Romance scam letter(s) from Jae Alonzo to Przemyslaw (Australia)
Letter 1
honey, i also include the medical certificafe sorry but i cant get it at the moment, as i have to undergo some exam and i should also have to pay for me because i have also to undergo medical check up,. that is also include for me and to go out from other country,, im working it soon take care always love you
Letter 2
hello my love, how are you? hoping eveyrthing is doing good with you there, i understand if you cant have any way to get communicate with me where are you right now. im home now, but as what the embassy said, they are now processing my papers and they will take me when i can know the approval, because they have to do something also thats why in time i havent immideatly have the result of my medical and interview but im sure everything is okay, and i did pass all of all questionaires.. i love you so much hon, and i told my friend that she wont never fail you to have replace the money that i have barrowed from her when iam the cagayan working my papers. but i hope u can make it 180$ as i have to use the 30$ to go back in city to have know the approval what might be going the result or thigs need to do after. but you dont have to be worried as everything is done there, i will have just back for the realese of my visa.. okay my love heres some picture of me my love love, jae
Letter 3
hello my love,

i just drup by here wanted to let you know that i already have my passport copy, but i still havent scan it, maybe i will go to the cafe tommorrow to scanned the passport copy of me, i had already taken my single picture with your name at camera digital, but i still have to find where i can able to transfer it to my memory or get it from the camera and scann also, maybe i will do it later, as i cant go out here, i have to clean my the whole house, ium waiting for the money that i will have to use to oppening balance to open a new account and the rest that i wll have to use to scan the picture that youve asked to me and my passport copy, and i will have to replace that money that i have also barrwed with my friend that i have been use working my visa in the city, as u did told me.. hope to talk with you later love you so much
Letter 4


how are you doing today? hoping everything is going fine with you today, i apologize if i was not able to come up earlier and write you, after u had this letter with me, i can hardly feel now that, i guess you got tired of been waiting me here, i understand... and i really do, im so sorry for i have keep you waiting too long, and some other things too. the fact i was really having a long way processing into my papers. in order for me in getting all necessary papers about overall needed with me to fly there, plz, still have extend patience about the things you have been asking to me, you will get it soon, through in just a week or more will really finally get into hold together, but im still waiting for the money you will have send me, that u didnt send me before, as i also needed it to pay some transforation expenses and my food and the papers too.. so that i can really work it after..

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