Scam letter(s) from Olga to Omer (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new and very much the distant friend!!! How are you? I am very glad that We have started correspondence with you. Because it really gives for me The big chance that I can find the friend and can be beloved. But We can understand it only when we shall know about each other much. Therefore I very much want to write in this letter as more useful Information for you. I hope that you can understand my letters? It Not a problem for you? Inform me?!!! Because I use The computer translator, it it is possible not always exact Translation. I know English a little and consequently the translator helps To me for drawing up of letters. I for a long time Tried to search the man for correspondence on the Internet and did Registration on many dating site, but I could not receive the answer from Men from these sites. It were always the big difficulties or they Asked to pay money. I know that many women from Russia, which Dream to find beloved on the Internet. I want to tell to you about that that I live in the city of Nalchik, it is good the city, he is in the south of Russia in republic Kabardino-Balkariya. The population of our city about 300000 person. He is on the Caucasus well-known for the whole world, here beautiful places and we have a warm climate. But already almost 10 years our region have the big problems. Here passed 2 Chechen wars, their impact was not strongly reflected in city. But in our city there were fights. Insurgents grasped hostages and blew up all in our city in 1997 both 1999 and 2002. War is horror of our life. It is terrible to me to recollect it :((((. I think that you Have a question for me: why I did not marry Russian to the man? I I shall be glad the answer to him. I had several years ago boyfriend, I Very much loved him and the family with him wanted to create. But he of saws many vodka And sometimes even beat me. But I suffered these insults. But then we not Could be more together and have left, he lives with the girl, which Vodka together with him drinks. I very much do not like when the man drinks a lot of vodka, It is very bad. I do not drink and I do not smoke. I heard much on To TV, from books and from people that men from other countries very much They are good also can appreciate and respect women. Therefore at me has appeared Dream to find beloved outside Russia!!! I shall be happy To allow love, dream care, caress good and kind the man!!!! I want to write to you about myself. I already spoke you my name is Olga, To me 34 years. My birthday on August, 19, 1971. Inform me Exact date of your birth?!!! I shall be glad to know it! My growth 164 Centimeter, my weight of 59 kgs. As you saw my hair on Photos brown also I have average length. My constitution good and I think that my figure is fine. Excuse for such impudence:))). I I work in shop of perfumery as the seller. I sometimes have access to The Internet in shop but if we shall be correspondence frequently (I very much I shall be It is glad!!!) that probably I shall use also the Internet of cafe. I I shall find out about it soon!!! I hope, that you could learn much About me from this letter!!! I to write diligence is as much as possible My data!!! I shall be glad if you will write more about yourselves and it is possible To the family and that as well as where do you live. It will be very interesting To me!!!! I shall finish this letter today!!!!! I hope to see Your answer as soon as it will be possible!!! Your newfriend OLga. P.S. I hope, that have liked you my picture.
Letter 2

Hi dear Omer! Now at us the end autumn and consequently weather upon a rain and it is cold, very strong wind. It will be fast winter and then there will be a lot of snow. The end autumn is not pleasant to me because all nature dies also to me very sadly to look at it! Now I'm at work and I have small break. That is having not rummaged and simply there is a free time. There is an audit of the goods. So there is each month. Before us with girls to give out wages, check presence of the goods. Sometimes it happens, that money less than should be, and sometimes on the contrary. But so less often, there is no money more often. I don't know, from what it occurs. It maybe a mistake, and maybe, someone is not pure on a hand. And if it's less than goods, than money our collective divides the sum of shortage into all fifty-fifty. So we work. But will finish talk about work, it's boring. I started studying the English language from school, I studied him there 5 years. But our program was not very strong and we could study English a little only. At university I also 3 years studied English and after university I already could read and understand the text, but write and speak it still a problem for me!!! But I diligence very much frequently to study and improve English. Probably you will help me a little. I shall be glad to this. Omer I want to tell to you, that to me the age of my future husband is not so important either he is rich or poorer. All this has no for me great value. The most important for me that the husband was kind, tender and also we had mutual understanding among themselves because it is very important!!! I very much would like that we saw all high qualities each other and really had love and strong feelings. I want to tell to you a little about my family. I live in an apartment from 2 rooms. We live with mum and my senior brother, to it now 40 years and he works as the driver. My mum on pension, I the daddy has died in 1990. my mum worked in militia earlier, and the daddy was the doctor. I have finished economic faculty and have received higher education, but it is a problem in our city to have work the economist and consequently I work as the seller. My city is about 2500 kilometers from Moscow. I think that our difference in time about 8-12 hours. I do not know precisely. If it's fair, I don't believe in friendship between man and woman. If man is friends with woman, on some reason, he usually want to oversleep with she. Or he loves her, but she is indifferent to him, also he is necessary to be content with friendship. I think> Men such ridiculous! And if the woman is beautiful, very beautiful, she may make all with the man, what she want. I'm not beautiful, I know it. Maybe slightly I'm nice, but no more. But my dream is those. I want, that somebody have estimated me for my personal qualities, instead of for my appearance. Tell me about yourself, OK? What you expect from our dialogue? What you like, and what unlike? Tell me about your country, about your customs and habits. Some people speaks, that people in your country lonely and closed and they have few present friends. Is it truth? Tell me about your house, please. Is where you live beautifully? At on now bad weather. What is the weather at you? Audit will now be finished, and I'll go to a trading counter. To serve buyers. And what razor you use? Mach 3? May be Shik?
These shaving systems are very popular at our men. Bye! your Olga P.S. Omer I hope, that you not exhaustion this long letter:))). I very much diligence that it was interesting to you!!!
Letter 3

