Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Ray (England)

Letter 1

Hello, my sweet, sweet, sweet honey-bunny! :))
Seems that I haven't heard from you for so long as last time when I got your letter we had autumn but it is winter now and time goes so slow without you, my dearest heart.
My dearest Ray, how happy I am that you are with me and you didn't disappear and you are alright. I couldn't believe that you could just disappear without a word and I am so glad that I was not mistaken in you and thank you so much for being with us, my darling Ray.
You didn't ever say anything that could put me off you as each of your letters is like a sunray for me that keeps my heart warm and safe. :)
No, dear Ray, it is so hard to find your soul mate in this world and did you really thin that I could find someone so easily??? I didn't even try to do it as I begat getting disappointed in such kind of reltions as there no any guarantee tht one day you will be left alone jsut with no leter. Your letters are so precious for me n ow as they are the only I have from you, my darling, they are so little but they are everything for me now as they bring your thoughts, your care - everything that you live with in your letters.
I didn't get your letter in Russian. Did you want to surprise me with it? :))
I am more than just pleased and am evry honored that you call me your future woman.....but why only future???? :)) Am I not your yet? :)
You make my heart melt each time when I read you call me your Rose and I do feel like a flower and then you will be my caring gardener? :)
Your snow queen Svetlana was covered with snow all over as it is snowing heavily and snow gets into my eyes, nose, mouth and even under the scarf when I am in the street. Now winter decided to come here according to the calendar with the first day of December. :) Just I remember when I was a child we had snow long before December and the climate has changed greatly by now. And what is the weather like there now? The snow is so sli ppery that I can't keep from making a snowball and may be it looks funny but I tried to hit a image from one of the advertisement stands in the street. :) And children are so happy with this snow and boys always find something what other people are not pleased with at all as t is rather dangerous itself. Boys try to cling a trolley bus on its way of going from one stop to another one and slip on the road this way, they have much fun with it though they know how dangerous it is but they do not realize the full depth of such risk. And do you remember anything like this from your childhood? Or were you a very diligent and obedient boy? :) I am really so glad that winter has come at last to us and I feel like a little girl who feels that new year is so close already and the time of presents will come very soon. :) But I know that Father Frost does not give presents to such big girls like me anymore. :) I remember in my childhood I used to write letters to Father Frost and my mom took my letters to the post office to send them to the North to father Frost. :)) And of course he always read my letters and presented with something that was mentioned in my letters but he never gave my mom the things that I asked for her and she explained me that he gives presents to children only and that she got all her presents in her childhood. :) And now I say the same to my little Zlatochka and I already know that she has prepared a long list of presents for Father Frost and I will have to take hte letter for Father Frost and help him to get the presents. ;) Will we do it together? :)) When I was a little girl I also was always surprised and couldn't guess which moment Father Frost got to the New-Year tree to out his presents there as I tried to watch her carefully not to miss that moment. :)) And I remember that my father told about what he did in his childhood. :)) He liked to sleep under New Year tree as it was decorated with lot of sweets and he too scissors under his p illow to cut off the sweets from the tree at night and to put empty wrappings back. as his grandmother counted the sweets every day. :)) I am sure that all people have lots of interesting and funny stories about New Year and Christmas, and some of them can really be mysterious as I do believe in miracles on such special days like Christmas and New year. :) And do you? :)
They say that the coming Year will be a year of a Red (Fire) Dog and of the Moon according to Chinese readings, it is rather popular in Russia and do you follow such signs in your country? Do you give any names to different years?
I think that I need to think about myself and about how I will look like for the New Year beforehand and am going to quit eating heavy food from now. :) But I was going to fry pancakes stuffed with potatoes for supper and may be some rice with chicken chops? But wait, no, I feel I want rich salty herring with boiled potatoes…..mmmmmmmmm…….. And am I going to l ose some weight this way??? :)) May be you'll join us tonight and have supper together? :) I also would not mind having a hot cup of mild coffee with milk right now……I can even smell its taste…..oh no, I'd better think about a dress that I would like to have for New Year celebrations that will really restrict me with my food desires and will make me think about my shape! :) And have you already thought about your costume of a bunny for Christmas and New Year??? :)) I like all these preparations for the celebrations very much though most of it is just dreams that never come into life in real.
Yes, just snow but has brought so many impressions and thoughts that I do wish you were here to share them all with you, my sweetness.
I hope that you are smiling at me now in reply to my smile at you and please, talk to me soon as I am missing you more and more with each day and want to read your heartwarming letter so much…..
With all my tenderness to you,
Your Sweet SnowFlower Svetlana :)
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