Romance scam letter(s) from Elvira Gayazova to Bernhard (Germany)
Letter 1
Hi my Dear. I Marina. At me bad news. Yesterday at me the computer has broken therefore I write to you from another email: write letters on this email. old email does not exist any more since the computer has broken I has made new. Therefore I ask you to not write on old email. do not overlook about it!! It is important. But this problem will not prevent to be carried out to our dream. All these days carried out without you seem to me long and boring, at all not looking on my birthday. I am grateful to you that you did not overlook about it. I hope that at you everything is all right. I am happy to know that very soon we shall together. There was one small step that our meeting was carried out. You spoke that on Monday at you a holiday and nobody works. I hope that we can finish the organization of our meeting on Tuesday. I very much hope that you can make translation on Tuesday itself. Ask the friend to take away translation from the western union. Also make translation with the help money gram on Tuesday itself. I shall wait very much for your answer. Once again I shall remind you. Write to me on my new email. I also shall wait for you tomorrow in 2am my time on yahoo. I wish you all most good. Remember that in Russia there is a lady which you very much likes and waits with impatience of our meeting. Kiss.
yours Marina
Letter 2
Good morning, my Bernhard. I hope that you had fine dreams at the last night. The child for which I looked after the last night in any way did not want to fall asleep. I have told to him a fairy tale on prince and princess which dreamed to be together. Prince has rescued the love from the malicious knight and they have met. This fairy tale it is similar to our life. I also believe in the good ending of our desire to be together. I am happy up to tears that have met you. I LOVE YOU. Last night I have overlooked to tell to you that is registered not in city Cheboksary. My registration in settlement. I hope that it will not cause problems. My grandmother lives in this settlement, she very old. To her 82 years! Therefore she has issued for my name the inheritance the house. To not postpone this procedure for later time. Very bad state of health and an old age takes away her forces from her every day. It is a pity to think of it. I very much love her. Mine nameplate data. NAME: SOKOLOVA MARINA. Serial number passport: 8804. ? passport: 752260. Settlement:October, River street. house9/ apartment 1. I live in city Cheboksary with the parents. I allowed to you before the address. When I went home the western union came into office and asked about it. They have told that you can specify city Cheboksary. even with these data I can take translation by name and surnames. I very much hope that you can make translation today. I shall wait for you on yahoo or yours letter. I wish successful day and very much I wait day of our meeting.
Your Marina
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