Hello Omer ! How is your affairs? At last, I could work on computer. very complex day yesterday was and I had a lot of work, therefore could not write to you. Our weather all becomes bad, there is a strong rain and a cold. But all will soon freeze and the big winter will come!!! I think that The big winter of January is better than the beginning of winter and the end autumn.!!!! I am surprised very much with events which occur in our country, where active terrorism and captures of cities, where complex conditions. My brother with his family wait when to them will give an apartment from work. To it the promise to do it to 1993 more year, but he till now lives with us. 5 person it is a little close, but we have got used. Also problems with the Internet, I send to you the letter and I do it about 3-5 times and only then it is sent. Therefore if you have problems with sending to me of letters do it some times. Our Internet too works badly. I very much would like that people in our country had the best life and more than good conditions. But it only dream, the autumn directs at ideas to write about sad, but these are realities of the Russian life. I want to tell to you Omer about myself little bit more. My eyes grey, but I think that beautiful. My favourite color is dark blue. My favourite flowers it is a violet. I well concern to any style of music, the most important that she was as mood. But I listen to Russian fate more. I very much love comedies. And still I look thrillers. I think the American comedies and thrillers the best in the world. Russia is not able to do good cinema. Therefore I constantly look your films, they very good!!!
I really want to find native soul about which we shall live together happily long and long years. I am very tired from all troubles and misfortunes of our city and the country, from Russian men who do not recognize love and pleasure of family. Therefore I do not want much from a life, is simple that I have found good the man!!! There can be it there will be you? It is necessary for us to study much about each other. We should completely belief that we have found that that for a long time searched and then we shall be happy!!! I very much would like it!!! My religion the Christian and I visiting church from 2 weeks about one month. We also observe some religious posts and holidays. It is not so strong difficulty of us, but we know that our souls pure before the god and we are happy from it. At leisure from work I very much love walks on the nature, in theatre. The nature delivers to me a lot of pleasure. I am happy when a presence there!!!! I love meetings with friends and many conversations on the last years or the childhood. It is very fine!!!! In the street it is already dark also we have closed shop. I have remained to finish this letter. Because I began to write him during the lunchtime and half for 1 hour has not had time to write even. But now I did not hurry up and I stop to write. Soon I shall go home in the cold bus and I shall go on dark street to the house. But I shall be glad to think of our correspondence. It is very interesting to me. I have feeling in soul, that I have found the new good friend!!!! your Olga. P.S. I hope, that you Omer like my new picture. I have given the address for translation and I shall soon inform it to you!!!
Letter 4

Hi dear Omer! How are you? And how are your affairs? Probably is all right. At such person as you should not be problems! I'm sure in it! You begin to like me? I hope as I begin to like you. Ha. Ha. Well. What else tell to you? At my work now is all right , soon should give the salary it us. Probably, I'll go to shop and purchase to myself, any from clothes. My salary of 70 dollars or 2100 Russian roubles in a month, is good money because I work on Saturday and sometimes even on Sunday. Certainly it suffices only on meal, clothes, payment the bus and for an apartment. But I have got used to live with such income. Certainly I frequently would like to buy that good and interesting, but on it there is no money. But I do not complain, it not a problem it simply Russia!!!:))) I want to tell to you more about our kitchen. Certainly we very much frequently prepare for the well-known Russian borshch it as soup. We frequently do{make} cutlets and pies with a fish and cabbage. Also I very much love cook meat on France this meat, a potato baked in cheese and mayonnaise. For a dessert I like to do{make} pancakes and a pie!!! I think that all this is very tasty also you would love it!!!! I like your pic!!! I know only English and Russian. yesterday, one my girlfriend has called me on a concert. To our city came Nikolay Noskov, my girlfriend liked him very much, but I never hear hem, and so I went with her on it. You, probably, know group «Gorky Park»? Nikolay Noskov earlier there acted, and then this group has broken up, as I know. It's very a pity, they played remarkable music! To tell the truth, the concert I has not liked concert, Noskov, similar to sing has forgot. Ha. Ha. And my girlfriend was delighted from him, she never here him alive. But after concert was wonderfull salute! I so like salutes! It so beautiful, as though in huge beautiful flowers blossom! And do you like salutes? At you they likely very beautiful? Tell to me what they at you, OK? All right, today I think, that everything, is time to finish the letter. I wait letters from you! Yours Olga.
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