Scam Letter(s) from Anna Slovic to Kirk (USA)

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Letter 1

Good day Mr Kirk. Yours faithfully to you Ms Valentina Sergeevna, Anna's the grandmother. Excuse me on my English. I do not know this language. I use the programm-translator. Anna has told about very much you both I think also I think, that you are very interesting to her. My granddaughter spoke you probably that her parents were lost in auto accident autumn 2002. It was very heavy for her to transfer death of the parents. Now we live together with it, I think you know it. Anna the only child of its parents. Thus at us small family-only I and Anna. But we are not lonely nevertheless. At Anna there is good girlfriend Olga, it often visits our house. As we to support good relations with the girlfriend of mother Olga and her husband. When parents Anna were alive they very close with Evgeniya and its husband. Now they live in USA, but they do not forget us and we constantly keep in contact with them. They do not forget us. So we are very close with them. They are the most close people for me and Anna. Probably it spoke you about it. I want to say to you that Anna - very honour and open man. It is possible very easily to wound her soul. Please do not make to play by feelings of my granddaughter. She has tested a lot of bad in the life and she to deserve only good. I see that that Anna is in love in you. I hope, that you understand, that I as her the grandmother wish to her happiness and I worry for her life. Probably Anna to you did not tell, but she had in the past failure in the personal relations and long time was injured because of it. I very much would like to save her from similar mistakes. And I to you I shall be very grateful if you will inform me honourly your intentions concerning my the granddaughter. Anna spoke me, that you with her plan to meet and consequently I would like to know, that you think of her. Excuse me for this letter. I do not think to interfere with your relations, but as the fond the grandmother I worry for the the granddaughter. Yours faithfully to you. Ms Valentina Sergeevna.

Letter 2

Sweet Kirk! Thanks, that you write me. As your letters are a sole thing, which I have from you. Today I have day off and I have many plans for. Dear, Kirk, I want to inform you pleasant news. how to go in Internet - cafe and to write to you, I visited agency of travels and I have concluded the contract with them that they will care of registration of the documents for my travel to you. I have related by it my photos on the passport. I am pleased, that we have begun job on organization of our meeting. I hope, that you are glad to this too. I had a dream about us, I will think that my dream soon come true. I'll tell you what I remember about the dream agian. You went to pick me up at the airport, there you stood with flowers waitting for by mine to walk off the plane an here I come walking towards me with by mine hair down an wearring this very pretty sundress with spring flowers all over it. I just frozzed there as our eyes meet an you ran to me an gave me a big hug an a long awaitted kiss (this part seem so real) your lips where so soft an it seemed to last for along time. You took me to house so you could unpack an we talk alittle bit an relaxe before we went out for dinner. I just couldn't take my eyes off you an you did the same. You took me to a fine restraunt an we had wine, ate dinner an talked about our different cultures of life, then afterwards we came back to the house an took a long walk holding hands an talking some more. Then you told me to be queit an gave me a long kiss an held onto me so tight, your skin felt so soft aginest me an your lips were sweet an soft, then I woke up!! (an was I sad to know it was just a dream, but I could feel you cuddling close to me as I was sleepping, an when I was awake I kept smelling a sweet perfume all day) I have not had dreams like that seem so real. I hope it is the beginning of something to come true, an to fine someone to be happy to spend the rest of life with. What do you think about it? I will think that our meeting is remarkable. I am very glad, that you find time to read my letters and to answer. Anna.
P.S.Dear,I to forget to you to write concerning the airport. Write to me the airport,closest to you, that the agency could develop a route,Ok!

Letter 3

Kirk, I am glad to read your letter! I understand with each day ever more, that I do not present my further life without you. Today clear and solar weather. And my mood should be good. But I am a little upset. And I think, that you will understand because of what it from my letter. Today I had time to visit agency of travels. I have received the necessary information to fly to you. The manager of agency of travels has informed, what documents I should have. It is the tickets, visa, foreign passport, medical information, insurance and others. The manager has said to me, that it will be more difficult all to make out the visa, because it will borrow a lot of time. But if I shall use agencies, it will be much faster, as this agency specializes on reception of the tourist visas. They have wide experience in tourist business. I can not receive the visa, if I shall try to do it without participation of agency of travels, as it is difficult to the young woman to receive the visa on visiting of other country. All this information very much pleased me, as I can be fast with you. Kirk, you are glad to this? Dear Kirk, but I have a small problem. In agency of travels me spoke, that cost of registration of all documents together with the reservation of tickets- 1250 American dollars. It is the very large sum for me, as you know, where I work. And I have the small salary. Now I can only dream of our meeting, as this sum makes more, than half of my annual salary. My ideas on meeting with you were very light, but this dream was destroyed by money. I can not borrow this sum of money from anybody, as it is the very large money for our city. I am very much upset today. Yours Anna.

