Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Mokina to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1
My dearest Ken! Thank you so much for your letter,darling! Why didn't you write me? It seems to me that I have not heard from you for ages...I thought you are not interested in me any more and was very sad about it:( But everything is great now!! I answered you as soon as I got your letter, but it seems to me you didn't get it:( Hope we will write a plenty of letters in the future! I can't believe that we wrote each other so many letters (may be somebody will say that three letters is not so many,but for me it is really so:) I think we had to get to know each other very good and it seems to me that I know you now for ages...Really,don't you have such a strange but nice feeling,darling? I can hardly explain my feelings now...Was there in your life a day when you found something you was looking for for a very long time,may be even for all the life? If you had such a day can you remember your feelings? Was it great? It seems to me that I have such a day today, I feel that my dream realized and I found you, that only man I want to be with...I am still afraid of believing it but it seems to be so... I will be waiting impatiently for your next letter to read your thoughts about it:) Today is a very nice day, this evening I am going to spend with my little niece, my sister and her family live not far from me and our parents so I can see my little Sveta very often. I really enjoy to spend time with her,children are angels! Recently she started walking and it was a real holiday in our family! When I come to their house we play different games and toys,I feel that I am becoming a child again:) I have a question for you,darling,do you believe in dreams you have at night? As for me I believe and not because somebody told me that dreams say the truth but because I made sure in it for my own! I had a strange dream this night, it was me and you in it and we argue about something, and our argue was so laud and emotional that I even woke up at night,I was so sad that we had a quarrel but then I remembered that if in your dream you argue with somebody this means that in reality you will have a strong friendship and the harder you argue the stronger relationships will be between you. And you know,my darling,we had such a bad quarrel in my dream that in reality we have to be really happy together! So I fall asleep again in a very good mood:) I will be waiting impatiently for your answer tomorrow,hope you will write me a thoughtful letter and explain your emotions and feelings.
Kisses for you:) Yours Nastya.
Letter 2
Dear Sir we apologize for interrupting your correspondence with lady Nastya but we are to inform you that Nastya has been using the services of letters translation and Internet provided by our translating company. unfortunately, we cannot translate your last letter to your friend, as her account is over and she cannot pay it anymore. she is very much interested in you and asked to inform you about this. Nastya hopes not to lose contact with you. in case you you feel like help her we are glad to introduce the information about our services to you. please write the request to the e-mail address of your lady and our managers will answer you as soon as possible. you can also get all the necessary information with the following phone numbers: +1 315 849 5771 (USA)
+3 8 095 686 23 66 (Ukraine) Please mind the time difference. our working hours are 9am-5pm. we are glad to be in service for you. Hoping for our future collaboration,
Faithfully yours,
Executive manager,
Igor Stravinsky,
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