Scam Letter(s) from Anita Peterson to Gix (Italy)

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Letter 1

Dear Gianluca....ofcourse i did remember you and have been waiting for your've really said so much and it's clear that u;'ve been here before cos u write like an! how have u been... u really have all the qualities i need in a man... and i dunno why i've to wait all this long before you come myway... atleast so far for the past 2 years...i've been alone... single... cos my ex-b left me for my best frind... cught them making love on my birthday imagine.. last 3 years... it was hell time for me but i had to let it go and it was that same period i lost my only sister.,.. what's more worse than this ? but all these are past now and that's why am trying the internet for a possibly success news and a deep and strong relationship cos am always horny and can't wait much longer...
Guys always love to find their way closer to me but they aint upto what i want... many of them want me laid on their bed or one night stand but i made them to understand that am not a slor/flirt... i've got taste and orientation and many people always say am beautiful but as beautiful as i am... u are the only person that have sincerely said alot about urself... what more can i ask from you again than what's ur fav color? place?,... as for me.. am a Designer of Art works by professiion...just launched myself into the industry late last year though am just catching up with the orientations of the job but i'm a fast learner and it's been quite good... what i enjoy doing most is taking a long walk all alone...reading.. singing and going to the beach... i listen to all kind of music..... and i've got lots of artiste that i'd listen to their songs....!
i play piano... as a musical instrument and i play Golf once in a while cos my dad taught me dat befor he died and mom taught me the piano...!! i was born in Jacksonville- Florida-USA in the year 1980...july 10...i like sports too... my fav color is Blue... my fav place to visit is the Museum in Ft. Lauderdale.. or Gainsville.. but i would love to visit PANAMA or BERMUDA someday but NOT alone... i wanna travel far and wide with the man that RULES and WINS my heart and who knows... you would be the one... cos right now.. am talking to no one else except you... and if you convince deeply enough... i can give u my heart, mylove and mylife...! Life is very short to hide or keep away things... we brought nothing to this world and we take nothing away from it...U need not to worry if someone broke ur heart... what matters most is that the person didn't break ur life... when there is life... there is more than a million hope...hun and u really have to go on with life... when my ex-b left me.. no one encouraged me.. i cried all day and night cos i truly loved him but i never knew he was cheating on me... but thank God i was able to get him before we even planned on getting engaged... so u see...'
I guess i've said alot too... i don't type much like this but i guess u really made me to do so...! Tell me some more things about you and how is Italy... is it a good place... what's ur currency there...? do u own ur home ? how about ur family..i mean parents, brother or sisters...!!
waiting to read from you and again... i'm sending u some pics too... YOU ARE DAMN HANDSOME....!!!

Letter 2

Hello babie...

glad to read from you... i don't have much to say cos u've really won my heart with all of ur words and am glad to read from you... am deeply touched... ok! I'm from Florida-Jacksonville but i'm in PA now.. cos am doing some kinda project though it's giving me worries cos am getting lack of money... maybe you can help...hun! secondly... just wanted to know the currency u spent in Europe and the most interesting thing u said now is that.. you are coming back to the states in so so happy cos i wont be alone anymore... i deeply understand ur english so don't worry...hun! i need to get some rest now... pls write me back asap...hun

Letter 3

Dear Gianluca...

Am sorry for not writing you all this while... i've been having fever and i couldn't get on the computer to write you... it's so bad that i have cough and cold but am getting better... i always told you to ask me questions about anything you wanna talk about cos i don't know how to start talking about things just like dat...hun and am glad things are moving fast that you would be in the states soon.... am glad... and again am sorry if i was asking about ur currency.. i thot it was in US dollars... Euro is good too i guess... i did told you about my life... and my past... i've not been to movies for a long time... i hate to go there alone.. even to the beach.. though i visit the beach often and i've missed the beach lately cos it's been long i've visited due to my health and other things....All the music u sent me are on my PC downloaded but am gonna have to get some MP3 driver loaded to be able to read the music and the song played... hope you understand what i mean... i missed you too so so much and i would want us to take this to the next level.. i can't reach you on phone for now cos i've got no phone due to some bills and other things... i only communicate via email now and movement by road... or cab... actually... i needed your help for something... i'm in PA now and am here to claim some of my late parents investments and i need to get some forms and a good lawyer... so i will want you to give me some money help cos i'm broke... all i have is little and can't be upto what i wanna use it for and i wouldn't want to forfeit those investments cos i did promised Dad not to forfeit them... Pls assist me on that.. let me hear what u've got to say on that...hun

i too want to travel for pleasure with you... and make world of our own together...i'm tired of staying alone... write me back sending u some pics...

Anita xoxox

Letter 4

Sweet Gian... how are u doing... im glad to read/hear that u'll be in the states by ending.. this is great joy for me but at thesame time hun... what i needed ur help for will be getting to close by 24th of this month and u are coming by 31st... try and get me some money from there and when you get here...we will deal with the rest of all... don't wanna loose all i've planed...hun.. understand pls



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