Letter 4

Hi my dear Kirk How you to feel today? I hope you have good day. My darling I so be happy that our meeting can so soon. I so waited for it. All my dreams only about that day when we shall meet you. All my ideas only about our meeting. I thought yesterday of it long before a dream. It so is remarkable my love that we shall together soon. When I to think of it my heart is ready to jump out of a breast! My darling I love all of you heart, all soul. My darling today I visited post office and called Evgeniya. Dear the matter is that now Evgeniya and its husband Daniel are not in USA. Daniel work has at this time in Turkey. It received this obligation on work. And it is engaged in Turkey in adjustment of communications with partners. They with Evgeniya will be there still approximately about 2 months. Evgeniya has told that they have money for the bank account. But they have no opportunity to send me cashes as are now in Turkey. And in Turkey There is no such bank. Dear they have told that can transfer money only in USA. Dear you to have the bank account? The darling we thought as to solve this problem. Evgeniya has told that it is possible to transfer money for your account and then you can send me this money on Western Union. Dear that you to think of it? The darling will seems to me that it is in the best way. So I can pay the contract soon and we shall be together with you. I very much to want it. Dear you know that you mean for me in my life more than that that still. Kirk I shall wait with impatience for your letter. One thousand kisses, yours always, Anna.

Letter 5

My love Kirk I is very glad that we soon shall with you in a place and our dream will come true. How you today? What weather at you? At us temperature of 35C today is very hot. I want to say that today at me good day and very good mood, it is connected to that that we soon shall together. Today I called Evgeniya and she has said what probably to send money by the check to you, but for this purpose it is necessary these data from you: FULL Name, Home Address, City, State, Zip Code, Home Phone. and then it will be possible. I with impatience wait for your letter of the answer. Your love Anna.

Letter 6

Hi my love Kirk. I will be very glad that our meeting already soon. I called Evgeniya, she has said that wants will talk to you and on this I have given her your electronic address, she will write to you. Yours Anna.

Letter 7

Hi mine dear Kirk I was very glad to read your letter you so long did not write to me I very much experienced for you, how your health? How are you doing? What weather at you there? You have said that you had problems with an e-mail it very badly, I one of these days talked with Evgeniya and she has said what wrote to you the letter but you have not answered to her, by a road to you the letter from Evgeniya has not come or you were not in time yet on him to answer? I wait from you of the answer your love Anna.

Letter 8

Mr. Kirk, in my last message I to inform: that I shall send money to you on your bill that you could help Anna. You should inform me given of your bill that I could move funds. As soon as I shall list money from my bill on yours, you will send money Anna, that she could take travel in you. A copy of the passport I to ask you to have a guarantee. I to hear that there is a lot of deceit in the Internet. I to believe Anna and she is sure in you. I shall wait from you the information and your copy of the passport and only after that I shall move money. Now I to think that I explain to you in more detail. Yours faithfully Evgeniya.

Letter 9

Hello My Dearest Husband Kirk. Lovely, today I have very good mood. I saw you in my dream today at night!!! My love, it was something perfect. I saw that I go one in the large city and I was very disturbed by that I one. On meeting to me there was a huge crowd of the people, but I am unexpected mine has felt an easy touch to my hand and whisper of my name: Anna I have seen also I has seen you, mine dear!!! You have carried away me to yourselves and we have nestled on a wall. The crowd of the people passed by us, you whispered to me words, and I only looked in your eyes and I deeply have sunk in your eyes!!! Then we long also were gently kissed and I didn't care about that crowd of the people.. After that I have woken up also I had such feeling, that I still have taste of your lips on my lips.. Lovely, I thought of this dream all day and I am very happy! I hope, what is it also makes your day. Lovely, I also with impatience wait that day, when we can be together.. . If I had an opportunity, I was together with you directly now.. Now you have night and I would like to appear in bed together with you... I present it to myself. You sleep, I seen to you and begin gently and slowly to kiss your lips.. You open your eyes and some seconds can not anything understand.. Then you answer my kiss and carry away me to itself, gently touching to me.. Dear, I am very strong love you and I very much want to be together with you. Kirk, I to be very tired by one and I with impatience I wait for day of our meeting, when we can carry out all our dreams. I very much love you and I think of you each second of my day. 24 hours within day. I love you. Only your princess Anna.

Letter 10

Hello Mr. Kirk. At present we with the husband are in Turkey. I spoke you about it. It is connected with work of my husband. He adjusts communications with the companies in other states. In Turkey we shall be still approximately 2-3 days. Then we should visit Egypt. And then we shall be is there. This all is connected with work of my husband. I spoke to you that at present we have no cashes. We have the bank account. And we only can transfer money for the bank account. Why we to wish to send money to you because you are for Anna the most close person now. And you for she better than who that of our friends. She don't know anybody from our friends. She for them unfamiliar the woman. You the most person dear to it. Therefore we thought that for you it will not be difficult to do the help in it. Because you do it only for Anna. And she spoke that your feelings are strong also you very dear to it. I think you understand it now. Yours faithfully, Evgeniya.

