Letter(s) from Irina Zarybina to Jonas (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello my love,

i saw you in my dream today. we were walking and talking and swimming and we were so happy that when i woke up i regretted that i woke up because it was so wonderful to be near you in my dream. You know, I am a very romantic person and sometimes I think and I wonder where angels live: at the sky, on the earth or maybe even between them… I don’t know. I know only one thing. That the most beautiful angel is reading this message right now and smiling)))))))))))) I f God will once ask me what I would like to be, I will answer that I would like to be a tear: to touch your skin, to fall from your cheek and die on your lips!!!
my love, i am very glad that you decided not to send me this electronic ticket because I know nothing about it, never faced with it and it could really be difficult for me. Honey, actually I do not have a bank account. in some enterprises people have bank account because they are given salary on the bank account, we are still given salary in the envelope. So I do not have a bank account. But dear, i thought about another thing. Last summer my dad was working in Russia, he was working there the whole summer. our family just needed money a lot and he had to go there because salaries are higher in Russia. but we couldn't live without money and my Dad found the way us to receive money he was earning. he was using such a system which was called Western Union. At first I and my Mom were afraid to use it, because we knew nothing about it and we told dad to send just a very little sum to check this system that all the sent money come to us. He sent us money and we received it successfully. Afterwards dad was sending us bigger sums he was earning and everything was very safe and comfortable. I know now many people use it, so, my love, maybe we should use it too, because with Western Union it is possible to receive money in 20 minuted after you send them, it is very safe and I know everything about how to receive money there, because I was a;lways with my Mom when she was receiving money from dad!!!! did I find a good solutions? am I a clever girl? :))) your girl is very clever, with such a clever man I should be also clever!!!))) ah, dear, I have forgotten. when dad was sending us money he needed information about us, so this is information you will need about me : my full name: Zarybina Irina Nikolaevna. My address: Ukraine, Donetsk, Artem's street, 151. Zip code: 83000. Dear, I am very impatient to have ticket in my hand already and to be the happiest because i would be sure I am coming to you 100%. I can't wait for our meeting already...
I miss you, darling…
your love Irene

Letter 2

Hello my baby,

honey, i am all the time thinking about our future meeting. i am very happy that dates fit you the most. i want you to feel comfortable, because I love you very much and your opinion is the most significant thing for me. Honey, and when will you be making reservations? Actually, my dear, if it will be cheaper for you, you may find a hotel without a swimming-pool. because there is a sea not far a way and we will be swimming there. Please, don't order everything the most expensive, i want you to feel comfortable. Baby, so how did the party at your friend's went? i am very jealous anyway, because you are very handsome and i don't want other girls even look at you. baby, I have also wanted to tell you one thing. You know, I have never been on the plane and it will be my first time travelling so far away. I just wanted to tell you that I will anyway be very much worried and I will be a bit afraid. I just wanted to ask you...maybe it will be better if i had a phone. we could communicate with each other for a few days before meeting. and when i will be travelling to Kiev and when i will be on the plane, i will still be able to talk you and we will always be on the line. approximately a good telephone in my country costs 250$-300$. maybe it will be good if i will have it, how do you think, my love?
i will be waiting for news from you
millions of passionate kisses

Letter 3

Hello my sweetheart,

you know, every day I wake up and thank God for your existence and for the given opportunity us to be together. I have never thought that i will ever be able to find such a caring, loving and interesting man who i will be interested in every minute. all my thoughts are around you ad our future. I have millions of plans in my head but it will be possible to realize them only when we are together. Baby, you are very important to me and without you I do not see myself. I just love you and you are in my heart and I do not want to change anything, because i like the feeling and emotions that are going inside of me. My love, yes, i am flying with the same plane as you do. super. we will meet even earlier than Madrid :)))
Can't believe I will see my baby soon, will touch his hand, will kiss his lips..it will be wonderful. Honey, as to my boss, he has given me vacation , btw without any problems. he told me he values me as a worker very much and will be glad if i go to have a rest somewhere. Baby, i must tell you one thing too. Do you remember I was writing you in my last letter that I am going to the airport to check one more time whether i have all the needed documents. so i have made a list what documents i have and when the woman was naming me the names of the documents i was just crossing them out. Honey, i have everything needed and at the end she is telling : i wish you a very good rest abroad and I hope that you haven't forgotten to take 500$ with you. i just opened my mouth and couldn't say anything. i was shocked. the woman saw my face and became worried. she didn't know what to do. I asked her why I need this sum of money and she told that Ukrainian government worries a lot about its citizens and it doesn't want Ukrainian nation to travel to another country and to stay penniless there. I told woman that I will be met by you and she said that this variant doesn't suit because what if something happens, what if you are late to the plane and I will have to travel to a certain place by myself and I will need money. what if anything happens and i am without money and that's why she told em that if I do not have 500$ with me, I won't be let out of the country. Honey, I don't know what to do because this woman told that i will have to show whether I have money or not at the custom service and I do not have the needed sum of money. I ams hocked because I fairly didn't know about it though i have been asking what documents I need millions of times. dear, I do not know what to do at all and where to take this 500$. i am so frustrated that i am almost crying, i want tom see you so soon, to embrace you... honey, i miss you........
i don't want to live without you any more.....
i love you very much
your dearest Irochka