Scam letter(s) from Olesya Kapusnyak to Jay (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello, darling Jay... Since we have started our communication I became happier and I realized how wonderful it is to have relations, to have somebody by your side whom i can trust, whom i can tell everything, who supports me whatever happens.. thank you very much for your photos, they are really nice... i am sorry to make you sad but i have to..I have told you that I use the interpreter firm for having possibilities to write to you. Everything was okay, but now I have some problems in my life and that is why I can’t write letters to you any more. The fact is my account is over and I don’t have money to keep paying for it. So our relations have to end. I am so sorry to stop our communication it is an awful fact. I really was falling for you and I found you a right man for me. It is very sad to have such an ending of our relations. I am writing this letter and can’t even imagine that it is over. I haven’t had such a good friend as you. I can’t believe that I won’t hear from you tomorrow, I really miss, miss … miss you very much... but anyway, i want to thank you from all my heart for all the letters you wrote to me, for all your time you spent with me, for the happiness you granted was not for long, but you did give me hope, honey. i almost believed we can be happy, but now back to reality. i hope that i managed to bring smile to your face at least for some time, i hope you will remember me with good feeling. you will always be in my heart brining warmest feelings to it. I have a little hope that some day we will meet again. I wish you a nice day and be happy. You are a good man... your Yana forever.
Letter 2
East-European Language Studio: 91000, Sovetskaya Street, 15/75
Lugansk, Ukraine
Phone 3 8 066 940 52 29
Principal: Varvara Kovalenko Being new to the online dating thing, I didn't think anything off it and sent the dough to help her out, and then just by chance when doing a search on google to find out more about the Ukraine poverty situation I came across a site called that made me think about what was really happening, after some more searching.... you are reading my story. So being alittle ********** I have hired an investigation firm to track this little ***** down (OR WHO EVER IS USING HER PHOTOS) and have her/them prosecuted. The website above will help anyone else who wants to see justice done, according to the website one pair of scammers just got 5 years in prison. The name she is using now is: Yana Parhomenko
91016, Balkonskiy Prosperk, 4/12
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