Scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Lee (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my sweet Lee!!!
I have some not good news. Since morning I have been having an excellent and merry mood.
But my mood has become bad after I visited the bank. Today I have come to the bank to take the loan.
But I was said that they couldn't give me it. I was shocked! I entrusted my girlfriend's friend who promised to help me with a reception of the loan. I asked him what's happened, and he answered only that he did not know exactly. He was not said. Probably they are afraid to give me money because my salary is so small and so I will not be able to return money.
People often take the money in our banks in our country and then some of them can not return money.
And it is most likely that they are afraid of that such situation will happen with me.
I have only 200 dollars. But I don't know where I will take else 1150 USD.
I must pay the money in the agency. But I don't have this money!!!
I hoped that bank would help me but- I feel much inconvenience when I tell you about my problem.
BUT I did everything what I could. I paid for the visa. I spent much time and nerve when I made the visa. But this money is not enough. I did not want you to have any expenses.
I thought that I would arrive to you for my own money, but unfortunately I couldn't.
Now I have to pay for the remaining portion of the amount in the agency. This is 1350 dollars.
I much shame on you that I tell you about it. But I do not know what I can do in this situation.
I don't know where I can take such big money. I have the last hope - this is You. Please, help me with money for tickets. I understand that this is a difficult decision for You, but I think we should trust each other.
Of course if You do not want, You may not help me. I will loss my money.
I will not be able to arrive to You. THIS IS ALSO NOT GOOD. I paid 465 dollars for a making the visa.
This is a great money for me, but MONEY IS NOT THE MAIN THING IN A LIFE.
I trust You, and I know that YOU are a MAN of HONOR, and YOU are a GENTLEMAN.
If You can help me, I ask you, please, help me!!!
Lee, please forgive me for all my words. I speak so because I am in a despair.
I am afraid of now when only one step separates us. I am afraid that You will not help me, and all my efforts will be senseless. I need You, and I want to be with You , I need your help.
I estimated my power badly.
And together we are stronger. I think that we will get through difficulties and barriers together, and it will be easier for us if we are together. I understand that this is big money for You.
I did not want to ask You. I thought that I could do all by myself. I asked the help very seldom.
But now I ask help from you. I have done the step forward. I think you'll do a step forward too.
I hope that I have not insulted You by something. I need You, and I trust You.
I know that You will not leave me alone now when there is only the last step.
I wait for your answer. Kiss You Yours Ekaterina
Letter 2
Hello my loved Lee!
I am glad to receive your letter! Loved I am very much afflicted with that that could not to receive the loan and to arrive to you on the money and now I do not know that to me to do!
Lee yes I understand you that that you do not trust me but I do not know why you do not trust me?
I today went to other banks but to me there too have told that that at me the salary small and that that I cannot receive the loan.
I already wrote you that that the air ticket to you and back through travel agency there are 1350 dollars!
I had 200 dollars and today when my mum has seen me in bad condition she you have asked what for so suffer? I have told that that in bank have given up to me she few money has told that that at it and could give me 150 dollars!
Now I need in 1000 dollars?
Lee it would be good if it was possible to arrive with your air ticket to you, but it is not possible, because the travel agency in the contract has specified that that I should buy the tourist air ticket through agency!
You it to understand loved?
We with you so much time corresponded I even called to you and now you speak me that that you do not trust me!
Lovely I to you shall make a photo but when from me do not receive ***** photos because as as I have honour which I even for money I can not to sell!
I love you lovely I shall write on a sheet of a paper your name and tomorrow I shall send you!
Lovely Lee I think you to understand that that the air ticket it is necessary to buy here through agency and that that it is necessary to buy tourist!
As lovely you have written to me that that the agency can deceive me it not probably!
Write to them learn also you will believe that that they not a deceit!
By the way my name and a surname Ekaterina Vishnyakova!
Lee I love you and believe me I of you I do not deceive what for to me it it is necessary.
There would be at me 1000 dollars I to you now has arrived!
Write to me you to me will help?
I love you Lee and only you and me except for you who is not necessary!
I do not see the future without you!
1000000000000000 kisses for you!
With love your Ekaterina!
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