Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Claude (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi dear Claude!!!!! I am very glad receive your letter. It is pleasant for me to know,that you have decided to continue our correspondence!
As i told you in my last letter I wish to find the man for serious relationship. All that you write me in your letters to me is necessary for me.
It is interesting to me to read each word written by you. I want to learn about your life, what do you you like, than you are engaged. I want to know also what things can be upset your mood ? Tell me about your character, hobbies, hopeless.
I study the English language at University. And it will good for my practice English if we will write every day o each others. What do you think? I hope, my English is not so bad, and you understand everything, what I write.
Tell to me, that you like, that you prefer in cinema, theatre or books. To that you most of all give preference? I like read very much, I can read all night and do not notice that the nothing comes. I prefer romantic love stories ( maybe like all girls) and historical books. As to cinema, I like comedy from which it is possible to relax simply and with all the heart to laugh.
I live alone , I rent small flat near my University .It is not so big but very light and comfortable, I have TV set, refrigerator, hot and cold water. My family live in Krasnyy Lutch too but to another side of town. I love my family very much! I have many friends, but the lovest people of the world are my parents!!!! I want they be health and happy! They care about me and give me advices. My mother is a nurse and my father is a driver of bus. My mum like cook and she thought me to do this and , so my future husband will eat only my dishes and do not go to the cafe for dinner! Also I like to prepare for dishes of the European kitchen because she has much in common with Ukrainian. What is your favorite dish? Sometimes if my day off begins with good mood, I`ll necessarily prepare for something tasty and unknown for me to indulge myself. I like go to my parents and prepare some special for my family and then we have supper together , it is lovely moments of my life!!!!!!! My parents are so happy together, they support each others always and care too. They are example for me, I know that the main thing for family is respect trust and love!!!! Are you agree with me?As usual I cook holiday pie when mother or father have birthday!!!! I like to do it very much!!! Everybody praise me!!!!! How do you celebrate your birthday? And is it this holiday in general is pleasant to you? Tell about holidays which most of all it is pleasant to you. My birthday is 15 April 1983 year, not so far. I love this day. As well as a holiday. For me this day always very pleasure passes. For some reason this day at me always the good mood, I have many gifts in this day and warm worlds, more attention as in usual day!!! Friends present me roses, it is my favorite flowers, I like very much red roses, cause my favorite color is red, also I like pink and Yellow colors, what is your favorite flower?
Well, I finish my letter and wait for your answer!!!!
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