Letter(s) from Tatyana Yogodarova to Gregg (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my lovely person Gregg. Thank You for the letter, You asked me about the last name and post address. My last full name is Tatyana Yagodarova. Tanya it is short from the Tatyana. My postal address is Russia, Republic Marij-el, 425350 Kozmodenjansk, Sovetskaya 10 ap 4. My dear Gregg, I am a little confused. I always thought that I am independent girl and can to care about itself. But I am so happy that I have You. You are my man. My strong man that can to care about me, and to help me if I have the trouble or the problems. ((: I thought before that I can to pay for the travel alone. When I traveled before it was cost less for me. But I happy that we will be together and we can not afraid the difficulties. It is pleasant to feel beside the strong man... (: I am serious. When You feel independent itself it is good feel, but now I know that I have You. And it is more pleasant. Today I informed the agent about the name of the airport where I should to arrive. And the agent calculated the sum of the trip. It will cost the 1620 $ for me. In this sum includes the insurance, tickets, road to the airport in Moscow and the some other necessary charges. I still have some money after the first payment. It is about 460 dollars, and now it is necessary for me to pay in the agency in 8-10 day near 1160 dollars, to pay the agency the second part of cost of the travel. Gregg, my honey, I hope that this money not difficulty for You. And You can to help me with it. Can You help me to pay for the agency in 8-10 days 1160$? I will know in the agency how You can to send it them. My lovely Gregg I hope that i did not make the problems for You. Probably You didn't planned so expenditure. Please don't be angry on me. I very much want to meet You, and I miss You much. I will wait your next letter. I send You a lot of my kisses.
Forever your Tanya.
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