina Irina Nikolaevna. My full address is Ukraine, Donetsk, Artem's street, 171. Oh, my baby....i think destiny has united us and now I have to run back to my work. My love, my thoughts are all the time with you only. i miss you very-very much and my life will be full only when I will be with you, kissing you...embracing...touching your hand.....
kiss you, honey
your dear Irene
Letter 2
Hello my love who i was waiting for my whole life, baby, missing you the whole weekends is very romantic and very sad. these weekends I spent with my parents. as far as they live in their own house, they have a place where they can grow many vegetables and fruits. and i was helping them with the great pleasure. we have planted tomatoes and cucumbers. it was funny :))) and afterwards i was sunbathing at my towel. i hope i have a good tan now )))) i adore sunbathing. also, not very far away from the house there is a small river. it's not very clean, but still it's much more pleasant to sunbathe near the river when it is very hot. Baby, i wish i could spend weekends with you once. it will be very exciting...actually i think that when you love a person, it is interesting to do anything with him. i have never loved anyone the way i love you, i adore you, baby. you are the only man in my life. )
baby, and have you ever felt this wonderful feeling love? some people say that love is such a feeling which appears only once in life. and how do you think? is it so? or is it possible to love many times? baby, i think that it is very good that only 4 people know everything about you. can i be the 5th when time comes? and can I know what these 4 people are? honey, western union, yes, when you go round the city, on every corner
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