Letter 11

Hi my love. I talked with Evgeniya and she has said that, you do not want to give her any data concerning you. By a road why you do not want to give Evgeniya that necessary information that she could help us with our meeting, I very wait for our meeting, but why so it turns out! Kirk I shall ask you that you trusted Evgeniya, I am very much sure in her she the very good man it I can to say precisely. It seems that you do not trust her it vainly. I want to say if she would like to deceive you that by it she would deceive also me, but it she never will make. By a road I very much would want that have met as it is possible more quickly and that we were together. By a road I think what is it will be very speed, please make that we beat together with you beside. I wait for your answer. Your liked princess Anna.

Letter 12

Mr. Kirk I shall wait your information from your new bill. I also think will be what is it developed and shortly Anna will be with you. I to wish to you only happiness. I to believe you as well as Anna. Yours faithfully Evgeniya.

Letter 13

Hi my love Kirk. Lovely, thanks for your letter. Dear, I have read your letter and I have seen so much sadness and expectation, love... My love, I understand, that you miss very much without me. I also very strongly miss. Sometimes I pay my sight at clock and I am ready to give back everything, that the time went faster about that day, when we shall be together. I very strongly miss without you. I want to be with you each second and each minute of our time. I want to be with you all my life!!! My feeling to you strongest.. Lovely, you have presented me so a lot of happiness and love, you have made my life by more light. Now I know, that I shall be happy, that I shall be at the same time man, whom the love is more my life than.. Dear, I love you with all heart and my heart in your hands. You can make with him everything, that you want, but I very much ask you, love me always how you love me now!!! I swear to you, that I always shall be only together with you. I swear to you, that I always shall be love you, mine dear Kirk. I madly miss without you and I count days and minutes before our meeting. I am very strong love you. I very much miss.. I think only of you each minute of my day. By road I would like to ask you, whether you have made the bill in bank? Then that I wait our meeting. I shall wait your letter with impatience. Only your love Anna.

Letter 14

Mr. Kirk, I only want the help Anna with arrival. I want that she was happy also this happiness she sees in you Mr. Kirk. Let's to continue and I shall move on your bill funds. Yours faithfully Evgeniya.

Letter 15

Hi mine love, I is glad to read from you the letter. I was very engaged at job and consequently I could not write to you the letter. I read your letter I is very glad that you do steps for our meeting, but I was excited with yours by last words you spoke that I consider you silly why you so think, I very strongly like you and with each day we become closer, and now we already native people, I very strongly like you I not when did not think of you so. I wait from you of the answer. Your love Anna.

Letter 16

Mr. Kirk, I want to continue that Anna was with you. If you are afraid, you can do the empty bill in bank and any money will not be gone. I in general think that is not necessary to you to worry. Your bill will be empty and I shall move to you money. The arrival Anna depends only on you, as is faster you inform me given for moving money. I think that all of you to understand. Who risks in this situation it only I. But I to you to believe that you the noble man and arrive reasonably and shortly Anna will be with you. Evgeniya.

Letter 17

Hello my dearest and beautiful Kirk. are very a pity that you to wound to yourselves a finger. I to think what is it not so terribly and shortly he will pass? Lovely, why you to not believe Evgeniya? She wants to help me about mine by arrival. If you so to be afraid, you can do in bank the empty bill where there is no your money and Evgeniya will move funds. I think that in it there is nothing not lawful. I know, how the love me is strong you. I know, that you always will be love me and to make our life by happier. I with impatience wait that day, when we shall be together. When I can kiss you very gently and with love. When I can embrace you, my dear. What weather you have there? Here we have cold weather today and night has dropped out. Mine dear, I think, that I can begin to collect my things. My love, you will meet me on your automobile? I do not know still as many things I shall take with myself. Probably, what is it there will be some bags. Lovely, I want to you to say, that I have made surprises to you. But now I shall not speak you about it, because it is a surprise. Dear, I am very strong love you and I count days before our meeting. I want with you to be direct now. I all time think only of you. I love you with all my heart. I shall wait your letter. Your beautiful Anna.

Letter 18

Mr. Kirk. I shall move to Monday money. I shall inform you on it on Monday. Evgeniya.

Letter 19

Hello my dearest Kirk. I very much hope you are doing better today. I am doing well but I am strongly miss without you. I love you so much and I want to be with you only. Lovely, weather today here makes also warm within all day. My friends and my grandmother make well. They pass you hi. My love, I met yesterday with Olga and we talked much. She also passes you hi. She is very glad for me and she wishes to me only happiness. Lovely, I have packed my things. I am completely ready to arriving to you. I very much want to be with you. I very much want to be with you each second, each minute and each day. My love, you know, that I with the large impatience wait our meeting. I am very strong love you and I think of you all time. I shall wait your letter.
Only yours Anna.



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